The Banana Soft Serve Diet

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I loved learning from this post that American Chop Suey is primarily a New England meal; I never knew that! It sounds like you either grew up eating this 3 times a week(guilty and proud of it ;-)) or have never tried it. Really, it’s just pasta(usually elbow macaroni) with ground beef, green pepper, onions, tomato sauce, and some seasonings, but it’s one of those dishes that is 10 times better than the sum of its parts; you would not believe the flavor it can have.

Another thing I cannot believe the flavor of? Fried Rice. I admit I’ve had this from a restaurant maybe once in my life, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to make it with my leftover organic brown rice. Of course, I had no idea what I was doing, but that’s never stopped me before 😉 I heated maybe a tablespoon of earth balance in a pan, then added the rice and tamari until it was mostly absorbed. Then I added steamed broccoli florets. I couldn’t figure out if eggs were traditionally added as a necessary ingredient, or a protein source(still unclear on this), so I threw in 1 egg white and cooked until that was well set.

Fried Rice

Lightlife Buffalo Wings

1 egg white was not my protein source so I had the rest of my Lightlife buffalo wings, too. I realize the flavors don’t work here at all; I could have thrown in some tofu. But damn if those wings ain’t delicious. Now if only they weren’t an arm and a leg 😦 The fried rice came out delicious! I mean, anything with added fat and sodium is never bad, is it? I think next time I’ll add a full egg or two for some yolk-flavor(Oh, and there will be a next time). Along with lunch I was watching television and guzzling down a new-to-me beverage.

Raspberry Steaz

This Steaz was a lot better than the other two I’ve tried. Instead of just tasting like flavored green tea, this actually tasted like raspberry. I don’t think I’d buy it over Zevia again, though, except for that we got 2 4-packs for $2.66; that was such a good sale at Whole Foods I think I’ll be dreaming about it.


Did I mention it was still snowing after Days? In fact, it snowed all day, even though it wasn’t supposed to at all. Weird. It was a nice snowfall to watch, though–very light and fluffy. For whatever reason my grandmother dropped by and proceeded to try to convince me it was “warm” out. Warm? Really? From what I’ve learned, it doesn’t snow when it’s “warm”. Then again, I wasn’t about to argue with an 81 year old(now, if she were 82, that would have been a different story).

The one thing I did not like about lunch was that it did nothing for my hunger. It really is true what they say about Chinese food: You’re just hungry an hour later. I could have eaten my arm off, but instead I decided to have an early afternoon snack.

Chocolate Banana Softserve

So much to say–where to start? Number #1: Anything put in a food processor with cocoa powder comes out good. It’s a fact. This was 6oz banana, 2 tablespoons cocoa powder, and some vanilla stevia, and it came out amazing. I was thinking of adding Xanthan Gum but was sooo happy I didn’t. Look how thick it was all its own! #2: As good as this was, it wasn’t a Frosty from Wendy’s, which I was craving. This would be more like a frosty if it had less chocolate, and some milk, and some ice, and came from Wendy’s. Yep. That’d make it more like a frosty. #3: Whereas my meal of fried rice and buffalo wings didn’t hold me over for an hour, this held me over 3 hours until dinner. Does that mean there’s some truth to the banana diet? I’m totally up for it, so long as that banana comes in soft serve form.

Among the things I did in the afternoon was play with my food processor, while it was out.

Tierra Farm Organic Salted Pistachio Meat

Among the package Tierra Farm sent me was these pistachio meats. Because I’m 99% more likely to eat seeds and nuts in their butter form, and didn’t have a pistachio butter, I set 1/2 an ounce aside for dinner and shoved the rest into the processor.

Pistachio Butter

Nut and sed butters are, unfortunately, not the sexiest one at the party, but this was pretty bangin’. It was so easy to grind these, probably because Tierra Farm knows what they’re doing in roasting them unlike this nut. I can’t wait to put this over oatmeal. Pistachio and pumpkin? Sounds good to me. Speaking of being a nut…

Buffalo Chicken

I ate those buffalo chicken wings at lunch fully knowing I was making the real thing for dinner. Obsessed? Just a little. These were really simple. I cooked the chicken breasts fully. While those were working, I melted 2 tablespoons earth balance and franks red hot sauce in a pan until melted. When the breasts were done, I let them sit in the butter mixture for 5 minutes or so.

