Stress Running

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I was hoping that stress wouldn’t kick in this semester for a while but apparently not :-/ Last night while blogging those 8 miles from the morning totally caught up with me! I was starving not an hour after dinner. First I tried chocolatey oats…

Oatmeal With Chocolate Sunflower Butter

Good(of course), but not quite enough. It is important to point out that the chocolate sunflower butter by Naturally Nutty was the first nut(technically seed) butter I liked before Justin’s new line. I was still pretty hangry, though, and so reached for some protein.

Pomegranate Chobani

This was definitely better. I couldn’t get any plain from the dining hall with my meal points, which I’d prefer, but as for flavored I like to grab the pomegranate, pineapple, or vanilla if I have to. This was nice, but afterwards when I went to brush my teeth I heard something a bit distressing. It’s not something that blogging will help anyway, so no need to mention it. But it definitely put me into a downward spiral for the night and led to a bad nights sleep. I’m also not above stress eating.

Coconut Oil Chocolate

To be fair, 80% of this was want but a little bit was probably chocolate for the sake of stress relief. I turned off my computer at 10 but don’t think I actually got to sleep until way later; it’s too bad Conan’s no longer new or I probably could have caught him 😦 I did wake up surprisingly refreshed(and full) for a run.

Running Stats

I planned to do 5 miles. I might(or, rather, did) run 8 miles in 70:46. I didn’t even look down to check my mileage until after 6 miles, so I thought why not continue until time became a factor? I got really into some thoughts and Adam Lambert, who’s surprisingly therapeutic, and of course Cartoon Network on the television. Needless to say, this put me into a bit of a rush for a grab-n-go breakfast.

Pumpkin And Egg Oatmeal With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter, Vanilla Chobani With Cherry Butter And 2 Goji Chocolate Cherry Cookies

Vanilla Chobani With Cherry Butter And 2 Goji Chocolate Cherry Cookies

The oatmeal was the first time I tried pumpkin and egg whites. It tasted so much more like a pumpkin pie! But needed sweetness or saltiness to make it interesting. On top of the Chobani I added a spoonful of Cherry Butter and then 2 of my favorite cookies from Goji Gourmet. Oh my God–I forgot how good these were with the dried but not stale(!!) cherries; they tasted so fresh and absolutely perfect. My favorite part of the morning had to be walking in to Greek class early and getting asked about how much I’m doing for my half marathon; when he heard I just finished 8 miles he basically said eat up! Sorry if this has been an otherwise downer or stress-influenced post 😦 Hopefully after some clarification in my life I’ll be back to my not-so-serious me 😀

That just seems scary…

Here’s a lovely valentine’s day contest! And another for all the chocolate lovers.

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11 Responses to “Stress Running”

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Im so sorry you are stressed out hon. For me, exercise is the perfect way to beat those stressy vibes. So great job on that. Just remember take things one step at a time. You’ll be awesome! I always love all your oatmeal and yogurt mixtures. They look fantastic. I hope you have a fab day!!

Oohh I like the idea of pumpkin AND egg! That’s like a dinner pretty much 😛 I’ll have to do that but with homemade squash puree instead…
I know what you mean about uni stress – I’m totally feeling it atm now too, it suuucks :/

I hope you’re feeling less stressed soon! Great job on the 8 miles.

Nothing kicks my stress like running and list making! I’m currently stuck in New York due to weather (yay for being in new york, boo for missing work and screwing over my coworkers) and I felt WORLDS better after a 6 mile run!

not saying it’s a good solution, but my solution to stress in college was a whollle lot of cigarettes and drinking before class.
might not be doctor approved, but i finished in three years with honors!

or naps, those help too

Did I miss this from a previous post…cherry butter? That sounds like something I NEED!!! What is it…I am thinking like apple butter (only it is cherry butter)…please enlighten! 🙂

It’s nothing “new”, really. It’s American Spoon brand, you should be able to find it from Whole Foods or another store.

Hope you find some stress relief! Ice cream always works for me 🙂

Stress eating gets all of us at some time or another…you’ll feel better tomorrow!

oh man. stress running is my life right now. nothing like a good sweat!

I hate days like that! I just had 2 in a row… I am so sorry you are feeling stressed and bummed out! Take it easy on yourself! You are doing so much- of course you are stressed out! You should feel proud of yourself!!!!! Take a ‘rest’ day, or an ‘Evan’ day- and just do something for your ‘soul’ (cheesey, I know). Sometimes it helps to clear your head!
Wishing you nothing but chocolate covered bloggie love!

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