A Little Clunky But Not Wholly Displeasurable

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1) That’s what she said.

Packed Bag

2) That’s a pretty good description of coming home for the weekend, too. I definitely forgot how much I loathe packing. But, I managed to keep it very simple with 1 bag and only 2 peanut butters(plus my backpack and some dirty laundry). Annoying? Yes. But not as wholly displeasurable as having to completely move out and then back in over break.

Like I mentioned, our first stop was Chocolate Fest! There was tons of samples throughout the stores of different chocolate creations. First, I scoped it all out. Then I decided that some of it was skippable(I mean, I can cover a banana in melted chocolate, too :-|). Finally, I dove in 😀

Chocolate Cherry Braised Beef

Raw Chocolate Truffle

Mexican Chocolate Chili

Salmon In White Chocolate Butter Sauce

Sweet Scoops Mocha Mudslide Frozen Yogurt

The braised beef–was absolutely fantastic! It might have been my favorite of the night. It might just be my inner carnivore saying that. But I really loved it because first you got the really fatty meat flavor that just fell apart in your mouth, and then you got a kick of cherry at the end. The raw truffle was really good, too. I could totally make this at home, though(and I snatched the recipe to do so). The chili was another winner; I told you I was a carnivore 😀 The salmon, on the other hand, was really bad. What were they thinking if they tasted it? I thought it had potential because white chocolate and chickpeas are a fantastic combo, but apparently that need not apply here. And, for dessert, some Sweet Scoops frozen yogurt. I’ve actually been thinking of buying that flavor for a while, and it was really good. I don’t know, though, if it’s worth the price compared to Elan’s Decaf Cappuccino frozen yogurt(which also is decaffeinated and so better for night time snacking).

That actually wasn’t that much, so when we actually got home after an hour I was hungry… for the supper not waiting for me 😦 I decided to just throw something a little cooky together that’d be veggie-tastic and filling.

Brussels In Grass-Fed Butter Sauce

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Goji Berries And Coconut Oil

This dinner was a bit clunky but not wholly displeasurable. Actually, it was pretty tasty 😀 I don’t think I’ve had brussels in 2 weeks! What a shame. They really soaked up the butter. On top of my pudding, I added some Navitas Naturals Goji Berries and coconut oil; I loved the goji berries here for a good dose of antioxidants! The coconut oil tasted a little out of place, oddly :-/ I think coconut butter would be better here(butter is always better 😉 But that’s another story). Speaking of Gojis, I had a sweet surprise waiting for me…

Goji Gourmet Cookies

How yummy does that all look? Among a few packages I got was this one which I won from totalfitgirl’s contest(ironic, I know, but there weren’t any gender rules for entering as far as I know :-)). I’m pretty sure it was only for the chocolate cherry cookies, and the rest of this was thrown in by my friends at Goji Gourmet. Thank you! Now I’m stocked well with one of my superfoods.

Was it just me, or was Grey’s not so good last night? Should I have gone with The Office and 30 Rock? That’s quite possible. A few more things made coming home a little clunky. A) I had noo toothbrush. Whoops. B) I had no alarm clock and freaked out until I dug out a really old one. I then decided that I wouldn’t even set it and let myself sleep in. C) I found out that one item I specifically came home for might very well actually be in my safe at school. Ugh. After most of that was resolved, I was happy for oats.

Cornbread Oatmeal With Mighty Maple

Cornbread, because I could. In the batch went 1 egg white(sorry, yolk, but I didn’t need you right then :-(), 1/4 teaspoon xanthan gum and 1/2 a teaspoon aluminum free baking powder. This came out perfectly corny.

Like I said, I didn’t set my alarm this morning and slept in a full hour. A full glorious hour. You need to take advantage of things like no drunk people in the hallway and nothing to do once you’re actually up 🙂 A few more things that made my trip not wholly displeasurable:

Trader Joe's Oatbran And Tofu

Food! More specifically Trader Joe goodies my mom grabbed on her way home just for me(like anyone else here would be picking out tofu or know which one to get) 🙂 You can bet that I already have some tofu pressing for lunch as we speak(and using the oatbran as a weight! Haha). Beyond that, I also used the oatbran in breakfast.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Nutritional Yeast And SB PB

Plain Oikos With Vanilla Stevia

A bit cheesy, but not wholly displeasurable. No wait–wholly pleasurable because it’s a bit cheesy. That’s how I would describe the pumpkin/nutritional yeast/smart balance combo. There’s something so “homey” about it. AND now I’m about 1 bowl away from OAIJ!! It’s shaping up to be a splendid trip home.

