I Need A Dentist

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I think I need a dentist because my sweet tooth has been out of control recently! Now, you might say, “But Evan, that would mean that it was once in control, and you can’t honestly expect that, can you?” Well, I would say that on the whole it pretty much is; if anything, I overdo it with the salt in food. I love my oats salty! But recently, it’s been all about the sugar. For example:

Agave Soy Yogurt With Milk Chocolate Peanut Sunspires

It shouldn’t be a shocker that I enjoy something chocolate every night after dinner. Last night my thought process was along these lines: “I think I want dark chocolate. Yeah, dark chocolate. That’s nice and full of antioxidants. And it’s vegan. I’ll have vegan dark chocolate, and a vegan yogurt. I’ll have soy yogurt. But if I’m having soy yogurt I’ll need… milk chocolate!!” And that’s how we arrived here.

Bleeding Colors

That amuses me oh so much. This snack had plenty of sugar between the agave in the yogurt and the chocolate. At least there were peanuts in there, too? Those made them healthy. These are actually one of the few “candies” I eat, so if they’re my biggest vice, c’est la vie. I ate this while trying to get in to the Olympics, but pair skating is just not my sport 😦 Bring back the speed skating! Not an hour later, my sweet tooth struck again.

Cherry Coconut Oatmeal With Chocolate Peanut Butter And Coconut Butter

I usually like salty oats; last night was a huge exception. I made oatmeal with 1/4 cup oats, 2 tablespoons Bob’s Red Mill coconut flour, a spoonful of cherry butter, and vanilla stevia, and then topped them with coconut butter from Artisana and Justin’s chocolate peanut butter. Notice how there’s a big plop of the sweet nut butter and a little bit of the fiberous one? Yeah, me neither. Well I had that and then got to bed nice and early(10:30!) for some sweet dreams and 8 hours of sweet sleep.

18 Rabbits Cheeky Cherry Chocolate Granola Bar

This morning I woke up half-hungry? It just feels like my hunger’s going to be off today, but I’d hate to think pessimistically like that. Anyway, I ate about 2/3rds of the cheeky cherry chocolate bar from 18 Rabbits on my run. Overall, the most satisfying thing here was the chocolate(of course). Otherwise, thought that the cherries and cacao nibs were bit slacking. The coconut in the granola was a nice subtle flavor, too. Still, it was pretty sweet and almost like a dessert with the chocolate.

8 Miles In 68:57

The “plan” for my run was 5 miles. I started out going faster than I would have thought: 7mph. That was my treadmill pace last semester but has been elusive so far. Today, however, I had no trouble with it, and I felt like I could just keep going, so I did! The way my (lack of) training plan works is that I’d rather run “how I’m feeling” today than plan too far ahead. I ended up doing a speedy 8 miles, which was fun but put the rest of my morning in a rush.

Banana Oats With Barney Butter, Cherry 2% Greek Yogurt

Banana Oats With Barney Butter

FINALLY I had a thought to try and cap the sugars. I was at least somewhat successful? I still needed to sweeten my oats and yogurt, and topped both with spreads that have sugar in them :-/ But cherry butter and Barney Butter are definitely some of the lesser evils that I could have gone for. Maybe I need a sugar challenge like this daring blogger and Ellen?

Vanilla Decaf Coffee

And now I’m enjoying my favorite new tradition of Tuesday/Thursday: a warm cup of coffee with stevia after class. And I feel thrifty because I brew it myself instead of going to a campus coffee stop 🙂 I also polished off the remaining 1/3 of the cheeky cherry chocolate bar while writing this. And you can damn well bet I savored and enjoyed the chocolate chips 😉 But now I’m just hoping a straight and proper lunch will smack things back to “normal” again. And… I’m off!

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17 Responses to “I Need A Dentist”

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Sometimes my sweet tooth is completely out of control and I honor it with extra dark chocolate and it passes in a few days! The extra chocolate is a nice mood-booster too!

Happy Tuesday Evan!

looks YUMMY .. though, i have issues with the texture of that kind of yogurt. not quite used to it yet!

hey no shame in the sugar! atleast it is GOOD sugar! i am going to have to buy some avocados to make your pudding..im so intrigued!

You probably crave so much sugar cos it’s quick energy, and considering the amount of running you do, your body probs needs it!
Have you ever cooked banana into your oats? That does all the sweetening you’ll ever need and it’s DELICIOUS!! 😀

Maybe you aren’t taking in the right kind of carbs after you run? Or maybe you just love your sweets! Either way, it all looks yummy!

Cherry butter sounds incredible!! I love the photo of your coffee mug – it looks so peaceful…

I can’t run fast on the treadmill, no matter how speedy I am outside! Maybe I’m afraid of shooting off the back?

Yeah, pairs skating wasn’t my thing either…especially since the Russians lost…GAH!

Wow, you run FAST! There was a guy running at 7.1 MPH next to me at the gym today and I thought he was going to fall off!

I am still higly intrigued by the cherry butter…can’t wait to pick some up at Whole Foods this weekend! Good run today! 🙂

i think i have commented before on your blog! but if i haven’t i just wanted to let ya know i love reading it!
that yogurt with pb sunspires looks great!

Oh man, don’t call me daring– I have not exactly been rocking the sugar challenge as well as I’d hoped I would. But thank you for the shout out!!! 🙂

YES TO ALL THINGS CHOCOLATE!!! I have it everyday…and not always the “healthy” kinds you have that’s for sure.

2 words: Russell Stover Chocolates – I ate a box in 2 days….like 11 p.m…not cool, not cool….

Great mileage! Woot! Your rocking it.

I can’t get into pairs skating either – but I like the singles – mens tonight!!

welcome to my damn life!! Stop the madness.

I love my oats salty most of the time, but every now and then I like ’em sweet. Your yogurt with candy looks divine!! 🙂

every day is a sweet tooth day for me!

Mmmm, If only a dentist could fix my sweet tooth – I’d probably weigh 20 lbs less…but then I’d miss out on all of the yumminess of life. 🙂

somedays, i have sweet TEETH, not just one tooth that’s sweet

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