A Friendly Face Gets You Places

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Are you smiling? Should you be smiling? Maybe your team is winning the Superbowl or already did; don’t ask me because I didn’t even know it was on until people downstairs started yelling and I found it on TV. There’s never a dull(or quiet) moment living in the dorms, but I think I secretly like that about it 😀 Backing up 10 hours, I was at home getting my grub on.

Oatmeal With Justin's Chocolate Peanut Butter

Greek Yogurt With Fig Jam

Is it crazy that I brought Justin’s Chocolate Peanut Butter home for the 3 days? I’m just glad I remembered to bring it back 😀 I love sunny Sunday mornings and eating on the floor with the circulars. I don’t know why it has to be on the floor, but it does with me. It feels more homey. The slightly sour part to this breakfast was the Chobani yogurt.

Skimpy Chobani

Does that look a little empty to anyone else, too? I thought mine did yesterday, and then this one was the same. I weighed it and it was only 4oz instead of 6oz. Crazy much? I think I got a bad batch :-/ I bulked it up with a little full-fat yogurt and jam anyway, but not quite sure what was happening at Chobani that day.

We ended up loading the car and starting our drive before lunch, mostly since my grandmother was too busy gambling to eat with us; oh, old people. After the customary “Oops, I forgot that. Let’s go back”, we rehit the road and were at a Whole Foods half way for lunch.

Lightlife Smart Chili, Redwood Vanilla Goat Milk Yogurt

Most definitely a random combination. What I really wanted to do(besides eat of my arm) was load up on veggies, black beans, and guacamole from the salad bar. BUT that would have taken $20 worth of food easily; I hate how they make it cost by the weight 😦 Instead, I kept it cheap and simple by buying these 2 premade things and heating up the chili in the microwave. I must have looked a little silly eating from the bag but it was pretty delicious and totally worth it.

Nintendo DSi

After lunch we grocery shopped a bit; avocadoes were on sale for $1 so I got 7! That’s going to be a lot of pudding 🙂 Then I went to a game store for–what I thought–was a lost cause. My old gameboy’s screen clearly was broken and I knew I needed to get a new one, but hated the thought of $170 dollars for it. I also couldn’t find any good deals on used one, so I went to the store to see if maybe I could get a little money for my old one to soften the blow on my wallet. The cashier who worked with me on the trade in couldn’t have been sweeter; she didn’t quite seem like the typical video game clerk and I was excited for that. Even though she could tell the screen was not properly working, with some sweet casual conversation and a smile she gave me a great discount and knocked $75 off the price of a new one! It goes to show how far being friendly and wearing a smile will get you.

Room Clutter

No amount of smiling, however, can make there be more space in my room(or less food. Either one would work at this point). After we brought things back in, it began to look a bit ridiculous. In my defense: I am eating for a half-marathon, after all 😉 I threw things in places I won’t even remember and grabbed a snack.

Next Generation Organic Dairy Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Is there anything more perfect than cheese in stickular form? I think not. Thanks, Next Generation Dairy, for sending me this one, too! For the pros, it was very easy to grab and keep working. And it was definitely made healthier by being raw and probiotic. But, oddly, it didn’t taste too much like the mozzarella I was expecting :-/ I think of mozzarella as a more sweeter, mellow cheese and this was a bit tangy for my taste. Maybe it was just the “raw” flavor imposing itself?

Running Stats

Whatever was with the flavor, it fueled me nicely for a 5 mile run. I was itching to get back onto campus and on the treadmill this weekend and it felt so natural, once more! I even managed to keep a friendly face going after that.

Post-Workout Smile

I think I look a little more nervous than friendly, lol. I was clearly excited to get some fresh produce from the dining hall(assuming that’s fresh) and get to some recovery eating.

Apple, Cherry Amaretto So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream

So Delicious! The apple made this healthy 😉 I finished off the pint of this amazing ice cream. My only complaint would be that there were no cherries in this last 3/4 cup 😦 I think I might have scooped them all out last time I ate from this. Oops. It was still so creamy and delicious. And even though I’m not very into the Superbowl doesn’t mean I’m not into football grub…

Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper Krinkle Cut Kettle Chips

Of course we had to buy 2 bags of chips because they were on sale and we had a coupon. And one of them had to be mine. And these just happened to find their way into my dinner. I need people to stop feeding my chip addiction! I have so many dealers, it’s really a beautiful thing 😀

Broccoli With Hot Sauce, Salt & Pepper Chips, Al Fresco Buffalo Style Chicken Sausage

NOTHING says football food quite like buffalo wings–wouldn’t you agree? Immediately I knew I wanted a buffalo style Al Fresco chicken sausage–love these! And I have to think it’s a lot better for you than just grabbing a few wings in your plate, too. On the side I had broccoli with Benito’s hot sauce for volume(!!) and my crack chips. Last time I got these, I mistakenly got the baked variety. I’m sorry but hear you need the krinkle cut. Just tell yourself those are healthy fats, too 🙂

This week I’m looking to get back on track! I don’t know that I was ever off track, so this might just be switching tracks. I don’t know. Trains are confusing. Here’s what I do know!

