Yellow Yolks

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I don’t want to think what I’ll do without a food processor when I go back to campus. It’s sooo amazing. For instance, it can turn fruit into ice cream… twice in one day!

Banana Soft Serve With Milk Chocolate

I had a second bowl of banana soft serve. This time I omitted cocoa powder and added some xanthan gum because the bananas weren’t fully frozen to begin with–delicious. I topped it with the milk chocolate that Kristie gave me. Holy yum was this good! I didn’t check but I bet they use butterfat in the ingredients because this was soooo rich and creamy and delicious. I think it rivals Divine’s milk chocolate; would it be ironic that one of my new favorite milk chocolates was given to me by a vegan? Thanks, Kristie!

I also like the food processor because it makes seeds into seed butter, such as it did yesterday with my pistachios, which I couldn’t wait(literally) to dive into.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Pistachio Butter

This bowl was saltier than the sea but it was sooo delicious, too. I forgot how much I liked pistachios; they’re just such a pain to deshell. I ended up watching Chopped, which is one Food Network show I don’t care for. Have you seen it? It’s just not my style. What I do like is trying to figure out what I’d make if I were one of the contestants. For instance, they had to make a dessert with tofu, cacao nibs, cherry tomatoes, and gingersnaps. If I were them, I would have made a gingersnap crust, filled it with chocolate tofu pudding, and garnished with whip cream, a candied cherry tomato, and cacao nibs. I don’ know how good that’d come out but it’d be worth a shot 🙂

When I woke up I was pumped for a strength and cardio session. I did my core of

  • 40 push-ups
  • 50 standing lunges, 50 walking lunges
  • 70 side crunches, both sides
  • 100 crunches
  • 70 crunch pose-hold
  • 240 arm rotaries
  • 5 sets of 7 chair swings
  • 40 squats
  • 70 standing marches
  • 70 rower arms
  • 40 second rower’s pose hold
  • 100 sit-ups
  • 70 tricep dips
  • 100 air bike kicks

Followed by the standard 200 flights. I knew my after-dinner snacks wouldn’t hold me over through all of that so all the while I was nibbling on this new bar I was sent to review:

Jay Robb Cashew Coconut Bar

As with all Jay Robb products, if it will make me look like that, I’ll eat it no matter what it tastes like. Thankfully, this cashew coconut bar was also delicious. It really tasted quite tropical with the coconut and sweet cashews. I couldn’t even notice the rice crisps, which I normally detest. And I love that it’s lightly sweetened with agave nectar and sugar alcohols; who wants a lot of sugar when they’re reaching for a protein bar? That’s what energy bars are for. This also has a good deal of NUTrition(cashew butter is the first ingredient), so for breakfast I went for some other fats.

So Delicious Soy Yogurt With Vanilla Bean Sugar

Oatmeal With 2 Cage-Free Organic Eggs

I had(what I thought) was a lightbulb moment: I separated the whites and yolks, cooked the oatmeal with the whites for 1 minute and then added the yolks fr the last 30 seconds. They came out so perfectly runny while the whites were completely set. That’s how I’ll be making eggy oats from now on. For the yogurt, I just took a plain So Delicious and added vanilla bean sugar from Whole Foods bulk bin; don’t you love looking at something and seeing vanilla beans? I definitely eat vanilla with my eyes first.

Today’s Tip: Eggs It seems like there’s a million different things to think about with eggs(then again, I overthink everything) and I was wondering: Where do you stand? Love it all? Just the whites, please? Or no eggs for you? For me, they’re a package deal. I think they’re a perfect protein balanced with fat when you eat the whole egg. And so much of the vitamins and nutrients are in the yolk that they’re hard to pass up. Of course, there’s the cholesterol that comes in the yolk, too(a healthy egg should have a bright yellow/orange yolk). But after reading the literature on egg cholesterol and cholesterol in general, I’ve came to the decision that it doesn’t matter to me. I do, however, keep a carton of egg whites on hand, just for those times when I want a protein boost or need the structure they provide in baking. If you want your baked good to be cakey, add 2-3 eggs. If you’re looking for something airy, omit the yolks and whip the whites. Or, on the contrary, if you want something a bit beefier like milk chocolate peanut butter chunkies, use just the yolk. Ideally, I’ll own my own hen coop some day. That way I’d know where my eggs come from, how the hens are treated, and not have to pay for eggs ever again. Clearly, not much plans to move to the big city here. So what are your thoughts on eggs?

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12 Responses to “Yellow Yolks”

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How do you come up with such neat combinations. I am so plain sometimes but I love your food combinations…they look so yummy!

i just switched from egg whites to whole eggs. i figure it makes sense … all the good stuff thats in that yolk .. okay .. bad cholesterol, but lets face it … that is the last thing i have to worry about haha.

i like the chocolate brownie bar from jay robb 🙂 it has chunks of cashew in it .. mmm … give that one a try!

Daaaang, that’s quite a workout!! I’m tired just from reading about it- hehe.

Have you thought about buying one of those Magic Bullets? The informercials are cheesy, but it might be a good (small) alternative to the food processor for your dorm. I’ve heard that they work really well.

i have no moral opposition to whole eggs- i just hate how they taste! even as a little kid i hated the yolks. but then again i’ll only eat scrambled eggs if they’re brown and rubbery..i’m just strange!

Why can’t you take your food processor back to school?? If its too big, get a mini one! They are only $30!

I love eggs! I eat them all the time by my favorite ways are either hardboiled or over easy! (the two extremes) When do you have to go back to school?

i pretty much only eat the whites, because i just don’t like the way the yolk tastes, and i would rather get healthy fats from almond butter!! i totally want to own my own farm one day though, so i can raise chickens and other animals ethically, anddd of course have a killer garden!

I always eat the yolk. I seriously think eggs are natures perfet protein.

Jay Robb Cashew Coconut Bar-I didnt even know those existed…wow, awesome! I love Jay’s brown rice protein in vanilla and choc, so I would love to try that bar.. Yum.

Eggs. Allergic. But eggs are actually really good for you. Farm raised chickens that can forage for bugs and worms of course. Not in mass factories and mills. Ethical treatment of the chickens is key!

i can’t stand eggs. i get nauseous by the smell and *shiver* just thinking about them now. funny though because i totally used to eat them when i was younger

and you could always bring the food processor back to school right?

Ooh! I’ve only seen the Jay Robb powders, not the bars. Are they good?

LOVe eggs, i rarely eat the yolks just beacuse I would rather get my fats from other sources BUT oncein a while a I do enjoy the yolks! I havet to say the last pic scares me alittle bc theyolk looks raw!!

you should get a magic bullet to bring back to school. I use it EVERYDAY!

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