I Wanna Be “That Guy”

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I’ve decided that I want to be “that guy”. Not “that guy on the bus”,

Or “that guy who got screwed by NBC”,

I want to be “that guy” who, when he’s 80 and grey, his grand kids can recite all the rituals he did every day. I want to be “that guy” whose routine you can set a clock to. Basically, I want to be boring. But I don’t see it as boring. Other people see it as boring and tell me I should want to switch it up and try new things. Great. Fine. But here I am knowing what I want to do; and last I checked, when somebody knows what they really want, that’s something to celebrate, right? So rather than fight my routine, I’ve decided to start embracing it. For instance,

The Raw Bakery Cacao Brownie

The Raw Bakery Cacao Brownie

I want to be “that guy” who has something chocolate every night after dinner. That seems to be the theme, as of late. I’ve had raw things after dinner. I’ve had yogurt after dinner. But, in the end, they’re all chocolate. Does anyone want to argue with me that that’s a bad thing? Didn’t think so. Last night’s treat was a raw cacao brownie from The Raw Bakery. I definitely didn’t need something composed of dates and agave right before bed but c’est la vie. This was OK, but it tasted oddly figgy and not chocolate enough. It had a great texture–better than most cooked brownies I’ve ever had. I’d definitely have it again, but, in all honesty, I could probably make a recipe for these or find a better brand.

I want to be “that guy” who has his shows and is always up to date on them. How could I ever show my face at the water cooler if I didn’t know how hilarious Modern Family was last night(seriously, wasn’t that good?).

Oatmeal With Organic Chocolate Peanut Butter

I want to be “that guy” who has oatmeal with nut butter every night before going to bed. I’ve fought this one before and it’s just not worth it; I love it, it’s good for me, and I’m going to do it. Last night, I even got to try a brand new nut butter: Justin’s chocolate peanut butter. I bought this with my Christmas money, skeptical of how it’d be since I haven’t had a chocolate peanut butter I like before. My verdict? YUM-O! This is seriously one of the best peanut butters I’ve ever had, and the first chocolate peanut butter one I’ve liked. You can taste both flavors, and they aren’t mixed into one; it’s simply perfect. I can’t wait until these are in every Whole Foods, at which time PLEASE getΒ yourselfΒ a jar. And it’s organic–my heart be still.

I want to be “that guy” who sleeps 11-7, so long as he can help it. Sure, once and a while I’ll be up later than that, or have to hit the snooze button. But I’m not letting anyone convince me that I shouldn’t be asleep that early at my age. It’s just how I am.

I want to be “that guy” who gets up and exercises! To be honest, I’ve fought myself on this one. I mean, really, who’s thinking anything difficult is “fun” 10 minutes after waking up? But you know what? After I do it, I feel energized and ready to tackle the day, and sooo much better than when I don’t or put it off. Sometimes, we may need to tell ourselves what we want, but that’s just how it is. This morning, I told myself I wanted to do Β full core and 200 flights, and that’s what I did. And I felt so good afterwards.

Justin's Chocolate Peanut Butter And Suzanne's Ricemellow Creme

I want to be “that guy” who sets the record straight. For months now, I’ve been calling the all-natural Fluff I’ve been using vegan. Well, a little while back I double checked the ingredients and saw egg whites top the list. Oops. Turns out it wasn’t vegan, just all-natural. Because it wasn’t breaking news, I didn’t think to make a point of it. Recently, Suzanne’s sent me some of their goodies to review. And their ricemellow creme is vegan. There. Record straight.

4 Parts 0% Greek Yogurt : 1 Part Full Fat Greek Yogurt

Bananamon Oats With Justin's Chocolate Peanut Butter, Suzanne's Ricemellow Creme And NOO's Cinnamon Grahams

I want to be “that guy” who has yogurt and oatmeal at breakfast everyday. Predictable? Definitely. But what’s wrong with that when you’re getting protein, fiber, probiotics, whole grains, and healthy fats? Nothing. And occasionally things do change, like trying out my new vegan ricemellow creme. Honestly–I loved it. Fluff who? This was an identical match. It was airy and gooey and sweet. I only wish it had improved on the vanilla flavor of Fluff rather than match it. Definitely not a disappointment by any means, though.

