Good News For Fat

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I love watching the media’s view on fat. In case you need a recap: Trans fat and movie theater popcorn are still bad, but now butt fat is OK and even kind of good. Personally, I’d rather take the wisdom of fellow bloggers like Heather than NBC who’s toying with my beloved late night talk shows. And after dinner last night, when I was still hungry, I did think about Heather’s wisdom; yesterday she wrote a great post about how fats help satisfy her and I realized that my dinner was appauling in that it had virtually no fat. There was some in the cornbread, but it wasn’t like I was dipping broccoli fries in peanut butter. After giving it some thought, I’ve come to realize that fats are my filling food, too, and now I’ll try keep meals more well balanced in that respect. But like I said: fats are my filling foodΒ and work for me, though by no means everyone. So while I recommend exploring this for yourself, it’s by no mean a blanket answer. I think you can guess what I had to feed my fat craving ways.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With NibMor Original Chocolate

Sooo good. I think we discovered there was 15g of fat in this? Well, I look at this dish in a whole new light now that I know there’s also 10.2 grams of fiber there; I definitely kept a warm drink nearby as I ate this and watched both The Biggest Loser and American Idol. I hate that the two are competing! I ended up watching American Idol more, because I find it amusing at this stage whereas I don’t have any connection with The Biggest Loser’s contestants. Plus, I know if I miss any real drama, I’ll read about it on food blogs πŸ˜‰ After American Idol, I threw together a unique combo on the whim.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Smart Balance Peanut Butter And Nutritional Yeast

Is the combination of nutritional yeast and peanut butter outlandish or not? I haven’t seen it on any other blogs, but they feel like two things that just “work” together; maybe I’m not looking at enough vegan cookbook/desserts. You definitely get a delicious, cheesey mouth-feel from the nutritional yeast that pairs with the peanut butter. And I think I feel a recipe coming on.

This morning’s workout was 10 times better than yesterday’s attempt; I ended up doing my core(minus leg works) and 200 flights. To get myself into “the spirit” of working out, first I got in the right clothes; comfy socks and PJs are fun but not really motivating like basketball shorts. I also put on the ipod and blasted that. Yes, I would have liked to listen to The Today Show, but it’s not as fist-pumping as songs. Speaking of which, I’m not quite sure what’s wrong with my Top 25 Most Played, but I can not imagine a time in my life went Push It by Salt N’ Pepper was played that much. I ended up not having anything mid-workout for a snack(besides 2 or 3 cups of coffee you couldn’t pry out of my hands if you tried). I was oddly not even that hungry for breakfast, but made something nice nonetheless.

Vanilla Greek Yogurt

Oatmeal With 2 Cage-Free Organic Eggs

Similar to how I laugh at the media’s take on things, I just don’t agree with a lot of modern medicine advice. I’ve heard both that the cholesterol in eggs isn’t bad for us and that we “can have up to 1 egg a day and do no harm”. No. I can have as many eggs a day as I can fit in my body. You suggest up to 1 a day. There’s a difference. I have high cholesterol, but it’s completely hereditary and I’m not convinced it hurts me or will change no matter what I do. Along with the oatmeal and eggs(and enough salt to make a doctor cry), I had some greek yogurt with vanilla powder, vanilla bean sugar, and vanilla stevia. I guess I’m a vanilla kind of guy πŸ˜€ I wish it were 2% but they don’t sell that near me 😦 Maybe I’ll buy a full container of full fat and mix in a couple tablespoons in each of my bowls.

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25 Responses to “Good News For Fat”

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The media annoys (read: engrages) me about everything. That’s not a generalization, either. I. Hate. The. Media. That being said, I’m glad you take their silly medical and health advice with a grain of salt. If a person wants solid, decent to your doctor (a real M.D., not some self-appointed quack). Listening to your body and a real professional in the medical field yields far better results than absorbing every bit of nonsense that’s featured on “The Today Show”…not that I have a strong opinion about it or anything. πŸ™‚

Also, chocolate avacado pudding? For real? That sounds as delicious as it does sound interesting! Did you make it or was this a store-find?

Here’s my recipe for the pudding, but it’s a pretty old, raw food recipe(well, you know, as “old” as raw food gets :-))

I love fat!! Haha, it felt a little funny typing that, but it’s true. My fav foods all contain a good amount of healthy fats – peanut butter (on everything!), crusty bread with olive oil, avocado and sea salt on crackers, dark chocolate! Yum.

I think people will be more satiated if they indulge in good fats rather than low-fat or fat-free “diet foods”. I’d take a spoonful of peanut butter over a 100 calorie pack anyday!

