I Know What It Feels Like…

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Coconut Oil Chocolate Bar

… to be a little obsessed with a food. Did anybody doubt that’s the road I’m going down with this coconut oil chocolate? I think it’s pretty much out there.

Chocolate Making Station

… to be a chocolate maker. I might as well be; last night I increased production by 250%! By which I mean, instead of making 1 bar, I made 2 bars and 1 “plop” to go on oatmeal or yogurt later. Besides, “plops” are just fun.

… to think someone deserves a Grammy for their performance on The Grammy’s. At Beyonce, I believe I let out a “Dayamn”.

Banana Oatmeal With Justin's Chocolate Peanut Butter

… to regreat an online peanut butter purchase. I don’t regret buying this chocolate peanut butter from Justin’s; I regret only buying 1 jar of it. I reaaaallly hope they come to the East coast, and fast.

… to end a night peacefully and perfectly with a good dramedy. Brothers & Sisters, don’t ever go anywhere.

… to sleep past your alarm. Yikes! Maybe I got into my sleep too much, because I slept 25 minutes in. In my rush, I managed to get ready and out in 15 minutes, so I was only 10 minutes behind schedule.

… to be a gazelle glared down by a lioness in the African bush. A fellow gym goer got a little close and a little intense staring down my machine waiting for me to finish. She ended up grabbing another person’s, and I don’t even think she ran 1 mile. Part of me felt like saying “Listen, hun, I’ve got business going on here.” but didn’t.

… to go 8 miles again. Woot! It felt great, to be honest. I could see this being a daily distance again soon enough.

… to want to collapse after a run, again(in a good way, of course).

Comfy Clothes

… to throw on the comfiest clothes imaginable after a quick shower: “I’m-not-leaving-the-house” sweats + Zevia 100% cotton t-shirt = heaven.

Navitas Naturals' Sweet Cacao Nibs

… to eat a Mayan superfood. Navitas Naturals sent me some products to review, which my dad brought down on his visit yesterday. These sweet cacao nibs were just screaming to be used at breakfast for some recovery; did you know when you run you sweat out 90% of your chocolate reserves? True fact.

Oatmeal With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter And Sweet Cacao Nibs

Peanut Greek Yogurt With Organic Strawberry Conserve

… to want to eat a meal again after you eat it the first time. Holy yum! This breakfast was delicious. The salty yogurt went so well with sweet strawberry conserve. And I loooved the contrast of butter toffee peanut butter with sweet cacao nibs. Don’t let these fool you; they were not sweet. They actually reminded me a bit of black olives, but chocolatey. They were delicious anyhow!

… to be 100% justified in how I live my life by science. Look at what it said in a recent Dole newsletter: “A very recent study by the Swiss (who else?) found that highly anxious individuals given 40 grams of dark chocolate (about the amount in a quarter cup of chocolate chips) every day for two weeks experienced a dramatic drop in their blood stress markers — bringing them into the range of those who reported little to no stress.”

… to read Regis And Kelly instead of listen to. Why? Because my roommate apparently doesn’t need to wake up before 11 on Mondays. This is going to be a looong semester…

Pressing Tofu

… to use my Greek grammar book. Have I opened it for a grammar related issue yet? No. But it makes a great tofu press.

Clean Laundry

… to roll around in clean laundry. Have I mentioned I find folding and putting away clean laundry relaxing? That is not then an invitation for you to give me your laundry to fold if you hate it, sorry 🙂

Orange Steaz

… to need a mid-morning pick-me up. Was this needed? Absolutely. I live on the 3rd floor. the kitchen and laundry room is in the basement. Plenty of flights of stairs today!

Baked Tofu

… to make regular use of the dorm kitchen. I’m soooo happy I made this resolution! I’ll admit: It scared me at first. But it hasn’t even been a full week and I know I’m going to be eating so much better in 2010!

… to be technologically hooked up. Does anybody else have one of these? They’re amazing. My friend, Alex(the same one I stayed with in Georgia over the Summer and met in NYC over Christmas), suggested I get one and he was so right; you can charge your ipod without plugging it in to your computer! How brilliant is that?!

