My Big Fat Contest

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Good morning! If everything is going right, this is auto-posting while I’m living up my 4-day weekend, getting my long run in, refueling with oatmeal, and doing my laundry. If that’s not entirely the case, it’s because I’m forgetting to do my laundry–go do it, Evan!

Remember my big fat post? Well it got a spin-off(think Private Practice from Grey’s Anatomy) and this is it! I’ve been loving my coconut oil as of late; I’ve been eating at least a tablespoon a day through delicious sources:

Raw Vegan Chocolate

Coconut Oil Peanut Fudge

Probiotic Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Raw Chocolate

. It’s also been increasing my cravings for movie theater popcorn tenfold, but lets skip over that nasty side effect.You might have read my official review of it:

Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil

9.5/10: This one gets a gold star from me; this was everything I could ask for a coconut oil product and more. After reading about how it was harvested and just how unrefined this particular product was on the Tropical Tradition website, I was really impressed; that’s not something you’ll find in a lot of coconut oils. The room-temperature stability was perfect for cold applications but also ease of access. And the flavor was incredibly raw and very much “coconut”. My only wish were that this be more available in stores rather than simply from the website. But I also love and acknowledge that the company has a lot of sales and specials for members and you can get an incredible deal on this better priced than any store product if you wait for the right moment.

Now it’s time for the giveaway! Tropical Traditions has an amazing line of just about anything you could need on their website. They also have a neat recipe website utilizing the benefits of coconut products. Best of all, they have a newsletter, facebook page, and twitter account to let you be an insider and get some amazing deals on any of their products. You know me; I’m all about coupons and sales. Remember when I got 2 4-packs of Steaz(regularly $4.49) for a grand total of $2.49 with sales and a Whole Deal coupon? That was a good deal. And one of the great things about Tropical Traditions is that they’re always running sales and specials so if you play your cards right you’ll get their products for less.

This is your chance to win a 32oz container of Coconut Oil for free!

How to Enter: There’s no “mandatory” entry, just the ones listed below. For each entry you complete, leave a separate comment.

1. Tell me what you would do with 32oz coconut oil(1 entry)

2. Subscribe to the Tropical Traditions newsletter(2 entries)

3. Fan them on facebook(1 entry)

4. Follow them twitter(1 entry)

5. Tweet “@EvanFMFF is hosting a giveaway for @Troptraditions’ coconut oil!”(1 entry) and leave your twitter name so you get credit for it

6. Blog about this giveaway(3 entries)

7. Buy something from Tropical Traditions and give my ID as your referrer(5850250) and in the process get a free “Virgin Coconut Oil book” added to your order(5 entries)

I’ll keep this open for a full 2 weeks so there’s plenty of chances for all who want to participate to enter. Good luck!


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88 Responses to “My Big Fat Contest”

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What would I do with my yummy Coconut Oil: stir it into my bowl of oatmeal 🙂

Just Tweeted your Give Away…..@familyfresh

That fudge has my drooling, so beyond wanting to swim in a fat of coconut oil, I’d definitely give that recipe a shot!

I would love to make the peanut fudge with the coconut oil!

I became a fan on facebook!

I subscribed to their newsletter

My second entry for the newsletter subscription…

That is a GIANT container!

My favorite thing to do is make a coconut oil bark: I heat it up until it is a liquid, then add some flax, peanut butter, cocoa, and a little sugar. Freeze it and it’s delicious!

I would make lots of stir-fries with it! Coconut oil adds such an amazing flavor to stir-fried veggies and tofu 🙂

I’d love to try using it as my regular cooking oil! Or maybe in some brownies…yum 🙂

I would definitely try to make stir fries with it first. Yummy!

Hmmm… I’ve never tried coconut oil. I’d try it in cookies, stir fry, and perhaps fudge 🙂

um, brownies for sure. duh. 🙂

♥ lindsey

i would make coconut lattes or coconut blackberry muffins from their recipe list! so many good things to try though.

i much prefer your spin off to private practice!

i love using coconut oil as moisturizer.

Stir it into some oatmeal!

