20 Blessings To Count

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1. Running 7 miles this morning might have been incredibly difficult, but I was able to push through. And I have 2 months left to build up those extra 6.1. Consider it done.

2. I won Froze bars on Melissa’s blog–that’s always fun 🙂

3. I got a very important email this morning while blogging. Last semester, I got shut out from registering for a class I wanted to take that would really work well for my schedule. I kept a communication going with the professor, but I still wasn’t in the class. He emailed me this morning saying there were 2 spots that opened up! I was registered in minutes. The thing about this class is it’s a fun topic and I’ll be taking it Pass/Fail, so I will really be able to enjoy it.

4. With my schedule right now, I have a 4 day weekend! I know–I entirely lucked out because I got a lineup of classes that interest me, work for my concentration, and give me a great schedule.

Cooking Lunch

5. I cooked my first meal in the dorm kitchen–nothing exploded and no fire alarms went off! In my pan, I heated up some EVOO. Then I cooked leftover tempeh and tofu until brown, and added the soy sauce to caramelize. To finish it off, I tossed in steamed broccoli to cook down.

Broccoli, Tofu, Tempeh Stir-Fry, Raw Vegan Brownie With Raw Chocolate Frosting

6. It tasted good!!! 😀 No, this tasted great. You could have told me it came from an authentic Chinese restaurant and I would have believed you. It’s also very good to know I can cook successful meals because…

7. I can lower my meal plan! This was of some concern, but as it seems I can lower my meal plan 2 levels without it costing us anything extra. In fact, we’ll get $250 back. While I’ll be losing a lot of meals and flex points, they aren’t anything I’d have used particularly. AND this means I’ll have money so I can buy greek yogurt at the grocery store where it’s $1–not $2.69.

Raw Vegan Brownie With Raw Chocolate Frosting

8. There was dessert with lunch. That’s always a plus.

9. Days was really good today, too. I need to work up the nerve to tweet my admiration to Alison Sweeney my admiration. If she tweeted back–Oh God.

Blue State Coffee

10. I reunited with Blue State Coffee. This stuff is seriously good. Starbucks? Who needs that.

School Books

10. I got all my books! Since I’m 95% set with my class choices, I just decided to buy them. Some of the used ones I picked up, though, are pretty skanky, so I’m going to exchange them for better copies Friday.

11. They only cost $305. Yes. I said “only” there, knowingly. But, while I was complaining about the cost, some good science-majoring friends reminded me that 1 chem or bio book can easily top $200 used. Meanwhile, I’m getting things I could potentially use for 40+ years, like a full Greek lexicon*nerd squeal*. I shut up after that.

12. My first class went great! It was the one I got into just this morning. Someone from my Latin class last semester is also taking it, so I’m glad to know a face. The professor seems nice, the work reasonable, and topic interesting.

13. I’m making raw vegan brownies with raw chocolate frosting for the class in 2 weeks. Don’t ask how this came up 😀

Coconut Oil Peanut Fudge

14. I packed a snack which turned out to be decent–1 tablespoon coconut oil, 1 tablespoon maple syrup, and 2 tablespoons defatter peanut flour.  It just tasted OK, but it would be a lot better if I used a peanut flour with a higher fat percentage. This did a good job of holding me over through my 2 1/2 hour class.

Cafeteria Hummus

15. I now have A LOT of free hummus. I emailed “the right person to ask” about what type of hummus they use on the salad bar. Turns out it’s a homemade hummus. After some further prying, I got the ingredients: Garbanzo beans, garlic, lemon juice, cumin, tahini, salt. Soooo not only is it homemade, but it’s even better than the store brands because it has no canola oil or preservatives? HELLO HUMMUS.

Red Delicious Apple

16. This apple was not mealy at all but rather fresh and crisp, and held me over doing “internet things” until dinner.

17. I won another contest, this time for Oikos.

Vegan Meatloaf And Green Beans With Vegan Cheeze Sauce, Hummus, Ketchup

18. Dinner was easy, cheesy, and oh-so vegan. I heated up some leftover vegan meatloaf, took green beans from the dining hall, and made Meagan’s “cheeze” sauce to go with them; I think that sauce is more proof of nutritional yeasts greatness. On the side, I added a blob of my new hummus, just because I could 🙂

19. Plenty of good behind the scenes stuff got done today, too, that I’m excited for for the blog.

20. Chocolate is on the menu for dessert, because I say so.

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15 Responses to “20 Blessings To Count”

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so glad to hear you use your dorm kitchen – do others do that a lot too??? i remember mine from freshman year – very sad room…. luckily i lived in houses after that.

I always loved when I knew all of my classes right at the beginning of shopping period!

glad the dorm kitchen is working out! looks like you’ll be getting in some great eats this semester at school!

4 day weekend?? SCORE! Thats awesome..

4 day weekend? awesome! and my school puts $75 on our ids for stuff at the cafe, loft etc. and i am always trying to spend it. such a waste of my $75

4 day weekend- WHOOO!! our school makes odowalla jank SO expensive. that hummus- awesome! i loved the dining hall for first smester of my fresh year…then it made me gag after that

great news about your class! awesome that the prof kept you in mind. and so cool about the hummus, i don’t think ANYTHING was homemade in our caf…but now that i’m at berkeley omg the hippies get what they want, there’s vegan food galore! awesome!

Good for you for cooking as much as you do as a college freshmen. BTW I read your blog pretty often and I enjoy it 🙂 Keep up the good work blogging and in school! hehe. I’m a senior and dreading graduation so enjoy it while you can!

“raw vegan brownies with raw chocolate frosting for the class in 2 weeks.”–

Oh good. Can I come? What time and what lecture hall? I’d love to have someone cook me something I love to eat and can actually eat!


I take a little bit of credit for getting you into this hot mess of chocolate cooking for class. And I kinda like it actually. KEEP ME posted on how it goes!

Oh and i should know this but what’s your major?

My major is Classical Greek and Latin, but I’m alos looking to double major in something–maybe history or mathematics.

When I was on a meal plan a couple years ago, I dropped to the lower amount eventually too, after realizing that it was a waste of money to just give my extra dollars to guy friends who managed to run out before the year was up…haha. It was so much nicer being able to use that money for other things!

4 day weekend?? Jealous.

You must have a sweet dorm…you have a kitchen?!?

Yes, it’s for the building and located in the basement. It’s not actually in my room-room if that’s what you were thinking

nice. 3 semesters in the dorms, and I’ve never stepped foot in the kitchen. It’s probably because the minimum meal plan was way more than I needed, so I had to make use of it or lose out.

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