I’ve Never Been So Excited About Meals

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OK. That’s a TOTAL lie. I mean, look at what I was eating last Saturday. BUT I was very excited for everything I ate today. And it didn’t cost nearly as much as–not even going there 😉 But first, I took a trip to the gym for an a.m. workout. I was worried the place would be PACKED; it was busy, but I was able to grab machines. First, I ran 2 miles in 18:03. Then I did some weird peddling machine where you sit down and hold bars to your side for 30 minutes; this wasn’t really ideal and I couldn’t get my heart rate even over 105 for much but I wanted to break up the running. Then I went back for another 3 miles in 27:43. The speed is so not where I want it to be, but I need to focus on getting endurance back up after my break first; I’m not running my half to win it, just to cross the line.

Lemon Bot Beverage

When I got back to my room, I wanted to get on the refueling pronto. I grabbed this Lemon Bot Beverage I was sent to review. I’m not at all one for sugary recovery drinks but that’s what’s great about Bot: They’re pretty low sugar but still good on the electrolytes. And this flavor was yummy! It wasn’t sour like a lemon straight-up but not like sweetened southern lemonade, either. It was just the right sweet and tartness. I sipped on this while I was down in the kitchen cooking something wonderful up.

Veggie Burger Caveman Style, Sugar Snap Peas

Lightlife Gimme Lean Soy Meat Burger Caveman Style

I wish I could take some credit for the peas, which were delicious, but I can’t; they were totally taken from the dining hall last night and reheated. But I forgot how fun they were to pop into! The burger I can take credit for. I took 4oz of the Lightlife gimme lean meat, formed it into a patty, and cooked it in a pan in EVOO; I like to think this is a step above getting premade veggie burgers but that’s probably not the case. Equally, I’d like to say that I ate this caveman style because it’s a smart way to avoid over-processed carbs, but really I just don’t have any bread/suspect I have a slight gluten intolerance and caveman made sense. Did I mention this burger had a secret?

Inside Out Veggie Cheeseburger

That’s really why I was excited to eat this! I actually formed 2 2oz patties, tore up a square of American cheddar cheese, stuffed it in the middle and enclosed the sides together. The cheese was so perfectly melted when I bit in–yum! That definitely made this better than regular veggieburgers.

Thayer Street

After lunch, I decided to brave the cold. At below freezing with wind, I wasn’t up to walking to Whole Foods. But CVS up the street I could do for the battery I needed. The only problem was CVS didn’t have the battery I needed >:-(. Sure, a CR2032 isn’t super common like a AA, but they should have kept more in stock. The closest store that would sell that would have been a mile away, so I gave up and headed back to my room.

Assembly Station

If you don’t already think I’m nuts(which you should, because I sure as hell do), then maybe now I can convince you. I got my scale working temporarily on a low battery, so I started making a little bit of whatever I might want until I get a new battery: oatmeal, raw vegan chocolate, chocolate avocado pudding, 2% yogurt. As I’ve mentioned, I’m much more a baker than a cook. A cook approximates and does things to taste where a baker is precise and measuring. That’d be great if I kept measuring cups and tablespooons around, but I’m so cocky with my scale I completely forgot that stuff at home. Now can I be crazy? K, thanks.

Probiotic Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Raw Chocolate

After everything was put away, I broke in to some of what I made. I made a bowl of chocolate avocado pudding and then did the recipe for 1/2 a raw, vegan coconut oil chocolate bar and just plopped it on top. I thought my lunch was a little light on fats; I guess this made up for it! This was soooo good. Chocolate and coconut together are becoming my new obsession. I couldn’t help but be excited about this combination! I think Grezzo really needs to add this to their menu.

Sweet Potato Fries

I don’t think anything is more exciting than roasting veggies; it’s even converting veggie haters. I was so excited for this, not just for the outcome but because it was the first time using our dorm oven. I was a little nervous: Would it work? Would it explode? I just tossed the fries from 1 potato in some EVOO, seasoned with salt, and let them do their thing for 50 minutes.