This is the perfect give-a-way for you!!! 🙂

No joke, I love it as a moisturizer!

I get the newsletter!

Plus I follow them on Twitter!

Um, this isn’t even a question…from the moment I saw that raw vegan chocolate, I knew I had to have it!

Awesome! I’m seeing some delicious treats made with this stuff – I want to try!

And I subscribed to the newsletter!

x2 🙂

And following on Twitter!

ooohh I would go on such a baking frenzy!

with 32 oz of coonut oil i could make so much raw chocolate it would make your head spin 🙂

i’m on their newsletter already
entry 1

i’m on their newsletter already
entry 2

I’m now following them on twitter

and im a twitter follower of theirs

Hmmm….what would I do with it?? Whatever the heck YOU do with it haha – or Averie – cause your baked goods are ridiculously good-looking 🙂

I’ve been curious about coconut oil for a while, but I never tried to use it. I did bought a few jars of the cheapest brand, but it all ended up as soap. I’m sure it tastes a lot better in your chocolate!

I really want to make your raw chocolate bar! And course try coconut oil on oats.

I subscribed to their newsletter.

I follow them on twitter.

i’d make some of that crazy awesome chocolate!

subscribed to the newsletter!!!

following on twitter!! @carrothead

tweeted! @carrothead

Delicious giveaway! I would make one of your vegan chocolate bars!

I’ve never had the chance to try coconut oil but I think I would attempt a shot at vegan cookie dough with it. The stir fry idea I’ve seen in the comments sounds delicious too! Great Giveaway 🙂

I get the tropical traditions newsletter!

I tweeted it (@kimmyjahnke)!

Such a gorgeous giveaway! Thank you for giving us this opportunity! Mmmm, I would definitely fix some gorgeous raw vegan chocolate like yours, and then a raw coleslaw with shredded veggies, the coconut oil, raw coconut, a bit of tamari, and sesame seeds!

Thank you for your awesome comment on my blog – the story of your olive fingers made me giggle quite a bit… 🙂 I’m so glad I wasn’t the only little kid who liked olives! 🙂

What WOULDN’T I do with 32 oz of coconut oil?? I would for SURE try out some vegan choco brownies, maybe vegan choco peanut butter brownies for the Super Bowl party on Sunday?

Just followed them on twitter! @ biggirleats

and I’m also tweeting it! See name above 😉

Cool giveaway – I would make the avocado pudding!

I’d use it ON my body of course!!

..and I’m following them on Twitter 🙂

[…] at FoodMakesFunFuel is giving away some Tropical Traditions coconut […]

I blogged about your giveaway! 🙂


I blogged about your giveaway 2! 🙂


I blogged about your giveaway 3! 🙂


I would put it in my smoothies!

I subscribed to the newsletter!

I would probably make some delicious raw macaroons!

I am now following them on Twitter: katihaskins

Tweeted! (katihaskins)

I would put it on toast with cinnamon and make some baked goods 🙂

Oooo….I would make some vegan fudge with the coconut oil! 🙂

Subscribed to their newsletter! 🙂 [Entry 1]

Subscribed to their newsletter! 🙂 [Entry 2]

Became a FB fan!

I follow them on twitter @gotfire55

I’m subscribed to their newsletter #1.

I’m subscribed to their newsletter #2.

WOW! This is asome! Thanks for sharing. I would really like to win this, i have not won anyting in my life! Well how are you?

I’m fine.

Miss Hannah

I would use this oil for frying.

I am subscribed to the newsletter.

i like to fry tortillas in coconut oil!! great flavor!!

i sub to TT;s newsletter

i am TT’s fan on facebook

i follow TT on twitter

i would use this oil to pop popcorn on the stovetop, and thank you for the chance!

i already subscribe to the Tropical Traditions newsletter #1

i already subscribe to the Tropical Traditions newsletter #2

I would make a huuuge batch of vegan samoas using this coconut oil!!!!

I am now following Tropical Traditions on twitter!

I just tweeted about the contest 🙂

user name: sparklyathlete

I’ve never had this! I will have to search up some yummy recipes!

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