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Can you possibly look at that and not think “healthy”? I just love opening up an avocado and seeing all that green–makes me very happy 🙂 Yesterday, I think I set a record; I had my 2nd chocolate avocado pudding of the day(first one at breakfast). I know–I should just cave and buy a whole tree, right?

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Dark Chocolate Raspberry Jam

What could possibly make a dark chocolate pudding better? Maybe this dark chocolate fruity jam. Sooo in heaven. I could eat this everyday. Oh, wait! I do! Haha. I ate this while watching The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Salt. Hello! Could there be a more perfect program for me? Oh, how I love my sodium. I took notes on EVERYTHING they said. Now I have the name of a brownie with caramel and sea salt I need to hunt down in Brooklyn, not like I’m ever there. It might or might not have inspired me to eat the best thing I ever ate with salt.

Trader Joe's Toasted Oat Bran

I got to open a new bag of oat bran(try not to get too excited)! I get the Trader Joe’s brand which is less than $3 for 2 pound. That’ll spread over 60 bowls for me! That’s a huge bargain. And they’re certified as gluten-free, if anyone needs that as well.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With SB PB And Nutritional Yeast

I might have been so excited I just had to take a picture while it was still in the microwave. I am just loooving the nutritional yeast/sea salt/peanut butter with agave combination; it tastes like a Lance cheddar cheese and peanut butter cracker 🙂 So salty and good right before bed time.

This morning I woke up right with my alarm(how often does that happen?) and thought about just doing cardio on the stairs. A little bribing and I decided to do full core as well…

Raw Vegan Raspberry Brownie

Not going to lie–I’m 100% bribable with baked goods 🙂 These set a little better overnight, and were still as rockin’-raspberry as ever. I updated my review of The Raw Bakery’s raw cacao brownie, however, because making these gave me a better appreciation for what they made. For breakfast, I was thinking about how the last thing I ate that wasn’t vegan was the goat milk yesterday afternoon. Oh what a departure from that!

2% Greek Yogurt

Oats With 2 Eggs

And a delicious one at that. I don’t really know the percent of the yogurt; I just take 4 parts plain 0% and mix it with 1 part full-fat, which gives it the perfect creaminess for flavor. For the eggs, I seperated the yolks and whites and cooked the whites 1 minute and added the yolks for 30 seconds; they ended up coming out a tad more done than I’d like for yolks because both were broken by the time I added them 😦 I think for them to be undercooked for me, they’d have to be still in the chicken.

Tip Of The Day: Lutein! What is it? It’s a carotenoid that’s beneficial for us, and in particular our eyes. It can be found in green goodies, most notably spinach and kale(so I’m sure no bloggers have problems getting their lutein ;-)). It’s also found in high quantities in avocadoes, like the one pictured in the beginning, and in egg yolks. Farmers actually feed their hens lutein-rich feed in order to make the yolks brighter and more appealing to consumer; the counter-benefit to this is that the yolks are packed with lutein(along with other notable vitamins and minerals). That’s one of many reasons to opt for vegetarian-fed eggs.

Today I have a super exciting(for me, at least) trip into the city planned, which means I’ve got to get ready in 3… 2… 1… now!

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17 Responses to “Get Your Lutein Here”

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yogurt and eggs? now that’s different…of course i think it’s freaky the Japanese put sugar in their eggs…which made me hate eggs for years because i thought all eggs tasted like that. thank goodness i figured out the difference!

Dare I say I inspired the raspberry addition to your pudding? 😛
I must give it a try; chocolate + raspberry is one of the most perfect combinations

Lutein is very good for your ateries and is found in carrots and squash too… YAA. You are def getting your daily need with all those avacados!

have fun in the city! interesting deets about lutein, thanks for sharing. um ya i would kill for an avocado tree, those little suckers can get kinda expensive!

I LOVE avocado and chocolate, so I have to check out your recipe. I wouldn’t have thought of putting the two together – very intriuging!

have fun today in the city! i feel so smart because i already knew that about lutein 🙂

Love the TJ’s oat bran, best deal out there.

Have a fun day out Evan!

I still need to give your chocolate/avocado pudding a try – I’m a little scared though!

enjoy your day in the citaaaay! hit up PB&Co for me 🙂

Haha, I totally wish. But wrong city; I was in beantown 😉

OMG, I want your brownie!!!

And, yes, I do look at the avocado and think healthy. I love fresh fruits and veggies for that exact reason 🙂

I made my husband a chocolate protein smoothie and I added half an avacado (inspired by you!) and he loved it!! He is usually a little skeptical to try, what he calls: “odd combinations” but even he agreed that it was delish!

I’ve been wanting to make that chocolate avocado pudding for a while after seeing it float around the blog world. I really just need to do it – it looks tempting every time I see it!

Your avocado pudding, brownies, and egg yolks all look super tasty. Nom nom nom. I actually hate salt for some reason, and I kind of struggle to get it in my diet since I eat mostly whole foods and never add it to anything. Oh well, I guess I probably have low blood pressure (maybe you should get yours checked?)

Haha, I actually have *very *low blood pressure even though I legitimately get 3-4 times the amount of salt I should. It’s all hereditary, so I kind of throw it to the wind 🙂

Interesting combo of nutritional yeast, agave, and peanut butter. Not sure I’m brave enough to try that one yet. 🙂 I do love nutritional yeast though, so I bet I would like this.

[…] And Evan has had me drooling over his bowls of Chocolate Avocado pudding (similar to the one I make!) – he even added raspberry. I could be in love (with the […]

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