1. Running. I pretty much run what my body(or head) wants rather than stick with a half-marathon plan. I will keep that up, and here’s what I think should work well for this week.

  • Monday: 8 miles
  • Tuesday: 5 miles
  • Wednesday: 9 miles
  • Thursday: 5-6 miles, time dependent
  • Friday: 8 miles + 30 min biking

9 miles will be my new long run; I have to say that it feels incredibly doable and I’m loving being at high mileage again.

2. Worktime/Funtime. I have an awesome schedule this semester, in case you haven’t heard. But I need to get better about using that schedule. It may be a little late for this week, but my new goal is to go 100% at homework from Friday-Monday when I don’t have class, and then soak up whatever free time I have Tuesday-Thursday without a car in the world(other than attending classes). Who knows; maybe I’ll really bust out the effort tomorrow for that to be the case.

3. Meal Planning. I don’t feel the necessity to go 100% at this. But I do remember that, the 1 week I used meal planning, everything felt incredibly organized, nothing went wasted, and it eliminated time spent thinking “what am I going to make?!”. That’s why I think it’s a perfect thing to work back in, even if it’s only 1 or 2 meals in advanced. For instance, tomorrow’s dinner will be baked maple tofu with roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli.

Lastly, I would very much have a friendly face if I won this Candid Contest; I love my smart balance agave sweetened so I must see what’s with this new “rich roast”

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22 Responses to “A Friendly Face Gets You Places”

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The rich roast PB has a nice smoky flavor to it and is great with oats and naners! The best part is the no stirring necessary! Nice post w/o smirk!

wow that chobani does look really skimpy! i wonder what happened there!
your a running machine, but you gotta love those endorphins afterwards 🙂

haha you do look kinda nervous ! that running schedule looks great

Yes to the Superbowl fixin’s – who cares about the game haha! Love the ice cream, and great deal on that game!! wow. …i didn’t know you were a video gamer though…when do you ever get time!!! 😉 seriously!

Chocolate peanut butter? Sounds delicious! 😀

I would have taken that Chobani back! Haha. Might be kind of tough to do that, but that is rediculous!

wow lame about the chobs!!
love the looks of the ice cream!

Thanks for the fresh Evan pic today! Love it! You totally look friendly..and young. OMG. I forget that wait, you ARE young. Love it!

You run. alot. OMG my knees and body just cant take that anymore. Oh wait, b.c I am not young anymore. LOL

nice face :). sooo pathetic about the chobani, that’s happened to me a few times and i always have a mini tantrum (at least in my head)

Wow that’s a hardcore running plan! Is it your first half marathon you’re training for? I was going to do one last October but over-trained and got injured (and that meant no running for about 4months…I died a little bit inside :p), so be careful!!
Haha I do that with food at uni too – buy WAY too much, then can’t stash it anywhere! Rather that than go hungry – us half marathoners need fuel!

Oh man, Kettle chips are SO dangerous! I love crunchy foods so those are pure heaven!

Jeez Louise. There’s nothing worse than opening a container and finding it nearly half empty:(

Good for you for smiling after your workout, a positive attitude is always the best!

Great goals for the week! I’ve tried that SmartChili before and I love it. Lightlife products are great!

Hi Evan! I’m definitely into reading the circulars (or ads, as we call them at home) when I’m visiting my parents. It definitely does feel homey and I love having a slow, relaxing morning. 🙂

I hope you have a good week getting back into the grind!

That’s the second time I’ve seen that Chobani thing happen to someone in the blogworld. So weird!

Good luck with your plan 🙂

Is that a new flavor of the So Delicious coconut milk ice cream?

It’s certainly newer of the bunch. I think they just came out with it and Turtle trails. It’s SOOO good–I’d definitely recommend getting some if you can find it.

you do look happy post run 🙂 great job! that ice cream cup is aweome!!
that chobani thing happened to me! just email them, they will send you a free coupon…it happened to me and I did that and BAM free coupong!!

looks like a good plan for running to me. i know you said you aren’t following a true plan but at you modeling yours after one? plans are pretty good at dictating a certain flow to the schedule so you don’t get hurt and whatnot. just curious as that’s what i’ve done in the past with halfs. and it’s getting close! yay!

If anything, I’m probably modeling my running off of what I did to raise mileage last Semester. I have Tuesday/Thursday pretty much set as shorter runs this semester if I still want to do them first thing because of a 9am class

Wow awesome run! You are a speed demon 🙂

That after workout snack looks amazing. I just discovered coconut milk ice cream this weekend and am totally addicted to it. Great job on the run!

As for the meal planning, I find it helps save time and stress to lay it all out beforehand. What I typically do is jot down the meals I intend on eating the following day on post-it notes, then I post them on my fridge so they can remind me why I’m opening my fridge in the first place.

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