Leftovers At Breakfast

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Would someone tell my cheese tooth to reappear soon? I think my sweet one may have gotten loose.

Soy Yogurt With Milk Chocolate Sunspires

How does So Delicious make their soy yogurt so delicious? My guess is a heavy hand of agave nectar–love it. At least there’s plenty of fiber from inulin here, too. And those Sunspires have healthy nut fat… just enrobed under milk chocolate 😉 Anyway, ghost whisperer I thought was excellent last night; I love it when they’re a bit creepy and not at all touchy-feely. Later on was The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Not the best one I’ve ever seen, but good nonetheless. I don’t think there’s anything better than professional chefs talking about food *drool*. The subject of the episodes was snacks, speaking of which…

Goji Chocolate Chip Goji Gourmet Cookies And Coconut Oil Chocolate

No oatmeal last night. Instead, I celebrated cookie friday with some of the Goji Gourmet cookies I won. I was so happy to get to try their new flavor!

Chocolate Chip Cookie With Coconut Oil Chocolate

The goji chocolate chip cookies were sooo yummy. The chocolate chips were a little dull; they definitely weren’t Trader Joe brand(my favorite). But the cookie itself was so buttery and vanilla-infused it didn’t even matter. A little dip in some chocolate and these were perfect; I couldn’t not eat the whole 4-pack!

This morning I lazed out of bed; I figure this’ll just count as a mini-“vacation” being home 🙂 After deciding to keep it a rest day, I showered up and found some natural sweetness in the pantry for breakfast.

Bob's Red Mill Dried Blueberries


Neither of these have added sugar, but you’d never know it! That’s the great thing about dried fruit: natural sweetness with all the fiber. As for the NuttZo… frankly, I have no clue why it’s so sweet. But I’m glad it is!


Greek Yogurt With Dried Blueberries

Sweet Potato Oatmeal With NuttZo

Just to drive the sweet-theme home, I used 1/2 a leftover sweet potato for my oatmeal instead of pumpkin. It came out sooo much better this time than on Thursday. I can’t wait to set up an oats page for instructions on how I make banana, pumpkin, egg, and now sweet potato oats; each needs a little special attention but it’s worth it. These blueberries were delicious; they tasted soft and gummy, almost like candy! Probably a better decision than real candy for breakfast, too 😉

Check out this giveaway to find out how to win NuNaturals! My favorite stevia sweetener(another superfood) 😀

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18 Responses to “Leftovers At Breakfast”

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Mmm, I love it when your sweet tooth gets loose.

i didn’t know bob’s makes dried fruit, i’ve gotta find those! i love dried bloobs.

Oohh please get writing that oatmeal page soon 🙂 I really want to try egg oats, but I want to see someone else do it 1st…in case I just end up with scrambled egg in my oats. That sounds skank to me :s

I love Nuttzo, I only wish it wasn’t so expensive.

I totally agree about dried fruit serving as a stand by for natural sweetness. I also think preserves are a great way to sweeten up yogurt and oatmeal in lieu of agave nectar or honey.

I’m a freak about sweets, too, any way to add that flavor to my food is a golden opportunity to reach taste bud heaven.

Gotta love that Nuttzo! I hope mine comes in mail soon!

I LOVE sweet potato oats!

bob’s red mill is fantastic.

Im a big dried blueberry fan.. they taste great mixed in applesauce!

Chocolate Chip Cookie With Coconut Oil Chocolate should be illegal!

The Nutzo is prob so sweet b/c it’s got sunflower seeds in it and we all know SFSButter is like the swwestest most awesome stuff around 🙂

THanks! for the blueberry 411 too! I am not that impressed by TJ’s blueberries, it’s one thing of their that’s just ok and kinda pricey; i need to give the Bob’s a try I think.

I totally forgot how much I love nuttzo! I’ll have to grab my stash of it when I get home.. thanks for the reminder my nutty friend 🙂

Ohhh you and nut butter. I have yet to try Nutzo. Is it better than almond butter?!?! And peanut butter?

I’m so curious about the goji gourmet cookies, but I’m positive you can made your own!!

P.s. Come check out my $50 safeway giftcard giveaway!! Everyone needs some extra grocery money! 🙂

I love dried blueberries. That kind of “candy” I wouldn’t mind eating for breakfast everyday. Maybe even on top of avocado pudding? 🙂

Man that nuttzo nut butter sounds so awesome! I definitely need to suck it up and buy some already! 😉

You are always one step ahead of me on the food finds. I want to follow you around the grocery store one day and buy EVERYTHING you put in your cart!

I have never seen those dried blueberries before, but I have to find them!! I would love those for my oats, and for travel. So convenient.

Can I ask you why you prefer to get your fiber via inulin? It’s an isolated fiber, therefore it’s not viscous. What does this mean? Well there are no studies that show it has the same effects as soluble fiber (as far as cholesterol lowering, and blood sugar regulation). It is however a prebiotic, therefore it has it’s own benefits. But I wouldn’t count it as part of your 20-30 grams of fiber per day. Just some info for you 🙂

That’s interesting about inulin; I never knew that. What are the specific foods that contain or are fortified by it? I know it’s in Xagave, but I wouldn’t rely on agave nectar as a good source of anything other than sugars.

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