Excuse Me, Your Head Is Blocking The Fridge

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7:53: Get into some comfy pajamas. It’s going to be a good night

8:23: Find Disturbia on TV; decide to watch even though I’m a scaredy cat for movies like this.

Burnt Sugar Crumbly Chocolate Fudge

8:30: Think fudge would be a good thing for dessert, even though I can’t remember the last time fudge did anything for anyone’s hunger

8:40: This fudge is really weird and hard–not really like church fair fudge but it’s sweet and that’s nice

9:12: Realize while doing Greek homework that Plato was soooo much dirtier than people give him credit for. Why don’t I remember things like this from 9th grade?

9:23: Why am I watching Disturbia?!?!

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Coconut Butter

9:30: Start the process of making chocolate avocado pudding, mashing avocado, cocoa powder, and coconut milk kefir in a bowl

9:40: Start cleaning the mess I’m making, throwing out bits of avocado, and cleaning the bowl.

9:43: Coconut oil? Coconut Butter? Cacao Bliss? Why can’t I decide?

Artisana Coconut Butter

9:47: Coconut Butter

9:52: Still cleaning; still hungry

9:53-9:57: Photographing the chocolate pudding

9:58: Screw it–I’m hungry and need to eat something now and no longer even want this damn pudding.

Cheesy Pumpkin Oats With Banana Peanut Butter

10:02: Shove the pudding in the fridge and make oats with pumpkin and nutritional yeast, topped with banana peanut butter.

10:12-10:23: Simultaneously admire and devour the oatmeal while burning my tongue because it’s so hot.

10:25: Need something sweet; feeling self-destructive.

Ginger Ale Zevia

10:32: There are worse ales I could have reached for.

10:52: Learn through Mythbusters that if I hold a gun the wrong way, my thumb will be cut off. Great.

11:02: Sleep. Glorious sleep.

3:17: Wake up, and now having trouble falling back asleep.

3:25: Roommate and 2 people I don’t know(maybe?) come in a little giddy. They whisper a lot and fall asleep on the floor.

3:27: Amazed at how the drunk people can fall asleep faster than I can and WOW DOES ONE OF THEM SNORE LOUD.

3:34: Ok, I’m hungry and not sleeping. What do I want?

3:35: I want that damn pudding but one of their heads is blocking the fridge. Would it be rude to wake whoever that is up?

3:37: Pry the door open, grab the pudding, head downstairs to the dorm kitchen.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Coconut Butter

3:40: Heat it up and start digging in. As I walk back to my bed to finish it

3:45: All gone. I like fat. I really like fat. Why do I eat protein and carbs?

4:02: Finally back to some shut-eye

7:07: Wake up and th 2 people on the floor are gone. Ugh, why is the gym not open until 9 on the weekend?! Would it be bad to watch Cartoon Network until then? I’ll just go back to sleep.

8:41: Wake up after a dream nightmare about never being able to find sour cream & onion popchips. If that’s the world I have to live in, I don’t want to live. On the bright side, I can get ready to go to the gym.

8:58: Chugging some decaf hazelnut coffee and out the door.

Running Stats

9:03: Starting my 5-miler after stretching the left calve which was acting up

9:08: Getting way too in to “Single Ladies”; resisting the urge to put my hands up and regretting that I didn’t put a ring on it

9:22: I’ve got Cartoon Network on TV, my iPod blasting, I can do this!

9:49: That felt great. Maybe could have done more? Tomorrow’s my long run so I wasn’t going to push it.

Walking Stats

9:50-10:25: Cool down with a two mile walk followed by stretching.

10:12: What time am I going to finish? When will I get back? Will it be breakfast or lunch?

10:33: Back in the dorm, roommate’s still sleeping, should I be shocked by this? Not at all.

10:46: Hop out of the shower and run back to the room.

1047-10:48: Have a fight with the scale to get it to turn on and stay on. It does, which is a sign that I should eat a “breakfast”.

10:55: Oops, people are starting to get up. Perhaps I should put on pants?

Banana Cinnamon Oatmeal With Walnut Butter, Goat Milk Yogurt With Raspberry Jam

11:02-12:02: Oats come out of the microwave and I start eating. Write a “cutesy” blog post, Twitter a bit, talk to a friend on the phone, e-mail my dad, and finish breakfast saving a huge bite of walnut butter for the last bite.

12:04: Publish.

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20 Responses to “Excuse Me, Your Head Is Blocking The Fridge”

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If reaching for a Zevia in college is the most destructive thing you do.. I think you will be okay. lol

Happy Sunday!

I always mouth along to the songs on my iPod while I’m running, much to th enjoyment of everyone else that uses my apartment gym

lol…nice “a night in the life of” post 🙂

I just bought cononut butter this weekend, and can’t wait to try it!! Wait…sugar…doh!!!

I’m pretty sure it’s sugar free, at least artisana is. From my understanding, it’s the meat dehydrated and ground

Oh Evan, this is one of the bests post everrrrrr! 😀
Love it! What’s your twitter? Add me, please?


Your oatmeal and yogurt look so good! I don’t know if I’ve ever had goat’s milk yogurt – is that similar to Greek yogurt?

I find it more like a soft goat cheese than anything else. it’s not quite sour like I think greek yogurt can be but it has that nice goat milk tang to it. And it’s a little creamy because they probably use 2% goat milk in making it. I get mine from Trader Joe’s

I’m a little “sheepish” (pun intended 🙂 ) about trying goat’s milk yogurt as a substitute for greek yogurt. But I may give it a try!

love the itinerary. and i can’t listen to music at the gym. i have to tune out the radio that’s playing because i’ll get wayyyyyy to into the songs as well haha

i love that you snapped a pic while you were running, skills! you are brave to watch disturbia, i don’t do scary movies.

dreaming about pop chips?! wow you really ARE a food blogger.

My grandpa used to make the BEST fudge I have ever tasted – and it was crumbly and a lot harder than most fudge is that I’ve had since then. I think I would like this stuff!

I love the “cutesy” post, hilarious.

Haha, I love this! Living in a college dorm is just lovely, isn’t it? I’ve seen you commenting on others’ blogs for awhile and I’m so glad I checked yours out! Can’t wait to read more!

haha…love how you wrote this post. i htink you were up when i was sunday morning for the 1/2 Marathon! except i was also up from 1.30-3 bc i couldn’t sleep either. racing nerves.

Ahaha, you had me laughing with the “single ladies” remark…I always get a little too into that song, and I’m not a single lady.

I love how much delicious food and chocolate consume your day. Can we switch lives?!

best post ever

Oh my gosh! I just stumbled on ur blog after reading HEAB and this is the first post i read- sooo funny! i’m a freshman in university too ahaha ur night resembles mine last night!! 😀 will return to read ur blog for sure!

Never even heard of this one: Burnt Sugar Crumbly Chocolate Fudge
Thx for the review.

I am going to be making vegan fudge this week..with a coconut milk base. Should be quite delish. Will keep you posted and will be bloggin bout it later in the week if all goes well 🙂

Your comment re where did this weekeend go? OMG I totally agree…FLEW BY!

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