Why, Alton, Why?

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In case you haven’t heard, Alton Brown totally revamped his diet with some simple rules he follows that has him happier and healthier than ever. That’s great. Good for him. That’s not what gets me. What gets me is how he’s still giving me major pound cake cravings with his shows. Why, Alton, why? You know I don’t have a stash of pound cakes around. And you’re basically telling me a pound cake is one of the hardest things to bake. Don’t do this to me! OK, well after all that I didn’t have a pound cake. BUT I found something remarkably similar.

1/2 An "I Really Need A" Cookie

Maybe it’s not a pound, but these chocolate chip “I really need a” cookies have a full tablespoon of butter(along with plenty of other healthy things like that ;-)) in them. I wasn’t super hungry for a cookie, so I split one with my dad, and covered my half with a little more earth balance. For something that wasn’t a pound cake, this was super good and hit the spot. Take that, Alton. After a great episode of Unwrapped(which I’ll be rewatching today because I’m obsessed with Unwrapped), I made an equally great bowl of oatmeal.

Banana Oatmeal With NuttZo And 2 Goji Almond Oat Cookies

This wasn’t even like oatmeal; it was like warm banana pudding *drool*. I used the same amount of oatbran as usual but cut 1/3 the thick cut oats and added stevia(not a normal oatmeal ingredient) and that made it perfect. Then I topped it with two of the sweetest treats I could find: the last of my almond oat goji gourmet cookies and a dab of NuttZo. If I were more awake, I would have added vanilla to the oatmeal; thankfully, the sweet vanilla of the cookies saved the day–soo good! And then I went to bed a little early after listening to Jay Leno explain what’s been going on himself. All I can say is the NBC executives have really made a mess for themselves.

Backyard Snow

Ironically, today was the day I was thinking “Maybe it will warm up enough for a run”. Haha. Well Mother Nature had another plan, and I’m OK with waiting a little more. I was a little bit extra pumped to do my cardio this morning because last night I downloaded Say Hey and Tick Tock. Those are such pumping songs! I definitely gave Tick Tock and extra listen, even though 1/2 the time I feel too old to be listening to something like that and the other 1/2 too young.

Better Than Roasted Just 4 Nuts Butter

I really had no appetite for anything after stretching, other than trying out this new nut butterBlue Mountain Organics sent. Just 4 nuts? I think that includes me šŸ˜€ it has almonds, cashews, pecans, and walnuts, is raw, and has no salt added, so I was very curious how it would all come out.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Just 4 Nuts Butter

Plain Greek Yogurt With Gluten Free Chocolate Mint Brownie

When you can’t get yourself to want greek yogurt, throw a brownie into it. Unfortunately, I’m running out of said greek yogurt fast šŸ˜¦ On the bright side, the nut butter was delicious! I wasn’t sure how it would come out, whether a muddled or sweet flavor. It was enjoyably sweet, with a nice nutty crunch to it. I think as someone who isn’t a raw purist it’s hard to be “satisfied” with raw and unsalted nut butters but this one was definitely flavorful and artisan.

It’s still snowing 3 hours later! I love it; it looks so nice and fluffy. Here’s a health tip for the day: Did you know organic, thick cut oats at the bulk bins at Whole Foods are just $1.49 a pound? For less than 15 cents, you can have a healthy and green breakfast. What kind of oatmeal do you eat?

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17 Responses to “Why, Alton, Why?”

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Holy snow! I love Alton. I have learned so much from him!

I saw that GE episode last night, too! My husband and I were talking about what he is going to make on his show now that he has changed his diet so much. Bet it won’t be pound cake LOL!

I eat any kind of oats – oat bran, steel cut, rolled. It’s all good.

we didn’t get that much snow here. for which i am happy haha šŸ™‚

and man you need to get out and run! we’ve been having such nice weather (temp wise) lately!!

i use bob’s red mill oats most of the time-which are conveniently found in bulk bins at two store where i shop

WOW…it looks so cold out there! I am in Texas and today’s high is 65 degrees! I am in jeans and flip flops!! I love it!

As for oatmeal, we buy the steell cut oats in bulk from Whole Foods, too. So good!!!!

i love the idea of mixed nut butters. i don’t generally consider myself a homicidal person, but something about alton brown makes me want to strangle hiM!!! but i am a huge unwrapped fan :). it’s so snowy and beautiful at your place. i’d like a bowl of your banana oats please!

Mmmm…I love raw nut butter…never seen a “mixed nuts” butter, but that’s a great idea!

So snowy where you are! Definitely not running weather šŸ™‚

Look at all that snow! It’s lightly flurrying by me, and I’m sure we’ll have a lot of snow real soon!
I always go for TJ’s steel cut, but plan to start buying out of the bulk bins when I finish what I have!

That nut butter looks awesome!

i must admit, sometimes when I photograph my almond butter, the pic just comes out looking a pile of poo. Your pic just looks like a tasty glob of what it is–nut butter. I need to work on that. šŸ™‚

I hate the days where I’m like “Oh maybe it will be warm enough for a run” and It’s ridiculously cold or snowing outside
And your pumpkin oats look very pumpkin pie-y; do you add an egg, or just not that much liquid?

No egg or eggwhites–just 1/2 a cup of water and let it sit in the microwave a few minutes after it’s off to let the steam come out and cook the top

I love Alton Brown. Did you ever watch that show where he went on that road trip and sampled all the food? I heard somewhere he gained about 20 pounds while filming it!

Obsessed with Unwrapped….TOTALLY understandable. Have you ever seen Food Detectives. Love it too…although, it’s not on too often.

Just 4 Nuts… Hmm..Includes me too! šŸ˜€

I HEART Alton Brown.. I was just telling my husband how smart he is about everything. He knows his FOOD!!

I eat organic whole rolled oats.. I get em in bulk at my co-op… sooooo cheap and they last forever! šŸ™‚

mmm all the food looks SO good! have you ever seen the show “the best thing I ever ate?” on food network, it is so good! I love seeing chefs sahre their favorite foods! its so fun to watch them eat and enjoy and talk about it! I use instant oats or oatbran OR sometimes the rolled oats and make those on the stove top!

Alton. What did I miss? Off to google in a minute…
As for your “popularity” and not getting nastygrams, dudddddde, enjoy it. You’re both popular AND you dont get nastyness which is perfect. Your blog is totally light, humorous, and you TOTALLY know your way around the kitch, you post daily, you’re totally into cooking from scratch, you never just re-make something someone else made. I mean, flattery is nice but I love reading original content! ANd your give the b’sphere some shiva (male) energy which is totally refreshing!!!!!!!! So that’s my ode to you and why I keep coming back…love your blog.

Raw vs uncooked. Distinction is there. Maple syrup, agave, cocoa, all of these things can be both, really. Begins to be spliting hairs and it annoys me and so sometimes uncooked is just the best way to say it. It’s not raw by the raw police standards but by the avg american’s, it is…people get so into labels though.

2 lbs coconut oil. You can get your lotion, lip balm, and raw chocolate on…all in one swoop. Sweet!!!!!

oh man – I should have TiVo-ed Alton Brown’s coconut cream pie episode while I had the chance. wahhh.

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