Benito's Original Naranja Hot Sauce

… to eat green, right down to my condiments. Benito’s Hot Sauce sent me there original naranja flavor to sample and review. It’s made with organic ingredients from local farms just a stone’s throw away in Vermont.

Vegetable Medley With Trader Joe's Salsa, Baked Tofu With Hot Sauce, Buffalo Bleu Potato Chips

… to need a side of fire extinguisher with your meal. I like things hot, and this was hot! But oh so good. The sauce obviously packed a lot of flavor from habaneros and really gave the tofu a punch. The chips, too, had a nice kick. Surprisingly, my new Trader Joe’s salsa seemed a bit tame? Maybe it was just in comparison that it lacked.

… to watch a show (off and on) for 7 years now. How old am I? Days of Our Lives, don’t ever leave me.

Family Size Buffalo Bleu Krinkle Cut Kettle Chips

… to buy bulk-sized items for one person. If you’ve Buffalo Bleu Kettle Chips before, you’d know why family size was 110% necessary.

… to start doing homework and think “I really should have started this last Friday”.

Unripe Avocadoes

… to be all out of ripe avocadoes. These are all so green! But not in the good way…

… to smuggle out two large containers of food and a banana from the dining hall. OK, technically this is allowed so I wasn’t really “smuggling”. Then again, I don’t think they expect you to be taking all vegetables, and enough to last for the next 2-3 days.

Probiotic Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Coconut Oil Chocolate Chips

… to get into a dish a little too much, much like the raw chocolate bar. At least it’s healthy for me?

… to eat more cocoa powder than is in the Hershey’s factory. Did you know that Hershey’s is actually made with 60% vegetable oil? Vegetable oil. At what point at all should that fit in with cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and sugar? Never, really, but for some reason they make it.

Sweet Potato Snack

… to crave sweet potatoes as a snack, like this veggie-loving blogger(and I’m sure more).

Next Generation Raw & Probiotic Colby Cheese

… to hold in my hands perhaps the most foodie-rific cheese ever. Raw and probiotically enriched? That is some serious enzymes. I have to give a big thanks to Next Generation Dairy for sending me their cheese and cheese strings to review. Not only do they benefit from being made with unpasteurized milk, but they’re fortified with good bacteria, as well.

… to hear a cat being strangled. That’s not fair; there was someone practicing their tuba in the kitchen while I was making dinner, and he was probably a lot better than that and just warming up. Still–if he plays like that in concert, God’s speed.

Stewed Artichokes, Green Beans, 2 Eggs With Colby Cheese And More Colby Cheese

… to be a cheese nibbler. I’ve never quite understood why people always go straight for the cheese at parties or sometimes big chunks will “mysteriously disappear” from the fridge? I think I’m starting to get it. This colby was pretty fantastic. And it was good for me? Don’t tell me that. The 8oz block won’t last the week.

… to be one of those “poor starving college students living off eggs for cheap protein”. Except soooo not. I don’t think those college students use cage-free Eggland’s Best eggs. Or cook them quite as good as me 😉

… to want to win some Vitalicious products from either this giveaway or this giveaway.

… to want to win Chobani from this giveaway

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25 Responses to “I Know What It Feels Like…”

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Haha this was another great post format, you’re so darn creative!


Random…do you have the same roommate from last semester?

Auggghhhh…if only you were older and didn’t live in a different country…;) – I love your writing and eats. Thanks for the heads-up on the contest!! I am so entering!
Question – do you ever go by your stomach…I know your still so young – 19 or something right? so your metaoblism is off the wall – you also exercise like crazy – and I don’t..but I find I am soo full after meals or whatever but still just keep eating and eating and eating – even if it is healthy for the most part – I’ll still have carrot cake even before dinner begins and then chocolate, pb bread etc after a full meal…i just keep going….

