I Can Never Choose

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Moroccan Tangine With Wild Alaskan Salmon

I can never choose what I want from a restaurant. Last night we ended up doing take out from Big Fresh Cafe. I actually never changed my order after I gave it because whenever I called my dad to do so he didn’t answer his phone. I ended up getting the Moroccan Tangine with a sweet potato marinara. It was OK; I needed to add salt to spice it up. It came over A LOT of couscous, which I didn’t bother with. I’d probably like to try something different next time.

I could never choose between goat milk and cow milk, which is why I keep both on hand.

Chocolate Goat Milk Yogurt With Fig Jam

I can never choose between different flavors, so I usually end up mixing them, as was the case with chocolate and fig. I don’t think the two were meant to be like Ross and Rachel, but they didn’t fight each other. I’d least I stuck to my “being that guy who eats chocolate after dinner every night” resolution 😉

I can never choose between Grey’s Anatomy and The Office. But when one of those is a clip show *cought*The Office*cough*, it makes it a hell of a lot easier.

A Couple Of Dates

I can never choose what Chocolate Covered Recipe I want to make. Katie should just write a cookbook because they all sound so good. In my anticipation, I ended up just eating these dates straight. Oops.

I can never choose between organic and regular groceries. There’s a lot that goes into my mind: ethics, flavor, health, etc. I’ll admit it: These dates were Dole. And you know what? They tasted damn good and save me some cash.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With SB PB

I could never choose what my favorite peanut butter is; I just couldn’t do it. BUT, if I had to eat a whole jar of 1 peanut butter solely, it would probably be Smart Balance Agave Sweetened Creamy Peanut Butter(got that mouthful?) It’s just perfect in taste, texture, and nutrition. They also make one sweetened with molasses, which is OK but not my forte.

I can never choose whether I should take a rest day or not. I usually end up going ahead with my planned workout. This morning was different after I realized “Hey, I’m still on ‘vacation'”. Instead, I took it easy, showered up, and made a breakfast. Now I’m actually feeling a lot more energized and like I actually want to do something. I probably just needed fuel.

Raw Organic Almond Butter With Fair Trade White Chocolate And Strawberries

I can never decide what aspect of my food I want to share. Here, I’ll just tell you everything about this almond butter I made even though it’s completely over the top: The almonds arre raw and organic and the white chocolate was made with fair trade cocoa butter. I also spent wayyy too much time playing with the jar here(what you can’t see is a full nutrition info label and a little fair trade sticker :-

Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Banana Oatmeal With White Chocolate Strawberry Almond Butter

I can never choose between dark chocolate or white chocolate, so I usually go with both. The  chocolate avocado pudding was made with unsweetened vanilla almond milk; I think coconut milk kefir comes out creamier and more “raw” tasting. Meanwhile, if you want the secret to tasty, shelf stable homemade nut butter, it’s 7oz of nut and 1/2 candy bar. Really, this almond butter was delicious and tasted just like the candy bar I made it from; and surprisingly it only has 5g of sugar with 6g of protein and 3g of fiber per serving. The other half of that candy bar… was not eaten as healthily.

I can never choose what I’m trying to get done at the computer which is why I do everything at once(to little success). Right now I’m rocking 11 tabs open on Google Chrome.

I can never choose what the Tip Of The Day should be but this morning this article on the potential banning of raw milk and milk products found on Twitter particularly struck me. I’m not the biggest raw milk enthusiast, but I do own my block of raw cheddar and would consider branching out. Yes, being unpasteurized raw milk might contain harmful living bacteria which could cause illness or even death. It also definitely contains living bacteria that promote well-being, digestion, as well as other matters. What struck me was the point that people aren’t randomly grabbing raw milk off the store shelf and giving it to their baby thinking it’s infant formula(OK, I exaggerated here). But it’s a good point that people buy raw milk because they want raw milk, and are most likely aware of its benefits and potential hazards. Have you ever had raw milk or any of its byproducts? Do you think it should be banned?

