Catch Up, Run, Devour!

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Things I need to do more often: Relax! But that’s not happening now, so let’s get into it.

Tips To Save

I’ve been wanting to bring this one up for a while. I get asked a lot “How do you save money on groceries?”. My answer is that there are tons of ways! You just need to tap into them!


1. Buy off-brand and do it yourself! These are two biggies anyone can do. If you trust a store brand, it’ll often be cheaper than the name ones. I buy a lot of Trader Joe products, which are almost a dollar off theirย competitorsย at normal price. I also try to buy the raw ingredients rather than premade/seasoned, which are always more expensive. And the best thing you can do is simply cook for yourself! You’ll save a lot more if you buy proteins and cook them than if you order them out.

If you’re asking yourself “what’s he going to do with a pound of beef in a dorm room?” I’m thinking the same question :-/


Yes, I do acknowledge my yogurt obsession, but this brings up 2 more tips.

2. Follow your favorite brands on Twitter. It sounds weird, but by doing this I won 12 Chobani in one of their contests, and you could too! It’s a great way to connect with your favorite brands. I tweet @So_Delicious all the time, and while it hasn’t won me anything so far, it’s really fun!

3. Store sales and coupons! I’m sure we all had mothers who sat at the table clipping coupons and reading circulars until the cows came home, right? Well, turns out she had a point! If you check, you’re favorite foods(like Oikos) just might be cheaper this week. And if you pair a $1 Oikos sale with a $1 off Oikos coupon from the circulars, that’s a freebie right there!


4. Fan Your Favorite Companies. Similar to tweeting, email and Facebook are two great ways to stay up to date with your favorite company, and they often help you right back! In this picture, I managed a free bag of Popchips because I get their e-newsletters, and 2 free Nature’s Path products because I won a fan contest on Facebook by being their friend. It does pay to be friendly!

I hope that has enlightened or at least amused you. Personally, I loooove seeing other’s groceries ๐Ÿ™‚

Almost Empty Smart Balance Peanut Butter

While I was home yesterday, I grabbed this out of our pantry. Who takes almost empty things just to use them once and throw them away? Apparently, me!

Pumpkin Oats In A Jar With Chocolate Chips, Vanilla Greek Yogurt

I also seriously felt like I needed protein, since I had so little all day. I added an Oikos in to put my mind at ease. Does anyone else make the oats in a bowl, and then add them to the jar? I just don’t really trust microwaving that plastic for 2 minutes. Also, for good measure, there was Trader Joe’s chocolate chips involved. There always are ๐Ÿ™‚

Last night I could not sleep for the life of me. I think the attendant at McDonalds gave me real coffee instead of decaf at 6pm, which threw me off for the night! I tried to get sleepy; I shut down everything but the TV at 10. But then 11 rolled around, and I was up. And then 11:30. Finally, I had a snack.

Nature's Path Pumpkin N' Spice Chewy Granola Bar

I’m not saying something as carby as this bar is good at 11:30 when you can’t sleep. But it did hit a certain spot, and was free because of the Nature’s Path Facebook coupon, so left me with good conscious. The flavor reminded me of anything and everything toted as “frosted” from my childhood. And I was a little disappointed that even the seeds weren’t hard anymore but rather chewy. Anyway, I don’t think I actually fell asleep until after 12:30, which definitely P.ed me O, if only because there’s so much I could have done with that amount of time, and I knew I had a long run in the morning.

10 Miles in 89:51

I’ll start with what matters: I did it! Woohoo! The first time I hit 10 miles on the treadmill I remember needing a movie to keep me going. Well, this time I had The Today Show. I tried to get their early to dominate the TV’s but most of the ‘mills were taken by 7am! Let the competition begin. I felt a little lagging half way through, but then a gym friend showed up, and we talked about the opening ceremonies and not being able to be awake for the whole thing, haha.ย The time was a little slower than I’d like–a 9:00min/mile pace. But hopefully I’ll get speedier once I get more used to these distances.

Better Than Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

It’s also been a rather slow(but busy!) morning; I took 60 minutes between getting of the treadmill to do everything I had to do before sitting down to a breakfast. Time gap much? I pulled out these new seeds for some optimum nutrition and worked them in to some favorite foods.

Pepita Sun Butter Oats, Soy Yogurt With Hemp And Pumpkin Seeds

Agave Soy Yogurt With Vanilla Stevia, Pumpkin Seeds, And Hulled Hemp

Clearly, when I get on a theme, I get on it. I had a somewhat obligatory bowl of oatmeal with pepita sun butter from Naturally Nutty. Since that has pumpkin, flax, and hemp, naturally my yogurt should follow suit, right? It was a glorious reunion with soy yogurt after a week of being out of it! It was nice and sweet, which gave good contrast for the pumpkin seeds and hulled hemp. I guess overall it was a pretty seedy breakfast ๐Ÿ˜‰

Back On Track

I tried this last week and liked where it got me! But then some things took a downturn over the weekend, so here’s to me getting back on track.

1. Meal plans. In short, I need to make them. They may not be necessary, but they make life so much simpler, especially on work days, so why not? Any ideas for all that beef? I have a few, but I’d love to hear what you can come up with!

2. Planned Runs. Last week I hit my running goals spot on, and I hope the same for this week! Mon: 10. Tues: 5. Wed: 10. Thu: 7. Fri: 8. Those are the goals, at least.

