My 25 Hour Week

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It feels a little surreal, but 25 hours after my first school week of the semester began, it ended. It hasn’t even hit me really that today is my “Friday” and tomorrow’s the weekend. I could get use to this.

Because I had a little extra time before my 2nd class of the day, I decided to make lunch in the kitchen again! This time, I cooked a “burger”.

Lightlife Gimme Lean Beef Soy Meat Burger

Yeah, I wish 😛 What this actually was was 4oz Lightlife‘s  Gimme Lean Beef shaped into a patty with some black pepper and cooked in a pan with EVOO.

Lightlife Burger With Ketchup, Green Beans, Smashed Banumpkin With Cinnamon And Sea Salt

But holy yum was that a good burger! I’ve had this beef before heated up in the microwave and it didn’t do it for me, so I wasn’t looking forward to this in all honesty. But yum! Cooked in a pan with fat it tasted like a real burger(albeit an overcooked burger since I like my meat practically mooing). I think I made up a side at this meal; I had an intense banana craving and wanted to get a little funky, so I mashed 1/4 cup pumpkin with 1 small-medium banana and seasoned with sea salt and cinnamon. This was sooooo good–try it! It’s similar to a sweet potato, but the sugars in the banana make the cinnamon POP!

I loooved my next two classes. The first had a hilarious professor who’s very much in the old style of teaching. My only problem with it was the class was PACKED. I have a feeling it’s a class a lot of kids are taking for fun or to slack off in, but I need it for a Classics concentration so I ain’t going anywhere. My next class was OK, but a little duller in comparison and a lot smaller. At least I know 2 of them from last semesters’ classes. Midway through, I could feel hanger coming on.

Organic Raw Vegan Chocolate

I broke this out midway through. I’m becoming so obsessed! Now, instead of making one when I feel like it, I always have one made already for me chilling in the fridge. When class got over, one of the people I knew asked me where I got this and said it smelled excellent; when I told her I made it, she called that “brilliant”, haha. No arguments there!

I walked ran to my dorm to watch Oprah’s interview with Jay Leno. I have to say–I’m liking him less and less through this whole process. I know it’s not his fault so much as NBC but… And I think Oprah was a lot easier on him than she could have been; where were the hard hitting questions, Oprah? While I was watching this I did two things: I made another organic raw vegan chocolate bar for my next craving and made a snack for then.

Creamy Greek Yogurt With Raspberry Jam

Greek yogurt is the perfect snack; it’s a complete protein so you really feel like you’re getting something out of it, too. For my taste and my wallet, lately I’ve been mixing 3 parts Trader Joe’s 0% with 1 part Trader Joe’s full fat, and sweetening with vanilla NuNaturals stevia. I’m running out of that last ingredient and can’t help but question to stick with it or try Sweetleaf or Whole Foods brand. Any recommendation? Dinner tonight hit just about every spot:

Chickpeas With Pasture Butter And Sea Salt

Broccoli With Pizza Cheeze Sauce

I’ve had MAJOR chickpea cravings all week, but didn’t want to open up a can with so much other food to eat. Tonight was the night, and with pasture butter it tasted very much like soft popcorn–yum! For my broccoli, I made Meagan’s cheeze sauce, but added ketchup to it–another winner. The only slightly disgusting thing was thinking at the end that sliding the pool of melted butter/leftover sauce/sea salt into my mouth would be a good call; that was a bit too much sodium, even for me. Coffee will dilute that, right? I think so.

Here’s another contest to win coconut oil of your very own.

And here’s an absolutely awesome article on nut butters with all my favorite brands interviewed–you must read this!

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18 Responses to “My 25 Hour Week”

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m’mmm I pop chickpeas like they’re candy. So tasty!

haha i love that you watch oprah. and that creamy yogurt looks sooooo good

I still haven’t tried coconut oil….I really have to get on that!

I agree with you on the Jay Leno thing. I think he could have really helped Conan out, but instead was just looking out for “number 1.”

Ok I think Nu Naturals is the best. I think Sweetleaf is not really that good. It’s fine, but for the price, either step up and get the Nu Nat, or just downgrade and get TJs or WF’s house brands. I think that the TJ’s house brand is just as good as any. I have also tried the WF house brand and it’s good. Again, after driving a mercedes (NuNat) everything else will drive like an old honda. It’ll get ya there, but not as nicely 🙂

re: your last post: i never ever would have thought to mix pumpkin and nooch! great idea. cheddar-y things are the best. this is my friday too, woot woot!

What a great article…I love me some nut butters 🙂


Yep, Thursday as Friday is pretty sweet! Welcome to the good life, my friend 🙂

Nice class schedule! I actually my latest class on Friday and it doesn’t get over until 12:40. I guess that’s not too bad…

Your pmpkin smash creation is super original. and I love hilarious profs too. It’s the best when they’re super old!

yay for the compliment on the bar!

and great new word: banumpkin?! i died giggling right then.

Hey! I am just a random reader, I really enjoy your blog, wanted to say that NuNaturals is THE BEST stevia (I’ve tried them all) it’s worth the extra money!!

I always end up with Fridays off from classes, but this semester I have a work study shift from 11-430. Can’t complain about money, but I can’t help but mourn the loss of my free Friday! 🙂 Enjoy them, they’re excellent!

Another blog boy! I swear I didnt think we existed. Love it!

those chocolate bars look so good!

I wish I had 25 hour weeks 🙂 Hope it’s a good Friday!

Oh that chocolate looks great!

The burger sounds tasty. Glad you had success with it.
And as always…TEAM CONAN!

I love those burgers…so good!! I also totally agree with you about Jay Leno…I am SO over him! haha! Also…I have a give-a-way on my blog that is right up your alley!

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