Go by my stomach? I think I always go by my stomach for the most part. I * try* planning meals and then I end up getting another craving and switching things around(was going to have baked tofu for dinner but then decided I wanted it for lunch). I think there are times I’m neither hungry nor full and could just eat and eat and eat, but if that’s the case I try to step back, wait to get legitimately hungry for something, and make a meal out of it.

um so i have a huge obsession with all things coconut oil lately (i have even been using it as a facial cleanser – amazing!) and the thought of it mixed with chocolate is seriously sounding incredible – holy yum!!!

Yum, everything looks good, especially that hot sauce!

I HATE folding laundry. I have been known to let clean laundry sit for days. Not good. I hate those girls at the gym that just glare at you until you get off the machine they want when all they really want to do is bounce around on the elliptical for a couple of minutes.

oh that so totally reminded me of how much laundry I have to do! So loving these chocolate posts. It looks so good! Those Buffalo chips are so good. I like to eat a few as a treat. They are my hubs favorite though! Loving all the fabulous foods. Have an awesome night!

Holy moly you must be trying to compete with me in terms of post length LOL. I love content, keep it up!

to throw on the comfiest clothes imaginable after a quick shower: “I’m-not-leaving-the-house” sweats + Zevia 100% cotton t-shirt = heaven.

I love that you posted that!!! I see so many chicks in their tight jeans and random outfits, and I dont dress like that at home. Baggy house clothes and COMFORT is my motto. Thank god someone else is into comfort too!

The choco bar factory comment. LOL
The fire extingisher. LOL
And all the other amazing food….nice job. I cant believe you’re cooking from a kitchen that isnt even yours!! impresssiveeeeee!

nice, science is backing up our love for chocolate. the stuff is pure magic!

I hope Justin’s comes to the East Coast soon too! I’m lucky enough to have my boyfriend live in Denver & bring me jars every so often 🙂

Amen for eggs being a great cheap protein source!! Although, you’re right…I guess they’re not *as* cheap once the vegetarian fed kind are bought, but it’s totally worth the extra pennies. 😀

i smuggle food out of the dining hall all the time! pretty much anything that isn’t nailed down haha

Mmmm…it all looks delicious, ESPECIALLY the chocolate (obviously). Greek Grammar? Not so much 🙂

Such a wealth of deliciousness! 🙂 I loved the post format, too – so clever! I’m tremendously envious (in a good, friendly way :-)) of your raw probiotic cheese – raw cheese is THE best!! Your eggs are so perfectly, beautifully cooked, too – I quite agree that they trump typical college-eggs by far! 🙂

I love how you “smuggled” veggies out of the college cafeteria – I used to do that all the time when I was in college! 🙂

P.S. I’m so excited that I’m not the only one who actually likes folding clean laundry! 🙂

For amusement, I think you should know that when I saw the picture of your strawberry conserves with yogurt, I definitely thought it looked like salsa at first. 😉

did you know real chocolate is supposed to have a shelf life of only 6 months? that guittard and ghiradelli (two of the more popular brands) are the only ones that come close to that? that a hershey’s bar has enough oil to last SEVEN YEARS? (but this was originally because they would send out the soldiers in WW II w/ the bars as rations…and they had to last a while) Yeah…the joys of chocolate knowledge…

and eggs are def poor college kids protein. unless you’re like me and only use the whites. then mine are 2x as expensive.

don’t you love that zevia shirt? it’s so comfy!

I currently have some unripe avocados….so frustrating! haha

Any chance you can post the recipes for all your chocolate/coconut oil fudge creations? those look so divine!

I’ll make a recipe page soon, but it couldn’t be simpler. I do 1 tablespoon(14g) coconut oil mixed with 19g(lil’ less than a tablespoon) agave nectar, them add in 12g(little less than 2 tablespoons) cocoa powder. If you like it more bitter, you’ll want to decrease the sweetener or add more powder, but this gives a good dark chocolate flavor

Hehe, nice post. I totally know what you’re saying about being stared down like a gazelle at the gym. People are so intense, and I’m like, I’m training for a half-mary here. Go away. Lol. Happy Tuesday!

This is such a cool post!

I think someone has a future as a chocolatier!

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