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21 Responses to “I Can Never Choose”

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yeah….raw dairy just scares me. I mean…that means it’s not cleared of all the stuff that hangs onto a cow’s udders (all the stuff in the fields or dairy houses) that may get into the milk as it’s coming out. It’s just not safe – or I don’t think so. I know there are different opinions, but I’ve also seen what cows lay in, sit in, roll around in…and I don’t want to be eating/drinking that.

I LOVED the Office show last night 🙂 it was like the best of the worst 🙂

Happy Friday!

love how honest you are about the organic or not situation. its such a touchy subject in the blogworld. but, you have to do whats right for you & your wallet!
when you can afford it, why not? but when you cant you shouldnt feel like you are solely responsible for killing mother earth. you can still be green & not buy all organic.

I have never (knowingly) tried raw dairy products, and now I don’t eat dairy . . . but just personally, I don’t believe in too much food (or really, much at all) regulation (chalk that up to the libertarian in me) because I’d rather people do the research and make up their minds.

Need to try fig jam!

The thought of raw milk has always given me the heebie jeebies, but I definitely agree with you on the fact that the people that are buying it are seeking it out and they most likely understand what they are getting into!

I have had raw milk and it is fantastic. I don’t think it should be banned…if you don’t want it, don’t buy it. But don’t ruin it for the people who think it is benficial. Sometimes OVER-REGULATION isn’t a good thing.

Wow, chocolate avocado pudding! That sounds weird but I bet it’s amazing. I love weird creations like that! Cute little blog you have 🙂

I’ve never had raw dairy. I wouldn’t eat it if it was from the U.S. I don’t trust the governments food regulating standards, nevermind their standards on raw food.

Your Big Fresh Meals looks great!

I love how you always find a way to inject chocolate into everything. Brilliant! Thanks again for that lovely avacado pudding recipe. I will try it when life slows down a bit. 🙂

Smart Balance is up there in my favorites too. I like Earth Balance a little more…

What is goat milk like? I have been loving goat cheese lately!

The clip show office really made me mad!

yeah the office was pretty lame last night. except for the last 5 minutes which wasn’t clips and was freaking hilarious!!

Ahhh fig jam!! I LOVE that. Just has some this mornin’! 🙂

When I lived in Italy I used to drink raw milk all of the time – tastes sooo much better!

If I had access to raw milk, I think I’d be willing to take the risk 🙂

I’m a big sap so last night’s Office was a tear-jerker for me 🙂 At some point you should try to make one of Katie’s fudge baby recipes (assuming that’s what your medjool dates were for) – it’s easier not to eat the dates if you just buy plain old dates 😉

I missed The Office last night…crap. The thought of raw dairy kinda freaks me out (thats just me though!)

Happy Friday!!!

That clip show pissed me off too! What a crock!

Happy Friday, Evan!

i think YOU need to make your own cookbook son!
maybe i can find kefir in whole foods?!
ahh the office wasnt good?! i usually love it! have you seen modern family..its like the office on crack! love it!

You can definitely find kefir at Whole Foods if you’re looking for it. Traditional brands would be Lifeway and Horizon. I kind of like So Delicious which is made out of coconut milk instead

the whole potential raw milk ban is a big deal in berkeley, people get really amped up about it! i share your inability to make foodie choices sometimes, but at least it’s usually between two yummy things!

“Raw Organic Almond Butter With Fair Trade White Chocolate And Strawberries”-ridic good looking, and sounding.
dates. love medjools.

raw milk. I personally dont like dairy, the aspect of drinking milk from another species, that whole line of thought. that’s me though. BUT for anyone who wants to drink their cow, goat, camel, bison, etc milk….then it SHOULD be raw. This argument and bru-ha-ha has come up so many times in natural circles that it caues people who want/need to find dairy and raw dairy, to go underground. In CA in San Diego there was recently a farmer caught selling raw milk, he’s doing time now. This was bout a year or so ago. It’s like who cares and why should the govt care. They can take their stance of we think pasteurized is best. And then let the people choose. Banning it. It’s like banning so many other freedoms. Ok i will stop now 🙂

Thx for bringing this up!!

lol I can never choose between anything either and usually go with the ‘take them both” or “mix them” method 🙂

Your white chocolate strawberry almond butter looks so good! Genius flavor!

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