Get Those Oats On A Scale!

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Morning! I feel like everybody was working for the weekend this week, so if you were, it’s finally here! I hope you kicked it off well. The start to mine was a little bland admittedly; I read this book for my object history course: Stuff. It’s all about the big efforts that go in to making something as simple as a french fry or soda can. I try to live as green as possible and it had me feeling like a total tax on the environment. Yikes! At least the closing thoughts were “Focus on what you can and do do and not on the things that are so much bigger than you”. That, I can do. Meanwhile, I tried to make a greenish snack.

Dried Raspberries, Raw Vegan Brownie

This was a fun snack, especially since I’ve started thinking of these dried raspberries as “nature’s Swedish fish”. And some of the brownie was organic, so I wasn’t killing too much earth. But it wasn’t doing it for me, so I got a little creative.

Rolling Up Dried Raspberries

Raw Chocolate Covered Dried Raspberries

These were 10 times more creative and tastier. You could probably make the brownies by substituting other dried fruits for half of the dates. Some Latin homework also got done(much lighter than Stuff surprisingly) as I realized Friday night television has gone to hell; didn’t there used to be great shows on then like 1 vs. 100? What happened to those? Later on, I got hungry, which leads to a confession…

Rapunzel's Organic Hazelnut Butter

I’ve made my opinion on Nutella very clear. And Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter is an excellent hazelnut butter. But–let’s face it–when you’re craving Nutella you actually want milk chocolate and not hazelnut. So I do have a milk chocolate spread on hand, which looks about as bad as Nutella.

Rapunzel's Organic Hazelnut Butter

It still is more of a “Palm Oil Butter” than a “hazelnut Butter”–don’t know how I feel about that. But, on the bright side, it has 1/2 the sugar of Nutella so I can eat twice as much and is organic.

Oatmeal With Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

Oh. And did I mention it’s downright delicious? That, too. Right after having my dose of palm oil from the butter, I got a nasty craving for some coconut oil(very different, the two). Thankfully, I now keep a bar of coconut oil chocolate already made waiting in the fridge for just an occasion.

1/2 Raw Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Bar

Since it was right before bed I kept it to half. This one I made with raspberry flavored agave syrup, but to be honest the flavor wasn’t that much different, which was a little surprising. Raspberries and chocolate go so well together; I don’t understand how chocolate covered strawberries are the more popular dessert. Maybe it’s because they’re larger and you get more chocolate?

Pondering that thought, I slept 9 1/2 hours and oh boy do I feel rested. I actually woke up at 6:45 naturally but the gym doesn’t even open until 9 so I forced myself back to sleep for a few hours. I wanted to get to the gym when it opened, but after waking up it made more sense to eat breakfast, workout, then have lunch rather than have breakfast at some ungodly time(and I just can’t skip breakfast. It’s my favorite meal of the day).

Oatmeal With Chocolate Peanut Butter

So Delicious Soy Yogurt Plain With Milk Chocolate Peanut Sunspire Drops

This was all pretty much dessert for breakfast–it tasted that good. But I’m hoping the simple sugars will be better pre-workout than anything else. And it was all organic! Except for the oatbran in my oatmeal, but it’s all about focusing on what you do do.

In making this, my kitchen scale’s batteries started to die. It wouldn’t even turn on for a while! I would be so lost without this thing; I don’t even own measuring cups for my oats or water because I have the scale to be more perfect. When I got it working again, I just threw them on as fast as I could! Everything worked out, but I definitely need to buy more batteries at CVS. And, to top it all off, those oats I was throwing on I’m running out of. And yet, walking 1+ mile to Whole Foods in sub-freezing temperatures does not sound fun. Screw saving the environment–I need a ride!

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15 Responses to “Get Those Oats On A Scale!”

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“Nature’s Swedish Fish”- oh so true! Of course, if nature could figure out how to make them in adorable animal shapes, that would be even better. Stay warm!

I don’t think anyone will fault you for not walking to Whole Foods…haha!!!

ahhah if its cold I dont walk. I hate the cold. Oh gosh. When its warm I walk miles. Love it. But there is something about cold weather I cant stand. yick! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day too. If I could I would just eat huge bowls of oatmeal and AB all day long. haha. Oh well. Glad you got alot of sleep! That is super important. I just totally crashed out last night too. Got home from work at like 8:30 ate some squash and fell asleeo during a movie. hahaha. Oh crazy friday night here! And Im rambling. sorry! I will say though I love the idea of the chocolate covered raspberries. So yum! I love Sunspire Drops too but I cant keep them in the house because when I do I just destroy the bag. Too good. Have a rockin sat. hon!

oh no, restock on those oats pronto! reading your nutella post the other day made me go digging for my dark chocolate almond spread, and now i’m re-hooked on it

Mmmmm…if loving organic chocolate hazelnut spread is wrong, I don’t wanna be right 🙂

Mmm, that yogurt mess…so unbelievably delicious looking!

i love chocolate covered strawberries better than the raspberries because i’m allergic to the latter. heh. and as to friday night shows: you should get into numb3rs. it’s wicked bamf!

Seriously, this sort of weather is so intimidating to me. I don’t blame you for hitching a ride with some one!

That raspberry/brownie combo looks absolutely divine. Thank you for sharing, now I know what dried fruit/”Nature’s Swedish fish” to keep my eyes peeled for.

χαιρει Evan,
I think they use chocolate covered strawberries b/c raspberries are SOOO expensive (and not as easy to pick up). It makes me sad because I agree that raspberry and chocolate is a HEAVENLY pairing.
(How do I say bye in Attic??) -Caroline B.

That chocolate raspberry bar looks awesome!

I just came across your blog and I love reading!
I would love it if you could check out my blog and follow as well 🙂

We trekked down to the store today too.. talk about a workout!!

Im liking that raspberry/brownie concoction..YUM.

“dried raspberries as “nature’s Swedish fish”. “–LOL. GOOD ONE and the creation you made looks delish!

Are those dried razzies from Oh Nuts! ?
I got some as swag once and they were seriously the best dried razz’es ever. Not that I have a huge basis for comparison with that partic dried fruit. But, Oh Nut’s dried fruit is really good! However, for medjools, I have found good old TJs to be the best in terms of price/quality. I mean clearly I wont be spending 10 bucks for 4 dates kind of thing. With TJs, you get maybe like a 2 pint box for about 4 bucks, give or take.

Whats your source now that you are a raw choc bar making maniac?!!

They’re actually some random brand I found in a 75% off bin. I could 6oz for $2! I should have got sooooo much more

Have you ever tried freeze dried fruit (raspberries, strawberries, etc?) I don’t like my berries dry, but you’re kind’ve making me want to give them annother shot!

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