My, Oh, Brownie

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Some things words cannot describe.

The Wow Baking Company Chocolate Brownie

Like really big brownies. I was planning on saving this one from The Wow Baking Company for Cookie Friday, but I just couldn’t wait. Is it ironic that I was also watching The Biggest Loser at the time? I didn’t feel too bad because it was all about Olympic athletes and fueling! And I love chocolate fuel.

The Wow Baking Company Chocolate Brownie

Like the name says, “wow”. I popped this brownie in the microwave to get warm and melty. The texture was superb! So fudgy 🙂 I thought the sweetness was a bit “off”. It was definitely sweet(how could it not be with so much sugar?) but needed something to balance that sweetness. I really couldn’t complain…

Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownie

Check out that fudge factor! And, of course, being from Wow, it was gluten free. I fel like that’s not so much a problem with brownies, though, since the first ingredients are always chocolate, eggs, sugar, and butter. For homemade gluten free brownies, check out my recipe here.

Oatmeal With Smart Balance Peanut Butter

I thought all those generally empty calories would have left me starving, but I was actually more or less in a sugar coma and just wanted to get to bed early for my long run. Still, I figured I might want a little more so I wouldn’t be starving when I got up and made a bowl of oatmeal. There was a good blob of peanut butter but sticking it back in the microwave “enrobed” it with oats; doesn’t that sound tempting? 🙂

Running Stats

The oatmeal must have worked because this morning I woke up refreshed and ready to tackle my “long run” of the week. I wasn’t sure how it’d be after yesterday’s unplanned 8-miler. Well, for one, it certainly felt like a long run–difficult and painfully long at times. That being said, I enjoyed it and finished 9 miles in 80:53. And in that time I was able to catch to much of The Today Show on the Olympics! I can’t wait for them to really start! Breakfast was very “themed” 🙂

Tierra Farm's Organic Crystallized Ginger

I found this product from Tierra Farm I had yet to even open. I think yesterday’s Kombucha turned me on to a ginger kick!


Pumpkin Oatmeal With Walnut Butter And Crystallized Ginger

Vanilla Chobani With 2 Goji Ginger Walnut Cookies

Like I said, very themed. I topped the vanilla Chobani with 2 of the ginger walnut cookies from Goji Gourmet; gotta get my superfood in after a good run! Since I liked the idea of the ginger and walnut so much, I topped my pumpkin oats with Artisana brand walnut butter and the organic crystallized ginger. The ginger wasn’t quite as strong as I’d have liked; I’ve had some ginger in the past that’s just knocked my socks off and this wasn’t at that spice-level.

And on my way back from the gym it started snowing!! Obviously, the East is getting pummeled today, and it’s finally hitting New England; we’re supposed to get 6-10 inches! There’s also a great chance my only class will be cancelled, so I went ahead and put on lazy sweat pants, and now need to think of what to do for today. Obviously, there’s a little homework. Beyond that, I’ve just got an email about next year’s housing which has me thinking. I really lucked out this year. I got into the perfect dorm for me and got paired with a great roommate and we respect each other well. For higher years, however, it’s done a little more differently; there’s a bit of play involved. I could partner up with a group of 6–if I could find 6–and have us go into the “housing lottery” for a suite, go in completely solo and throw myself to chance, or a number of things in between.  My dream would probably be a solo in the dorm I live in now(Wayland). That’s not very likely, though, for a Sophomore. If anything, the top preference on my list would be to live in the same building at least as this year; I lived in one house my whole life so clearly, when I settle somewhere, I like to settle. There’s always hoping, right?

Editted to add:

I just got an email that class is back on, even though I can tell you right now it is not going to be pretty out at 3-6 in the afternoong. Ugh. And today was the class I volunteered to bring in snacks for(raw vegan brownies). I guess I know where my afternoon is going to. Aww, man, now I need to put on real pants!

