Superfoods And Pop Chip Review

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In case you missed it…

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The release of a new page! My Superfoods. I took down my My Oats page, which was originally meant to be a forum of foodie display, because it just wasn’t cutting it for me. Instead, I’ve made this new page which I’m hoping to both display and teach what I eat and why. I’ll constantly be updating the page as I think of more. And it’s where I’m sharing some of my favorite brands and where you can get them, because when it comes to what I eat for my health I can definitely get a little picky 😉


Pop Chips! I got a big box of these to sample last week and have worked my way through them in record time. These are chips that aren’t baked, or fried, but popped! Interesting, huh? This gives them a much different taste and texture but a stellar nutrition. They come i a full line of flavors, some of which were misses for me and others that were HUGE hits. They’re sold(and I’ve hunted them down) at stores like Target and Whole Foods. I’m sure there’s a flavor for you; mine is sour cream & onion 😉


8.5/10: I had really high hopes for these after reading numerous recommendations. Flavor-wise, they didn’t blow me out of the water; dare I say this was almost a little let-down? It was OK, but not the amazing, signature flavor I thought it would be, and very similar to other BBQ chips I’ve had. Nutritionally, this is another story. This particular flavor Pop Chip I did think tasted a little “healthy”, but with 4g of healthy fat, no cholesterol, and only 2g of sugar, these can be proud of their nutritional stats. BBQ can get A LOT heavier than 2 grams of sugar.


8/10: Whenever I go for a cheese-flavored chip, as much as I hate to admit it, I’m looking for something that tastes artificial and overly-processed. These were good, but not quite there; the flavor was almost too real? That, or too subtle. I guess that’s what you get from an all natural product. I didn’t think this tasted all that “healthy” even though it is, which impressed me. And they were a great way to eat something portioned and cheesy without cutting into a block of actual cheddar. As weird as it sounds, these were best when topped with peanut butter, for a truly savory delight.


7.5/10: Healthy chips that taste amazing yet aren’t fried? That might be too good to be true. These were not “amazing”, but they were at least “good”. I’d say they still tasted pretty “healthy” and were on the dry side. Their saving grace was the seasoning of sea salt, which made these mighty tasty. They also are perfect for dipping into thin sauces and adding your own flavor. Beyond that, though, I’d rather get one of their preflavored varieties, particularly the sour cream & onion.

Salt & Pepper

8.5/10: After a long string of so-so Pop Chips, this flavor really brought me back to the fan side. Of course salt and pepper were two flavors meant to be together, and they work just as well here, too. Neither outshines the other so that you’re getting an over seasoned chip. And these don’t at all taste healthy. I loved these a lot, and considered giving them a 9; ultimately, I would have been more impressed had the salt or pepper been of a slightly higher caliber. Besides that, these were a great, vegan snack.

Sea Salt & Vinegar

8/10: This is yet another flavor of Pop Chips I could never call bad but certainly wasn’t what I was expecting or particularly hoping for. Again, the unique cooking method gave both a healthy and flavorful chip. And this most definitely had the tastes of both sea salt and vinegar. But it wasn’t the same vinegar flavor that you might want from a chip–not nearly abrasive enough. Still, it did taste like what it promised, and with the tastes of nature.

Sour Cream & Onion

9/10: Potato chip what? I’m not quite sure how they do it, even after reading everything on their site. All I know is these were delicious! The savory and tangy sour cream & onion had me snacking chip after chip. I think I preferred these over “regular” potato chips because the potato flavor was so neutral that it let the other flavors shine. I might or might not have poured all the crumbs into my mouth at the end of the bag–just saying.


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9 Responses to “Superfoods And Pop Chip Review”

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The original are my fav.. Im plain, though! lol

I see these all the time and haven’t ever tried them! After reading your review I am going to have to buy some and try them out!!

i LOVE popchips, too bad i have to ration them bc of the sodium, boo. but the stats are pretty good for chips! sour cream and onion ftw!

cheddar and pb? i am intrigued.

I have never had these but i love your new tab! coolness!

Hi – I found your blog a little bit ago and have been following. Decided I should finally comment 🙂

I love your food creations – especially all of the dessert-y ones. I have yet to try Pop Chips since I’m not a huge fan of potato chips anyways and I generally just get Sun Chips (guilty pleasure?) if anything.

Good luck adjusting to life without your beloved kitchen appliances! Do you live in a dorm? I’m so lucky in that I have my own apartment with a hugeee kitchen.

– Nell

P.S. my blog is if you wanna check it out. For some reason, my name isn’t hyperlinked…

I’ve never tried popchips, but my mom eats them all the time. I am not a huge “chip” person, but maybe I will give these a go.

I LOVE no puffy heart the sour cream and onion flavor as well. We got a sample box for Christmas. It was a great package 🙂

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