Not So Blissful

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OK, the title is a bit of an exaggeration on my evening, but it’s punny as you’ll see 😉 First of all, way to go Saints! I wasn’t even watching the Superbowl and didn’t have a team, but after hearing it was their first time ever winning, that made me happy for them. Everyone deserves their 15 minutes 🙂 Instead of watching it, I was mostly glued to Fox and Modern Family, as well as my plate.

Emmy's Organics Raw Vegan Coconut + Vanilla Macaroons

Emmy’s Organics sent me some delicious sounding raw macaroons which I could not wait to try. Naturally, anything raw deserves a big ol’ raw platter to be served on.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With A Coconut + Vanilla Macaroon

I only needed 1/2 of one of my 7 avocados to make this pudding; that means I’m going to have plenty of pudding I’m guessing 🙂 The Coconut + Vanilla Macaroon was simply remarkable. Normally, I’m skeptical whether vanilla things are going to be flavorful; the whole vanilla beans put my mind at ease but then the true vanilla flavor really wowed me! And I also tasted the rich hint of coconut oil. These cookies were definitely a winner. While I was on a roll, I thought why not try another new coconut product:

Artisana Cacao Bliss

From Artisana, I decided to eat this on some oatmeal. At first it was very clunky, but after sitting a while in the microwave it melted… sort of.

Oatmeal With Cacao Bliss

I’m not going to agave nectar sugar coat it: I had high expectations for this Cacao Bliss and was really let down. Another blogger has toted this as “like frosting” and plugged it like crazy recently, so I thought it must be amazing, right? It was actually a bit more like chalk than frosting and bitter than sweet. The nutrition was stellar, but I needed something really chocolaty to get over the disappointment.

Justin's Chocolate Almond Butter

Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter to the rescue! Maybe the cacao bliss will be better in cold applications–I don’t know. I’m certainly up for ideas.

This morning it felt so good to get back up at 7 and hit the gym(didn’t think I’d be saying that any time soon). Surprisingly, all 3 of the working treadmills were already in use! I’m happy more people are working out, but a little sad how that pushes me aside. I biked a bit while I was waiting for a free one and snacked on this.

Nature's Path Organic Peanut Choco' Chewy Granola Bar

Mmm, yum! This was a Nature’s Path Organic product that I won off their Facebook contest. I just love these Peanut Choco’ Chewy Granola Bar because of the whole peanuts and how sweet they are! Then again, their first ingredient is sugar :-/ Oh well, a good workout warrants carbs anyway so then was definitely the time to enjoy it if ever.

Running Stats

I eventually got my ‘mill and ran the 8 miles scheduled in 71:30. If you’re wondering “Why does he take pictures of random lengths and times?”, I don’t really. I take a photo at the end after running 60 minutes. At that point, the treadmill turns off and resets itself. For example, today I ran 6.74 miles in the first hour, and then really finished after the last 1.26. Well after that, breakfast was a favorite of mine.

Vanilla Yogurt With Peanuts, Pumpkin Oatmeal With Chocolate Peanut Butter

Oikos With Vanilla Stevia And Peanuts

More Justin’s nut butter, this time the Chocolate Peanut Butter. I love it because I feel like I’m getting my chocolate peanut fix but not straying far from just average peanut butter nutrition(had to do it). I was going to use some store bought peanut granola for the oatmeal when I decided to go with an even better, nuttier, 1-ingredient, gluten free granola: peanuts! So much simpler and better, and definitely less processed–love it.

New things

Obviously, I love trying new things. At the end I recapped all the new reviews I did for this post(as always, the * means it was a sample from the company and the absence of them means I bought it or something along those lines). I also love hearing about others try new things. Ginger Jul recently tried my pumpkin bread and said she loved it. I hope she took pictures for her blog! If anybody else makes a recipe of mine, I’d love to hear it. I also thought it’d be fun to pick some new things I want to try but have no immediate plans to; right now, I want to eat jungle peanuts–never had these before and think they might be interesting–and I want to make almond milk from scratch! What about you? Anything new you want to put into your life?

Peanut Choco’ Chewy Granola Bar

*Coconut + Vanilla Macaroon*

*Cacao Bliss*

Chocolate Almond Butter


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21 Responses to “Not So Blissful”

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i’ve seen those macroons at whole foods, i may have to shell out the money now. that is disappointing about the bliss spread, i really have to buy these chocolate nut butters by justin !

I have never made homemade bread and I would love to give that a stab one day!! I also think it would be cool to make my own kombucha!

I can’t believe you can do so long on the treadmill – it’s amazing! I can’t manage 2miles on there before I’m bored out of my mind!! Give me outside any day 🙂
Gorgeous looking oatmeal btw 🙂

Great job on the awesome run! I havent tried those macroons and would love to. I see them at WF alot and have always been curious about them. I do love finding new things to test out. That bread sounds amazing too. I will have to check that out. Have an awesome day hon!!

I love Justin’s chocolate almond butter and the Artisana cacao..both are sooo delish…great post on the new products! Have a good day!

I want to put some new recipes in my life! I feel like I just keep making variations on a theme!

I cannot imagine running that long period let alone on a treadmill.. that is dedication!

OMG I want those macaroons!!!

bummer about the chalky nut butter, good thing you managed to salvage it. those macaroons look so good, i love coconutty things!

I’d love to try to make my own nut butters! I need a food processor first 🙂

Have you thought about getting some runs in outside? It might help your legs get ready for the half!

I tried the Coconut Butter from Artisana the other day – thought it would be a good spread on pancakes because of other bloggers describing it as frosting-like. Not so much – chalky was definitely a good way to describe it! Not bad when mixed with some maple syrup though – then it was like a creamy syrup with a hint of coconut 😉

I love when you can see vanilla beans in vanilla flavored foods. I’m not a big chocolate lover like you so I am LOVING the peanut butter chocolate fiesta going on. The nut butter and that bar sound delish!

i’m going to second matt. are you going to get outside? i mean, the race is in march and we’re in NE so snow and cold is a definitely possibility. you don’t have to go 100% outside for everything, just one run a week? on a day that you can go outside in the afternoon and it’s warm? just a steps 🙂

I want some of those vegan macaroons in my life, they look awesome! 🙂

after reading Averies almond milk recipe the other day I’m really anxious to try to make my own PEANUT milk! Be sure to keep us posted on all of your new foodie adventures 🙂

I have no idea where to get Artisana round here – doesn’t exist! I’m going to have to start watching this “Modern Family” – it’s uber popular in the blogosphere…it better be funny! Survivor starts this week though – and Russell’s back!! But I already feel he was robbed in his first chance…now everyone has him figured out.

I agree about getting outside too…it’s freezing temps here with crazy windchills…but really just suck it up and go out – it’s only your mind that makes it worse than what it is…not that I can talk – I haven’t been running at all :(…usually just some walk ….nevermind….do what you want…!

i give you props for being on the dreadmill for that long. i hate those things! they make me feel like i’m DRUNK!

and things i want to try:
kale chips
make my own yeast breads/pizza dough

thanks for the cocoa bliss review. that stuff is crazy plugged in the sphere and crazy pricey. i am glad a true nutbutterhead like yourself gave us the real info 🙂

p.s. macaroons are incredibly easy to make and not sure why people think they are so hard. i will email you the recipe later 🙂 if you do as i say, no dehyd will be necesssary 🙂

8 miles on the treadmill– you’re a good man! Those raw macaroons look awesome!

And yes, part of the glory of the Saints’ win IS definitely the sheer miracle of it– they used to be so bad, their fans would wear paper bags over their heads, lol!

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