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I’m just going to keep telling myself I don’t have a problem with chocolate, and then it won’t be true, right?

Xocai Xobiotic Square And Q.bel Milk Chocolate Wafer Bars

After Ghost Whisperer I made a bit of a chocolate snack plate. I had a Xocai Xobiotic sqaure for my dark chocolate tooth and my 2nd probiotic source of the day. If only all chocolate had probiotics in it, wouldn’t that be grand? Then, for my milk chocolate tooth, I sampled the Q.bel milk chocolate wafer bar. Holy yum! My, how I loved this, and usually I’m not even a fan of rice crisps! I think they were tolerated well because they went so well with the thin wafers. I loved how the chocolate basically melted as it touched my mouth–it couldn’t even wait to get in. While I was watching The Best Thing I Ever Ate, I kept the Cookie Friday celebration rolling.

The Raw Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookie

Goat Milk Yogurt With Raspberry Jam And A Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie

First of all, would you believe I didn’t have oatmeal for once? Maybe it’s a sign of the apocalypse; better hold on. For some reason, goat milk yogurt with raspberry sounded better(especially when garnished with a cookie ;-)). This cookie was by far the best raw cookie I’ve ever eaten. Granted, that’s not fighting too many, but still kudos to The Raw Bakery! The base tasted very “vanilla”–not nutty–even though the ingredient list makes me think this wasn’t overdone with sugar(or, agave nectar as it were).

This morning I decided to give the strength training a break and stick with the cardio and 200 flights. I should check to see what alternative workouts we have On Demand to do to switch things up. Then again, I am a creature of habit and that yogurt-for-oatmeal thing was enough change for me for a week. For breakfast I had a tooth for–would you believe it–chocolate?

Greek Yogurt With Milk Chocolate Peanut Sunspires

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Walnut Butter And Pumpkin Cream Cheese

After seeing that episode of Good Eats about Alton’s diet, I feel like he would be so proud of my breakfasts 🙂 The oatmeal was like a comforting return to an old friend, even though I had to scrape the mold off the top of the cream cheese(ewww! But I’m determined to eat what I can of it). For the yogurt, I mixed 4.5oz non-fat with 1oz full fat for a nice, creamy 2%, which went great with the milk chocolate and just a pinch of salt. And now I feel as though I’ve had my candy fix for the day(did anybody believe me? No? K, good. Just checking).

We were planning on recreating a healthy version of American Chop Suey(*drool*) tomorrow for lunch, but now my mom’s going to a cousin’s birthday party 😦 We’ll squeeze that recipe in sometime soon. And maybe I can milk a meal at a restaurant out of all of this? Hehe.

Since I know you all love Chobani Giveaway’s, here’s another

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15 Responses to “Mighty Tasty”

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Wow, your food looks great! Those raw chocolate chip cookies look delicious too 🙂

I love your goat milk/raw cookie combo. That looks like a fun new twist on a sweet fix.

Soo….that Yogurt with milk chocolate peanuts is calling my name! And Q.bel just rocks. period! That raw cookie looks delish too…so much goodness in one post!

sorry you didn’t get to creat e that recipe today, but i’m sure you’ll get to soon! yeeee qbels are so good, love them!

With respect to your doc appointment, I sympathize. Hypercholesterolemia runs in my family, which is one of the many reasons I eat vegan now (but one of the minor ones). It can be so frustrating – especially if your physician doesn’t treat you like an individual. Sorry you were so frustrated!

Yum…once again a post filled with deliciousness!

I want a raw cookie.. YUM. Looking forward to seeing your healthy chop suey!! 🙂

Um, yogurt with milk chocolate peanuts. That sounds amazing! I just read a comment of yours on another blog – you really must find time to go to PB&Co sometime. I love the place. It’s so cute and fun. I always say I’ll try another sandwich, but then I end up sticking to one of my few favorites. I hope you get there one day. Let me know if you’re going and I’ll meet you there!

ohhh…chop suey! makes me want stir fry now..must go to wf and get ingredients pronto!

The raw cookie looks delish.

yet again great looking food. i soooo want that greek yogurt concoction 🙂

The Raw Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookie–why don’t I have great stuff like that waiting for me in the a.m.? Need to work on that! b/c it looks awesome, thx for the review! I love rice krispies but never eat em. Yum, need it.
And the M&Ms on your yog mess. Brilliant. I bang up butterfinger bars and put them on Scott’s oatmeal. Same diff. 🙂

No oats at night?!?! That raw cookie looks really good – I’ve been wanting to try some raw eats for a while now. I should pick that up next time I’m at the store!

Hey! I just found your blog and I really like reading yours!
I would love it if you could check out mine jennaelise.blogspot.com

oh Evan – you don’t eat too much chocolate.. everyone else just doesn’t eat enough 😉 seriously, it should be it’s own food group.

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