As Easy As Chocolate Making

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Welcome back to the week! Or, if you’re lucky enough, I hope you’re enjoying a long weekend. In case you missed it, here I posted embarrassing photos of myself and here was a great recap of at least 5 products and a restaurant Eastern Massachusetts should not miss!

Yesterday I tried my hand at something quite new and different(for me, at least).

Chocolate Ingredients

Crushed at having finished my last piece of NibMor original, I consulted Averie on how to make my own raw chocolate. It turns out I had everything I needed in my pantry! It only took 4 simple ingredients: cocoa powder, agave nectar, coconut oil, and vanilla powder(unpictured). In a small bowl, I whisked together 14 grams cocoa powder, 15 grams Artisana coconut oil, 21 grams agave nectar, and a pinch of vanilla powder. To my surprise, it all combined into a thick paste I was able to actually make into a bar.

Homemade Chocolate Bar

How fun! This was soft, so I threw it in the refrigerator to thicken while I finished off a pot of coffee(at 4pm. Aren’t I a class act? ;-)). While I was waiting for the chocolate to thicken, I thought I’d make some chocolate avocado pudding with our last avocado.

Moldy Avocado

That would be mold growing inside the avocado. How does that even happen? I didn’t question; I just tossed it in the trash. What a shame 😦 I didn’t think the chocolate would be quite a filling snack all its own but I broke off a square anyway to have.

Chunk Of Raw Chocolate

Sweet delicious this was good! It was just like a NibMor–dark but not bitter, with a sweet coconutty subtleness to it. It got soft really fast, so the last few bites were like putty. I ended up starting to read Cook This Not That as I was eating it. 2 chapters in and I can say this is a great book to buy; there’s plenty of tips and it does things like compare fats to other fats, meats to other meats, and dairy to other dairy. It’s very opinionated and offers a lot of reasoning which lets you accept the knowledge it has or question it–such a book for foodies. After 2 chapters, I started getting hungry again :-/ I was going to save the rest of my chocolate for my parents but…

The Rest Of The Raw Chocolate

…since they never knew it existed, they weren’t about to miss it, right? Really, this was so good I ended up eating the whole thing. I also did a lot of reading up on coconut oil(since I was chowing down on it) and how, even though it’s high in saturated fats, it’s definitely not a fat to be left out of our diets at all; I’m definitely considering picking up a big jar if anyone has any brand suggestions.

As my parents came home, stopping at a Market Basket(where I was sure to ask for avocadoes!), I wondered what  I had to throw together for dinner. I ended up steaming/roasting some brussels and roasting parsnips with parmesan cheese grated on top. we then pan-seared some mahi mahi they brought home in extra-virgin olive oil.

Mahi Mahi With Peach Salsa, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Sea Salt & Vinegar Pop Chips

I don’t know why but I didn’t particularly feel like the parsnips so I grabbed a back of sea salt & vinegar Pop Chips. They’ve been so hit or miss with me, and these were another “miss”. Honestly, I can’t say they didn’t taste like sea salt & vinegar: They did. But it wasn’t the same salt & vinegar I expect in chips. Then again, I grew up eating salt & vinegar chips that actually had no vinegar but plenty of artificial things that made one hell of a vinegar taste.

After dinner we ran out and back just in time for The Golden Globes. I thought Ricky Gervaise did a wonderful job hosting, and all of the presenters were funny. There weren’t any real controversial or “Oh my God!” moment but sometimes that’s a good thing. I had a few(or more) snacks while watching it.

Raspberry Agave Chocolate Avocado Pudding

With my new avocadoes I whipped up some pudding, this time adding 1/2 a tablespoon of Madhava’s raspberry agave syrup. It was really good and sweet, with a nice tone of raspberry I don’t think a jam could have recreated. I can’t really say why but after all these 15g of fats and 10g of fiber I was starving like I hadn’t even eaten dinner.

Sweet Potato Rounds With Salsa

I heated up sweet potato slices that had been in our fridge for longer than I’ll admit and added some really spicy salsa for flavor; these totally did the trick for a “unique” snack(though not too unique if you’re this blogger). Isn’t it weird when hunger just hits like that? And it was the kind of hunger that wanted real food(aka not chocolate). that did the trick until I wanted my ritual bowl of oatmeal.

Oatmeal/Oatbran With Smart Balance Peanut Butter

Funny thoughts while photographing this: “Darn it! I can’t get a good photo of this oatmeal through all the steam” followed by “Evan, you eat this every freaking night. You could just freakin’ reuse a photo if you need to”. I didn’t, but it’s comforting to think that my regularity is at least functional in that way 🙂 I think my favorite Golden Globe acceptance speech of the night was by Sandra Bullock when she thanked her husband and said it wasn’t until she met him that she knew what it meant for someone to truly have her back–such a sweet thought.