I want to be “that guy” who watches gets his news from Regis & Kelly and The Today show every morning. It’s pretty much how I stay on top of things. I think it’s a lot more reliable than The Jay Leno Show these days, don’t you?

I want to be “that guy” who tries new things from time to time, too. On today’s plate(literally): seitan. I had had seitan jerky but never seitan as a main part of a dish. I bought pre-prepared seitan and just heated it up.

Prepared Seitan, Smoky Soy Brussels Sprouts, Honey Barbeque Baked Potato Chips

Smoky Soy Brussels Sprouts

I want to be “that guy” who brings you fun flavor ideas, like wheat-free tamari and liquid smoke brussels sprouts. Seriously, every time I hear a commenter say that putting certain flavors together was a great idea or that they tried it and loved it, it warms my heart. Really, I don’t think too much about things. I just throw them together if they sound good, and thankfully these came out amazing with the honey barbeque chips and seitan. But also sometimes they don’t work out; that’s one of the benefits of having a dog πŸ˜‰

I want to be “that guy” who’s a hoot to watch shop, moving slowly and picking up and feeling every product. Yes. I shop like an Italian grandmother, which was ironic today because it was my Italian grandmother who drove me to the natural food store down the road. But I totally encourage shopping like this, because how else would you know if a fruit is ripe? Or nut properly roasted?

NuNaturals Pure White Stevia Extract 1oz

I want to be “that guy” who people trust for good recommendations. I’m kind of hoping to be that already, and I’m hoping you’ll trust me when I say this is the best stevia I’ve had to date. I was sent this along with other NuNatural products over the Summer to sample and review. I’ve boughten 2 or 3 of this particular product because it is truly the purest, least bitter stevia I’ve found. If you think it’s pricey($14 for 1 ounce), know that you get at least 200+ servings out of it so it’s not so outrageous.

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

I want to be “that guy” who raises his family right but never deprives. I like to take cues from Mama Pea. She’s so popular, I’m sure I don’t need to plug her. But if you haven’t heard of her, you must check her blog out; she’s raising her two girls so well, giving them wholesome snacks that they truly enjoy(like chocolate banana ice cream), and if I raise kids half that well one day I’ll be happy.

I don’t want to be “that guy” who calls his dad in a whiny voice complaining how we have no dinner for tonight and our back-up restaurant randomly completely closed due to a private engagement(seriously, how often does this happen?), but I was that tonight. I’m just trying to keep us all fed, people.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Organic Pistachio Butter

I want to be “that guy” who has all the crazy cool nut and seed butters. Can I be that guy already, with this organic pistachio seed butter I ground with Tierra Farm‘s organic salted pistachio meat? There’s something kind of fun looking at a bowl of what should be oatmeal and peanut butter and seeing all orange and green–just saying.

I want to be “that guy” who wins this giveaway for Chobani, so don’t enter.

So there it is. That’s just the kind of guy I want to be, day in and day out. Why the word “want”? Who’s stopping me? That’s the guy I am.

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23 Responses to “I Wanna Be “That Guy””

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I really like this…a lot. I think you are well on your way to being “that guy” and you should be proud! πŸ™‚

I’m “that boring girl”…haha.

I’ve been wanting to try that marshmallow fluff for a while. The fact that it isn’t vegan doesn’t stop me at all! πŸ™‚

Haha I’m guessing someone really pissed you off about your daily routines or suggested you change or something. Just shrug it off because I am a creature of routine and I love it. Do whatever please YOU! I wanted to post to let you know i made the Chocolate Avocado pudding with Carob Powder instead of cocoa powder and it was amazing! I seriously thought it was so much better than the cocoa powder and it didnt even need stevia to make it better! I also took some of the same vanilla powder that you have and added that too my woodstock farms almond butter and it came out better than naturally nuttys vanilla almond butter. I just thought i would cue you in with a couple of these great finds!
I thought the banana ice cream was bad? Did you change it up this time or did it just turn out better? Also, what is the Liquid smoke? And i may be slower than a Grandmom in a grocery store seriously hah but i enjoy it!