Language Lesson: This is directed to no one in particular; this is just something I thought of as I was making my breakfast and want to address now. If you are buying your Greek yogurt and buy more than 1 container of Oikos, please do not say that you picked up some “oikoses”. That is just wrong. Oikos is a Greek word meaning house. It is the nominative, singular form. For plural, you’ll want to say you picked up some “Oikoi”. Sounds a little funny? Welcome to Greek. If you all want to be super overachievers, do 1 better by saying “Oikous”. That’s the correct form when it’s the object of a verb. But, I’d totally be happy if I ever just heard Oikoi, too 😀

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20 Responses to “A Little Clunky But Not Wholly Displeasurable”

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I agree that chocolate cherry braised beef looks AWESOME!!! I love seeing all the different ways you can incorporate chocolate into recipes! So cool! 🙂

Firstly – :O NEVER diss Grey’s haha!! That show is my ultimate favourite, it can do no wrong!! Though saying that, I’m in England, so I’m a season behind…but still P
Secondly, I’m sad that salmon wasn’t good – I agree, it sounds like it should be delicious (I love salmon, I love chocolate…), so that’s a shame 😦
Wish I’d gone to such an awesome chocolate place though! You’re very lucky 🙂

Love that Oatbran…I always get Trader Joes because it’s so affordable and delicious. 😀

OOH Goji cookies.. yum.. confesssion: never ever had goji berries (I know, I know)!!
Have a great weekend at home! 🙂

Really?! If I were going to cut everything animal related out of my diet, I would feel so self-entitled to go out and buy the most expensive vegan eats I could find(like gojis tend to be). You NEED to try some.

Now I am convinced I have to try nutritional yeast with my oats! I love how eating all chocolate at the chocolate fest still led to a chocolate dessert! I’m really curious as to how that all tatsed. The white chocolate salmon looks gross! Off to get some Oikous cause I got Coups!

So jealous of chocolate fest!

I’m headed to Goji Gourmet tomorrow! Can’t wait!

love the language lesson! you know i’m going to correct the next person i hear say it wrong haha

I want to go to chocolate fest!!!!

im abou to reach thru the screen and grab all these eats

The chocolate fest sounds amazing! Salmon in white chocolate butter sauce? I’m intrigued…Enjoy home!

you have hooked me on nutritional yeast and pb. I come up with some strange concoctions but I don’t think I could have though that up on my own! So good!

I’ve never had chocolate in anything savory but it always intrigues me. Cornbread oats?! I’m loving the thought of that!

I went with the Office and 30 Rock and DVRd Grey’s…Office was good 🙂

Evan, you rock… 🙂 The English-linguistic part of me was soooo excited about your Greek Yogurt grammar lesson! Soooo cool! (I know, I should be embarrassed for being so psyched about such things… 🙂

Your Brussels Sprouts have me longing for some now! 🙂 I adore Brussels Sprouts… Yours look especially scrumptious! As does your cornbread oatmeal too, of course…:-) YUM! I’m so glad to hear you had a good trip home! 🙂

Evan, I heart your writing style so much. You put a smile on my face. I wish I had your attitude about food. I seem to feel bad about all the chocolate and pizza and stuff I eat…even though I do eat healthy though – I love veggies and fish and chicken and tofu and whole grains and beans…but still ugh :(…

but I LOL’ed at the “Oikoises” thing haha – oh and i don’t like golgi berries!! I know – I don’t know – i just tried them plain – and don’t ‘get it’ …they’re hard and bitter…

i learned that grammar tidbit about oikoi somewhere, maybe on stonyfield’s website?? :). white chocolate and chickpeas are usually a good combo? interesting!

thank you for that Greek lesson. I feel smarter 🙂

the chocolate food tastings all sound very interesting! i may have to get a bit adventurous in the kitchen during the month and try some unconditional pairings with chocolate. seems like a good valentines day challenge, right?

lol thanks for the language lesson. “Oikoses” just sounds wrong anyway!

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