Vegan Meatloaf With Sea Salt And Cayenne Parma, Sweet Potato Fries

Once again–Very excited! Not so much for the meatloaf; after 8 days, that just needed to be eaten. But the sweet potato fries were everything and more. I think they needed another 10 minutes to crisp up, but I couldn’t wait. I can never wait long enough for roasted vegetables. The Cayenne flavored Parma added a really great kick to everything. Surprisingly, this didn’t fill me up as much as I was expecting. Maybe it needed a big dose of green veggies? Oh well, that just leaves more space for dessert 😀

Race Update

So, I really don’t have a training plan, nor do I plan to get one(hehe). The run is 8 weeks from tomorrow, and I think if I get into my good groove I’ll be able to build back up in no time. While I don’t have anything laid out, I do keep an idea of what I want to do in my head. Tomorrow, I’m aiming for 5 consecutive miles, and a 2 mile walk(either to Whole Foods and back or on the treadmill). Monday will be my first “long run” of 8 miles! I think/hope I’ll be ready for that one.

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17 Responses to “I’ve Never Been So Excited About Meals”

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I was surprised to see the veggie burger filled with cheese. Great idea! You’ll be more than ready for the race! Don’t worry about it. You’re also making great use out of that communal kitchen! Does anyone else use it there? We don’t have one in my dorming hall.

You can definitely rock that half without a plan! The only reason I really use one is because I couldn’t tell you what mileage I did this morning without having it written down! I hope it gets warm enough out there for you to take advantage of the beautiful running Provi has to offer!

I know! I miss running the trail. And it would be the perfect distance for me to use at this time, too

nice assembly line on the table there! funny how we get so dependent on technology, i can’t function without certain gadgets either! but at least you’re stil getting yummy food even though the scale is on its last legs. 8 weeks is plenty of time to train for a race, formal training sched or not!

bummer about the batteries! and i know it’s frustrating to not be at the speed you want but you have *plenty* of time to get back there and you will!

re: your comment: it wasn’t really all that bad running outside today. i just had to be all bundled up. i think my mind makes it out to be colder than it is and i psych myself out sometimes. i definitely would not have walked to cvs though. my blood did need to be moving fast to stay warm haha

what race are you running? .. I am training for the half marathon in providence May 2nd! is that the one you are running too? .. I havent officially signed up yet .. but I hope to get comfortable building up mileage. I’m only up to 4 miles so far!

Actually it’s this race http://www.easternstates20mile.com/info.shtml but now that i know there’s a half in Providence I’m going to check that out, too!

wow LOVE what you did w. the burger! i gota find those! better than the wings?

Props to your iron stomach, i have only read a couple of your posts so far, but you seem to be able to eat whatever you want minus the gluten i guess! Nice to see a fellow runner with an appetite that is almost as killer as mine 😉 I find if you want to increase speed without following a specific training plan, fitting interval workouts into your routine will definitely help. I usually go 40 minutes at a half marathon pace, 45 minutes at a 5k pace and i find you can build from there depending on what you are training for. This is more of a marathon training run but for a half your 8 mile runs every week would be a great way to build up stamina, endurance, and confidence!

Normally I dont like, actually avoid things like this: Inside Out Veggie Cheeseburger.

But now I actually want to try it!

Your battery. SO sorry bout that!
And the race. Youll rock it out in superstar fashion, with or without a training program 🙂

wow that burger looks amazing!
great luck with your “plan” haha – you’ve got lots of time and it’s nice to see you set an intention just to “go with it”. you’ll do fine I’m sure.

you seem to eat alot of soy-based stuff – which I love too !! :)…- what do you think of the “controversy” re: men eating it due to its phytoestrogens??

I’ve read a lot on the soy and after everything I decided I didn’t really buy the theory and continue to eat it freely.

I do that with all my burgers because I don’t like cheese on the bun part.
Good luck with your training!

“Inside out veggie cheeseburger” ?!? What a great surprise! 🙂 Looks delish!

I kinda want that inside out veggie cheeseburger

I love your food enthusiasm! Your blog never ceases to please 🙂 I always look forward to your posts every day.

Have a great day!

Chocolate and coconut just might be the new chocolate and peanut butter! Haha, maybe not, but they are pretty good together.
I have the same problem with roasted veggies! I’m super impatient!

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