“Life” Is A Funny Thing

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That’s actually a huge understatement; life is more like the craziest thing you’ll ever attempt to know. That’s what has been on my mind most of today. A few things that sparked that:

  • Someone in my year was struck and killed by a car on a road I’ve crossed 100’s of times this year. I could have had a class with him, lived in the dorms with him, or at least knew him, but I didn’t. I went to his Facebook page when the email was sent out to get a sense of what he looked like. Not 24 hours ago, he was “making friends” on Facebook.
  • While on Facebook, I noticed someone I went to middle school with remark that 5 years ago today, we left off on what would be 10 tough days of community service in Costa Rica. This was one of those trips that breaks you down and builds you completely anew; my eyes were opened in so many ways, good friendships were made better, and it gave me a completely new experience to look back to.
  • Sunday’s Valentines Day. Facebook reminded me(nothing I didn’t already remember) that it also would have been the 18th birthday of a girl I went to high school with and knew very very well, who died from cardiac arrest on a school trip 2 1/2 years ago. She was 15.
  • On a much lighter note, some guy on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire won $250000 answering movie trivia. That’s probably the kind of stuff people told him all his life “would never be useful”, and now look at him. I’ve picked up tons of information like that(hell, it’s my major! haha).

What’s the takeaway from all these doses of “life”? For me, it’s that I’m now looking forward to going home Sunday to be with my extended family. At first, this seemed like such an imposition; could I really give a day away from work? Now I’m thinking, could I really not for family? I don’t think so.

Green Peppers And Savory Breakfast Chicken Sausages

After getting the first bit of news barraged at me, I needed a lunch that would “wow!” me and take my mind of things, but didn’t feel like doing much. I looked at the Al Fresco website to get some ideas for something simple, and found I could make this recipe pretty easily.

Kitchen Sign

I like to adhere to all the rules while cooking; I especially try and remember to take pizza out of the box before putting it in the oven. But that one always trips me up 😛 Anybody care to make a kitchen confession? I’ve done the foil in the microwave thing when I was younger(actually, it was probably my dad’s bad. It was a pancake syrup container from McDonalds on a night my mom was gone from the house). And a note on the last one: The fan doesn’t even work, haha 🙂

Egg And Sausage Frittata, Broccoli With Cayenne Parma

I changed the recipe by using 1 egg and the rest of my egg white container, and microwaved it for a minute afterwards rather than the traditional bake to finish off the top egg. On the side, I had simply steamed broccoli with cayenne parma. I pretty much loved this, licked my plate–the whole shebang. These sausage can do no wrong; I remember thinking that the first time I ate them when I snuck them into the dining hall as my protein. Expect to see this again(hopefully a lot!).

Banana Whip With Maple Syrup

I was pretty awful at getting work done this afternoon; I blame twitter friends and other blogs on my reader 😛 I decided a cool treat was necessary while I had time. I blended up some bananas and drizzled the top with maple syrup. Surprisingly, the syrup didn’t taste awfully sweet with the banana 😦 It was really only sweet the whole spoonfuls I got. Oh well, they were each good on their own part. It always amazes me how something so natural and raw can be so satisfying(technically, maple syrup isn’t raw. But from a New England and New Hampshire standpoint, it’s more natural than breathing).

Peanut Sweet & Salty Odwalla Bar

Later on I wanted some peanuts(not surprising). I realized so few bars I have actually have peanuts in them :-O I think it must be so that companies can boast a peanut-free facility. I remembered grabbing this one from a campus store last semester and went for it. It was way more sweet than salty(I actually had to pour a little salt on). I also convinced myself to go out for the 2nd time today and grabbed some yogurt; 1 vanilla chobani could not last me through Sunday morning.

Bacon Tempeh, Marinated Brussels Sprouts And Tempeh Cubes, Honey

Dinner was flavorful and–better yet–taken care of much earlier. At 3, I marinated brussels sprouts and tempeh with soy sauce, maple syrup, and liquid smoke. I roasted them for 45 minutes and then added some cooked tempeh bacon and honey for a more-or-less savory BBQ flavor. I think this has sparked a new craving for honey in me; I forgot how sweet and pure the real stuff tastes; I’ll grab a local one at a farmer’s market when those rise up again.