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24 Responses to “My, Oh, Brownie”

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Oh man…not real pants!!! haha! Stay warm!! 🙂

I am normally always eating while watching the biggest loser! haha
I am also really excited for the Olympics to start!!!
have a great day

ps real pants sux 😉

oh i remember the fun of housing!
i got a waiver and lived off campus instead 🙂

haha…i hate having to ACTUALLY get ready for things. anndddddd i just caught up on a bunch of your posts and your eats are seriously amazing. i am in constant awe and admiration of your nut butter stash. AH-MAZE.

have a great day – good luck in the snow (we got pummeled too and i am NOT happy about it)

Getting dressed and ready to go is the hardest part for me. Hair, makeup AND clothes?! That’s asking a lot of a person. I’m sorry your class got called back in.
I say put in for a single in the dorm you like now. If that’s what you want, put it out in the universe and it’ll happen 🙂

Real pants are definitely overrated. I pretty much get home from work and switch to comfy pants within the first five minutes. I would have enjoyed a single room also – its nice to be able to sleep/eat/dance around as you please. Good luck!

I agree, real pants suck – I’m in my PJ bottoms as I type 😛 who needs ‘proper’ clothes!?
That brownie looks s o o o good…oh my 🙂

Yea a single dorm here is VERY rare for a sophomore to get and I got one as a freshman! Lucky right? Changing over from lazy pants to real pants must be rough!
Does that crystallized ginger taste like the ginger that comes with sushi or is that a completely different kind? Never had it but i really like the ginger with sushi because of the spiciness!

I remember the whole housing thing stressing me out in college. I went to PITT and it was a crazy lottery system (with athletes getting top pick) I usually lucked out and one of my roomies would get a good number! Hope it all works out for ya!

Hang in there with all that snow…

dude, that sucks, your school SO is not allowed to declare classes back on haha

I ended up in program housing my sophomore and junior year and then lived off campus my senior year to avoid the housing lottery! The Today Show always keeps me at the gym longer than I plan for!

Mmmmmm microwaved brownie!

Sorry that classes are back on. Real pants suck! 🙂

Oh geez, that brownie is a melting, chocolately pile of deliciousness. Too bad about the class 😦 At least you had a nice breakfast. Ginger and oatmeal – who knew??

Stay safe!

have fun making the snacks for your class, i’m sure they’ll be a hit! bummer you have to go to school though, pants and all

Good luck on the living situation! And, I can’t believe that brownie came from a package!!! It looks so gooey and delicious and homemade.

I love ginger in every way shape and form!

Love warm brownies – especially the ones from PB & Co! The one you had looks delicious!

I’ve never put crystallized ginger or butter in my oats & would be more likely to try the ginger. Interesting combos you come up with!

Good luck getting to class!

Love crystallized ginger. It is so tasty. Can’t believe you guys didn’t get more snow! We got almost 12 more inches today so far.

they un-canceled class? i mean i know we got no snow but that is sooo lame!

the ginger kombucha is awesome !i also love the cosmic cranberry! its so tart and delicious…just like you said, oddly fantastic!

mmm that crystalized ginger looks awesome atop the oats, anything ginger works with me!!! I am so happy we havent gotten much snow! I almost find it hard to believe but hey, im not complaining!!

mmmm that brownie looks terrific. i love BIG brownies.

I always eat junk while watching the biggest loser 🙂 Have you thought about getting an apartment next year? I got my own when I was a sophmore and I LOVED it. I seriously hated my roommate freshman year. It was complete hell.

That brownie looks so amazing!
Real pants are always a bummer. When I was in college as soon as I hit the dorms I was in sweats!
Housing is tough, I hope it works out how you want!

I can always count on you for honest opinions! I should travel little Italy with a true Italian next time and perhaps get my hands on some really authentic and delicious cannoli’s. Mike’s Pastry probably Americanized it.

On another note, I’m digging that crystallized ginger on the oats!!! I LOOOVE crystallized ginger as snacks, straight up. Not sure how they fit in with oats, but they certainly look good!!

BOOOO about having classes again! Ick.

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