For me personally I found if I dont eat some fat with my meals I don’t feel satisfied. So fat intake at each meal is key for me. That being said I just keep my fat intake from whole natural sources. I think following that you cant go wrong. Your body does need fat in order to correclt y process certain vitamins and nutrients. So its important! Plus I just think alot of the fat free diet foods out there are just nasty tasting. Eww! Id rather just eat some whole foods in smaller portions.
Interesting combo with the nutritional yeast in the oats! Very creative. Have a good day!

Fats are SO important in a diet. But there are different kinds…obviously. The good fats are your monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (ones found in nut butters, nuts, seeds, avacadoes, oils, etc…) and they actually help UNCLOG your arteries. They helps keep everything smooth and flowing. It is the saturated and trans fats that are artery clogging. So fat is not a BAD word by any means and eating foods with healthy fats in them actually makes our bodies happy! πŸ™‚

Wow you have been having some interesting combos! However the all look pretty good! I am sure they taste yum as well!!!

I saw that about the big butts. Sounds good to me!! And Kim Kardashian, I’m sure.

“Outlandish”? No! But kinda strange πŸ™‚

I’m all about the healthy fat.

And sometimes the unhealthy fat too πŸ™‚

I have at least an avocado a day usually. And if I don’t, I’ll usually use olive oil for something. I used to do the avocado AND tons of olive oil, but am trying to make adjustments on that. Fat is good (esp. natural) but I may be taking it to the extreme πŸ˜‰

I used to ban all fats.. yeah, not a happy girl. NO more of that junk!

OOH never mixed my nut. yeast with PB.. great idea! πŸ™‚

I like my eggs too. And def eat more than 1/day! πŸ™‚

i hate how the media takes one little point and makes it wayyyy bigger than it is. sure if you eat 100% fat that’s no good but i love eating fats!! and they’re good for you. plus what would i do without pb? i’d die most likely!

i get so irritated watching the media frenzy over fat/diets/superfoods, i just have to turn off the tv and do what i do!

Chocolate avocado pudding. I never would have thought to make a pudding out of avocado. Glad you suggested it!

I just bought some nutritional yeast! I didn’t know you were a fan and I had no intention of spreading it over oats but now it seems appealing! I also got most of the ingredients to try your avocado pudding. I havent bought the vanilla powder yet. Do you use that for anything else besides the pudding? I am looking for some new ideas? I am going to put that magic bullet to work this semester!

You can definitely skip the vanilla powder. It’s nice for a twist of flavor, and you can also put it on oatmeal, but basically it’s just alcohol-less vanilla extract and not neccesary for chocolate stuff

“I haven’t seen it on any other blogs, but they feel like two things that just β€œwork” together; maybe I’m not looking at enough vegan cookbook/desserts.” Oh my dear Evan. The Raw Vegan PB Cups I make (the Reese’s knockoffs) well they are PB + nooch. Yes, I think the flavor is AMAZING Together as the nooch draws out the savory aspect to PB in just a subtle way. I am so glad you’re on top of this, too!

I totally agree modern medical advice is WHACK. I am a holistic and natural girl and pretty much shun “modern advice” b/c 95% of the time, or more, it’s ridic πŸ™‚

I was going to ask you for the recipe, but I see you already posted the link, so instead I will just say Happy Wednesday! When are you back at school, Evan?

Not for 2 more weeks! It’s really remarkable

Chocolate avocado pudding is one of my favorite foods – I could eat it just about any time!

I was flipping back and forth between the Biggest Loser and American idol last night too. πŸ™‚

fat is the best isnt it? its my filing food too! its graet for curbing hunger and making me feel HAPPY, in all forms, PB, AB, sunflower butter, avocados you name it I love it!

i am so upset about idol and BL too!! i cant believe they woud do that! stupid networks I tell ya

I saw that article…heeellll yess πŸ™‚

i’ve just started reading in “defense of food” and it’s amazing the fazes and fads we go through, how certain aspects of food become terrifying (ie fats/carbs/proteins)…drives me bonkers. can’t people just eat normal!? then again…i don’t even know that there is a normal in this world anyhow…

Such a good book! It definitely made me feel better about eating the way I do. It’s also the reason I can’t stand to call earth balance or smart balance organic “margarine”. Now I think that’s the dirty m-word. But I have to lol at the part about not eating what our grandparents wouldn’t recommend as food. The things my grandmother eats are complete crap. But she’s 81 and should totally do what she wants.

I enjoyed reading the 20 things you love. And with respect to the media, sounds like you think for yourself — awesome! (By the way, it’s PF from Gen Nut.)

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