On the other side of life, there are happy, tame points that make you smile. I could ask myself every night before going to bed if I lived life that day the way I wanted to and the answer would almost always be “yes”. I love my family and friends and couldn’t be happier with my readership. It’s no secret I like to network with all of you through this blog, both influencing and being influenced. I’m happy to have influenced Freya who made my raw vegan brownies with chocolate frosting here.

And here’s an iHerb giveaway you could win and live life to the fullest with online shopping!

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16 Responses to ““Life” Is A Funny Thing”

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Life has a funny way of totally kicking your ass when you’re not looking, I’ve recently realized. I’m sorry to hear of today’s tragedy, look both ways Evan!

Thank god for the people who invented chocolate & peanut butter.

Oh man, what a terrible thing for that boys family and the whole Brown community! It looks like you took care of yourself with some amazing treats today

I have done the foil in the microwave as well. I remember it started sparking and smoking!

Wow…so crazy when something like that happens. One of my students was in a car accident last semester that killed the three people she was riding with. So scary.

Your eats look great, as per usual. 🙂

I tend to prioritize twitter and blogging over real school work too. Priorities 🙂

omg so sad about the boy who got hit by a car and the girl from high school :(. tragic. just another reminder that life is short and we must remember to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us! i went on a similar trip to costa rica in high school, it was such an amazing experience

holy sh*t the opener of your post is horrifically life flashes in front of eyes kind of eye opening.
dear god my heart just sunk and goosebumps everywhere. my lord have mercy and bless those families right now. jezus christ you wonder why these things happen. “making friends” one day, not the next. and the girl. my goodness. What a surreal feeling you must be having now.

On way lighter matters: Banana Whip With Maple Syrup.
i have found that nana softserve can take a ridic amout of sugar, stevia, agave either in the mixture or as a topping and still not be too sweet. I think it’s a function of the banana itself like absorbing it once it’s been mascerated in the blender. My random musings of course 🙂

Wow those are some sad stories you told us 😦 I’m glad you finished with the $250k guy! I’ve got 3 or 4 books all about random facts, so I’m hoping if I ever went on that show, I’d join that guy 😀
HAHA I think every person who’s ever attmepted to cook has done the old foil in the microwave 😛
Have you done baked potatoes without stabbing them 1st in the microwave? My sister did and they exploded EVERYWHERE. So funny to see 🙂

I always poke my potatoes, but I wasn’t aware they would explode otherwise! Thanks for the tip. I have had egg yolks explode on me; not fun!

Oh my gosh, just reading what was in those brussels made me salivate. I kid you not.

I was thinking the other day about how easy it is to take health and life for granted sometimes!

Your tempeh and brussells sprout dish looks awesome! 😀

Great post Evan. Sometimes we need a reminder not to take the people in our lives for granted. I hope you enjoy your time with your family this weekend 🙂

Wow that’s so terrible and tragic about the Brown student and the girl from your high school. Over winter break a Columbia student died suddenly and I remember thinking how crazy it is that life can just be snatched away so quickly.

sorry to hear about that student, and the other girl you wrote of. such things like that are so sudden that at the time and even after, we don’t know how to react.

I tried heating up water in a to-go coffee mug… that had a rubber bottom. It smelled horrible, set off the smoke detector 3 separate times, and made my apartment freezing because I had to open all windows in 5 degree weather. Not my proudest moment haha.

OMG I had a GENIUS idea! You have to make an oat/nut Odwalla type bar! When I saw the picture, I thought it was in a baking pan and you had made it. You can mix Agave/honey nuts, coconut, seeds, fruit, AB etc and make your own! Drizzle with chocolate and voila! I’m sure you’d kill at it- you seem like such a wicked cook! The frittata looks amazing! Have a great weekend!

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