As much as I hate to admit it, I did not sleep well last night due to the most ridiculous “nightmare”. I dreamed that where I worked over the Summer was actually NBC’s studio for Conan O’Brien and that I was losing my job as Conan was going off the air. How was this a nightmare and had me tossing and turning? I had no clue, but I woke up like a bullet when my alarm went off and got an early start on working out. I did most of my core, but then decided I didn’t feel like doing push-ups and sit-ups. The solution? The count to ten cardio workout with 10 push-ups and 15 sit-ups per iteration. This was most definitely working up an appetite in me, but I decided to push through knowing I had this great breakfast in store:

Peanut Greek Yogurt With Tempeh bacon And Maple Syrup, Pumpkin Oatmeal With Mighty Maple And Tempeh Bacon

Yum! Oh how I love the combination of peanut butter, smoky, salty bacon, and sweet maple syrup. It feels good to just indulge in a little bit more when it’s all so healthy like this. For the yogurt, I mixed a plain Chobani with some full-fat voskos–oh how I love my full fat yogurt 😀 And all that was from 2 strips of tempeh bacon, which was all I had left from a pack I bought a loooong time ago. Thank God it wasn’t real meat or it would have gone bad by now.

On a different note, it snowed this morning! And a lot 😀 I hope it keeps on going.

Here’s a Simpsons giveaway(I know this show has plenty of fans)!

And here’s a giveaway for some Forze Bars!

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17 Responses to “As Easy As Chocolate Making”

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Hey hey!! Awesome looking chocolate bar. Mad cool! I have all those ingredients on hand..i have a feeling some raw chocolate is in my future! Thanks so much for sharing that! Looks delish! Pop chips are a hit or miss with me too. Oddly enough i like the plain ones best. (Since I can dip them into almost anything=) Great looking potato rounds. Yum! I totally forgot the globes were on. Aahh well. I ended up watching the season premiere of 24 which was pretty decent. Anyways I hope you have an awesome day!!!

what on earth? never seen mold INSIDE fruit before, bizarre. ooh la la raw chocolate sounds so good!

Wow… I have never seen an avocado quite that moldy. I bet using that raspberry agave in the pudding was delicious – raspberry chocolate flavored things are some of my favorites.

I have a suggestion for some coconut oil! You can get a BIG container of it at Wal*Mart for about five dollars. And I know, I know…Wal*Mart is evil. I try not to shop there unless it’s out of absolute necessity, but the coconut oil is a deal that’s too good to pass up. The brand is LouAna, and the oil is of great quality. Hope this helps!

I love your reasoning about how if your parents didn’t know the chocolate existed they wouldn’t miss it. That homemade bar looks really great!

lol– when I saw that avocado at first, I thought you had made a chocolate avocado with your raw chocolate somehow…I was about to be MAJORLY impressed 🙂

i never would have thought to make homemade chocolate! awesome

I had no idea that avacadoes molded on the inside! Hum…learn something new everyday I guess!

Ugh that has happened to me with avocados too!! Such a bummer. 😦 We should just live in warm states.

Wow homemade chocolate?? Very impressive! 🙂

Totally impressed you made chocolate.. wow. Im really glad you got some decent avocados now too.. YIKES.. eww!!

Stay warm.. cant believe you have snow!?!

Oh my gosh the chocolate looks REALLY good. I saved this post to try to make it myself 🙂

The oatmeal steam makes me angry every morning! Fogs up my lens!! Nice job on the chocolate!

you probably had a very small hole/rip in the side of the avocado to cause the mold…or there could have been one at the top where it was attached to the tree. it’s happened to me several times. sadness!

my oats always fog my camera too.

and that chocolate bar looks freak’n awesome! wish i had me some of that!

So glad that my recipe tip worked for you with the raw vegan chocolate!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! Now, you can save money (I mean gorge on raw chocolate!) any old time and you’ll never “run out”. A blessing and a curse, no doubt 🙂

Coconut oil does have great fats and one thing too, it’s an antiviral so in the winter it’s great for the immune system. And of course, you dont need lip balm, lotion, leave in conditioner, when you’ve got coconut oil on hand. And in that rare day when you can give up your Days addiction and procreate, it’s great for diaper rashes. LOL

And coconut oil = nature’s sunscreen. I know plenty ‘o crunchy mama who forego’s the spf 30 in lieu of coconut oil. Not kidding. It works.


i love avocado pudding! but moldy avocado….ew!

I need to try some of that tempeh bacon. I bet it would be awesome with some eggs.

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