3. Protein & Fat. I feel like I was doing so well at incorporating more protein and fat and then–what happened? Over the weekend was beans and chips and oatmeal–oh my! Hopefully, this one will come naturally if I stick to number 1 and number 4…

4. Eat Nutrition! I don’t mean to demonize carbs, I really don’t. But the fact is that heavy carb items–sugar, oatmeal, starchy vegetables–are also usually not as nutrient dense as light vegetables, seeds, nuts, and proteins. I was not a fan of Thrive by Brendan Brazier, but one point that stuck out to me was that he went from eating 8000 calories of starchy, white foods a day to 2000 of nutrient-rich ones and became 10 times better in what he does.

5. Work First, Internet Later. This is more of a one-day goal, specifically today! I have a HUGE to-do list before the week starts up, and anything beyond my inbox just does not need to be addressed soon I figure. So for now, it’s work work work!

And now, drumroll please….

The winner of my biggest contest thus far is reader Melissa MC! Congrats! I will contact you for your information. If you didn’t win, keep an eye out for more contests soon and more coconut oil recipes!

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25 Responses to “Catch Up, Run, Devour!”

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10miles on a TREADMILL!? crikey!! Admirable ๐Ÿ™‚ I bet it helps having a tv therethough…the treadmills at my uni have no tv, so ALL you can think about is the wall directly in front of you,the people that smell next to you, and the fact that you’re running. Talk about dull!
Good tips ๐Ÿ™‚ I need to meal plan more too…:s
Have a good day!
(oh and I don’t even step into my bed til 11.30pm!! I love how different people have different body clocks :))

YAY! I am proud of you for that awesome run! I also liked your goals! Good stuff there! ๐Ÿ™‚

Totally psyched to have found your blog. And what a great rundown of goals!

Hey hon!! Great job on that stellar run! Fabulous! I love all you money savings tips too. I think that is something that we can all use to incorporate. I know Im always lookin for ways to save. Cool back on track plan. Im kind on a similar one too. Ive been grazing a bit too much. So time to get back to stricter eating habits! I hope you have an awesome day!

Great money saving tips!

I would make tacos or spaghetti with the ground beef but I am pretty boring like that ๐Ÿ˜€

I love having a meal plan for the week, because I still get some flexibility to choose what I am eating on each night, but I know I’ve bought everything I’m going to need for each meal! Makes cooking dinner wayy less of a process!

Honestly, this is going to sound boring, but my favorite way to eat burger is a grilled cheeseburger!

for the beef…I vote a big pot of chili

I wish I had your stamina! And really great money-saving tips! I always buy Trader Joe’s brand. I love that So Delicious yogurt, too, and I got some coupons on their website here:

Oh, and I just started following them on twitter, because they’re having a contest for an iPod Touch. I’d love to win one of those.

You just made a lightbulb go off in my head. Yes, I always microwave my oats in a separate container before serving in a bowl (mostly for picture/presentation purposes). Another thing I’m a bit preachy about is only eating OIAJ out of glass jars. BUT (lightbulb moment here) when I cook the oats, I make them in a plastic tupperware container!!!! Talk about hypocritical.

Hey there! I definitely make my oats in a bowl before putting them in a jar – I don’t trust it either!

Awesome job on the run. Hope you’re having a great day.

Great tips for saving money! I get a lot of email newsletters – they only take a minute to peruse, and they’re often filled with coupons and freebies.

thanks for the awesome tips! i’ll have to become fans of my favorite brands on facebook – i never knew it could be that beneficial!

Loved your tips! So much helpful ๐Ÿ™‚
Have an amazing day!
Brazilian XOXOยดs,

good goals and tips. i always buy stop and shop brand or market basket brand. totally save mucho dinero.

and with the race about a month or so away are you going to get outside soon?

I figure I’ll run outside when it get’s warmer, especially on the weekend when the gym opens late. Other than that, no rush

great tips! i’m always surprised how many things you can get on twitter.

buying grains, nuts, etc in bulk saves me SO MUCH. and i’m a total coupon clipper, i got an oikos basically fo r free this week ๐Ÿ™‚

Great tips– I need to work more on signing up for newsletters and becoming “fans” and “friends” of the products I love.

Hi Evan!
I love your goals. I somehow need to find balance w/ my computer time, it’s pretty out of control and insane! I also have the opportunity to go meet and hear Brendan B speak tomorrow nite. It’s a bit of a drive and a major juggle w/ my fam obligations, but i think im gonna go. Do you want me to ask him anything if he opens it up for Q & A? I totally agree w/ your thoughts that you mentioned.

Nuking plastic for more than a few seconds is majorly leeching BPA. I am not militant but there are times where totally you know that it’s chemical soup if you didnt transfer to glass or whatever.

LOve your tips. My tips are to only buy what you really truly need and not experimental products. That’s what swag is for ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s hilarious that you bought ground beef for your dorm room… the closest thing to that I ever had was a steak sub to go! Cool though, that you manage to eat so much real food there.

Ten miles on a treadmill; you are crazy. I somehow have to get 20 in this week before my 50K, and snow is everywhere, even on the shoulders of roads. The thought of doing it on a treadmill is terrible; I’d sooner skip it than even do 8 on a treadmill!

Great tips!! I looooove TJs brands. Actually, I’m not a fan of their Greek yogurt but everything else is a steal! Also the Whole Deal saves mucho bucks!

Congrats on the run! No way I would last 10 miles on that thing!

thanks for these tips!!! i should def start following chobani on twitter lol

love the savings tips! i do the same thing…but i have yet to win giveaways like you always do on facebook and twitter. always jealous.

and your back on track plans sound awesome. I’m trying my hardest to incorporate many of those into my life too!

Great tips, I agree with you, it’s a lot cheaper to buy raw ingredients, beside being more healthy and delicious. Buying meat on sale and freezing it is another good way to save too, but I admit it’s not easy in a dorm room. Maybe you could make jerky? ๐Ÿ˜›

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