Brussels Sprouts With Goat Cheese, 3oz Buffalo Chicken, 1/2oz Organic Pistachio Meat

The chicken came out good and flavorful, but I don’t think the sauce was thick enough or took to it well; maybe add a tablespoon of flower next time? Still, it was an upgrade from what would have been all-white meat. It’s good to have some sort of fat on or with meat, and since I used earth balance it was trans-fat and cholesterol free 😀 I smeared goat cheese on my brussels, to change them up, and had 1/2 an ounce Tierra Farm organic salted pistachio meat to review. Umm, yum! Maybe I just forgot how good pistachios were, or maybe these were just that good, but I loved them! Nice and salty 🙂 I can’t wait to try my seed butter now!

I have to tell you: Tomorrow morning will not be pretty. Our big coffee pot died this morning 😦 It’s not so much a problem for me because I have my Keurig single cup brewer. The key words there are “my” and “single” 😉 And now I’m flipping between American Idol and The Biggest Loser right now. Why do we have to choose things like this? It’s not fair.

Here’s a superfruit spread giveaway.

A giveaway for vegan ice cream! How fun.

And a giveaway for Q.bel chocolate–one of my faves!

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18 Responses to “The Banana Soft Serve Diet”

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It’s true – Chinese food makes me starving an hour after I eat it! That chocolate banana softserve is such a great idea!

Yum! Fried rice, pistachios, and banana soft serve are all some of my most favorite foods. I just love adding cocoa to the “ice cream” too – it DOES make everything better of course.

I’m watching the Biggest Loser right now too!

okay so i need you to come make my sprouts for me!! yours look AWESOME. mine look deformed!

Banana soft serve diet? Count me in!

Can’t wait to hear how your pistachio butter turned out 🙂

ps gona try those buffalo wings on a wrap tomorrow!

it snowed overnight here but then just on and off drizzle for the rest of the day. i’m glad that i didn’t get the snow. better you than me 🙂

and re: gym hours. that’s just during the break: 12-2 and 4-6. lame. but you do what you gotta do i guess. like put cocoa powder in the food processor. i think i’ll put that on my graduation list 🙂

Mmm I love fried rice. I have an awesome recipe on my blog that you would probably like.

pistachio nut butter? i need more information. how is it? does it taste good?

and yayyyyyyy for chocolate banana soft serve. that combo just can never go wrong.

pistachio nut butter is sheer brilliance, why have i not ground up a batch yet? haha so i’ve never had chop suey but i definitely used to eat fried rice like 3 times a week as a kid. that’s what you get when you have an asian mom 🙂

Yummy! I wish I could make my own butters… too bad my food processor is from, uh, colonial America. :///

That banana soft serve looks sooo yummy, and being from the Midwest, I can honestly say I have never had American chop suey. And you just got Tik-Tok stuck in my head. There are worse things. =)

look at all that snow!!! it rained all day here in los angeles.

“I was thinking of adding Xanthan Gum”–NO! Dont add GG or XG to Banana Softserve. The sugars and carbs in the bananas actually “whip” together sorta like mashing potatoes the more your blend them in the food proc and to add GG is to turn your softserve into a gelatinous mess. I may have done that before.

Wendy’s Frosty
2 frozen nanas, dash of almond milk, like a splash 1/8 to 1/4 c maybe, no ice or water, dash vanilla. If not “soupy” enough, splash more milk. That’s it. And of course 2 Tbsp cocoa powder 🙂

I put banana soft serve in my green yogurt and it is so tasty!!

YUM for that soft serve.. what a healthy treat!!

I cannot get over how much snow you have.. I can honestly say I dont miss scraping my car in the AM. Hang in there.. spring is around the corner (uh kinda!)

Mmmmm…that chocolate banana soft serve looks great.

Yeah…sodium + fat + carb = almost always good to me.

Maybe not good FOR me, but…whatever 🙂

that tea looks so good! I’ve never seen sparkling green tea before.

Your fried rice looks yummy. I need to make that more often.

i STILL haven’t tried banana soft serve. what is wrong with me?

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