The PROTEIN ice cream came out horrible; the banana ice cream comes out awesome(10 times better when it’s chocolate but that law applies to anything, right?). Liquid smoke comes in a bottle and basically makes things taste “smoky”. They should sell it in Whole Foods if you look near the BBQ sauce

Cute blog!! (boughten is not a word)

ha i was going to say that Lisa but i think he is aware of that! Several blogs have typos like that because they are typing out fast to get the post up and reviewing the typing isn’t necessary unless you are grading him!

I had chocolate avocado pudding for lunch today after seeing you blog about it all week πŸ™‚

i LOVE that stevia! but I leanred the hard way that little goes a LONG way!! I used about TBSP in some yog and cottage cheese and I almost threw up in my mouth when I took a bite. then I looked at the back and it said 1/32 of a tsp!!!! hahah now I know to use a dabble in my food! it is so good though

and I trust you for good reccomendations πŸ™‚

nustevia is great, i agree! so glad they sent all that stuff so i could discover them!

Yep, there are definitely worse “that guys” than “that guy with the routine.” πŸ™‚

hahaha great theme for your post! i totally want to be “that crazy old lady” and i’m sure i’m well on my way to it πŸ™‚

i could eat chocolate every night too πŸ™‚

Great post!! Love your blog too πŸ™‚

you are “that guy” in many ways to me already, i always know ican count on your after-dinner chocolate πŸ™‚

How sweet are you?! Thanks Evan. I have no doubt that you will be THAT guy that is an incredible husband and a great father. Now if only I had a little sis for you…

Great post, as usual, Evan! The Raw Bakery Cacao Brownie = awesome looking. The reason it probably wasnt quite as choco as you would have wished is b/c I have found that nuts and dates mask choco taste and so you need to really bump it up. In my raw vegan choco brownie recipe I go heavy handed on the cocoa powder and agave, and it all works πŸ™‚

The vegan m’mallow creme. Awesome.

Brussel’s sprouts. ANd pistacio butter. Wow.

NuNaturals, yes, less bitter and I love it more and more. I never used to be a stevia girl but am fully on the bandwagon now.

Raising vegan, vegetarian, healthy kids…for sure! My toddler eats more vegetables than most adults. Daily. And of course, gets her fill of vegan homemade protein bars. Your kids one day will be so well fed it will be ridic awesome!

Vegan ricemellow creme?? Sounds fabulous. When I was little, my mom made me fluffernutters all the time.. YUM!

Im loving that Brussels sprout dish, too.. they are my fav!!

YOU ROCK! And I am wicked jealous that you’ve tried Justin’s Nutbutter in chocolate! I’ve been dieing to get my hands on that stuff. I suppose I could just go to their site and order it but complaining about it comes naturally.

you are and totally will be “that guy.” πŸ™‚

and i was just at WF and didn’t see that chocolate justin’s…i love their pbs, esp the indiv ones cause i take those out in the field all the time! so convenient!

It’s still really really new(I ordered online) but from what it sounds like it will be in Whole Foods nationwide soon, and already is in the Colorado area

LOVE modern family! So funny.

“that’s one of the benefits of having a dog” <- So true! I love theembracement of being 'routinely routine.' I'm the 'boring' girl in comparison to my friends but I do what I want!

Hi Evan, Been reading your blog for awhile now and have been really fascinated with your creative creations! πŸ™‚
just wanted to tell you that i really enjoy reading your blog, esp this one… it’s cool to be yourself! πŸ™‚ i like to be ‘boring’ me too, coz being routine , makes me ME and makes me happy, that’s what’s most important!

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