In A Jiffy…

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In a jiffy I’m putting up this post before class.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Nibmor Almond Chocolate

In a jiffy I can whip up a batch of chocolate avocado pudding that’s smooth and silky. I also added in a piece of almond Nibmor because raw cacao butter just rocks my socks(all though, to be honest, I wish this were their original flavor). Why haven’t I bought that yet? I’ll look for it and pick one up in a jiffy.

In a jiffy I’m already so annoyed with Lent. It’s making me have cravings it knows I can’t have that I would never otherwise crave. Like orange chicken at 10pm? Since when?!

In a jiffy last night I was in my PJ’s and reading a food magazine in the month that it was published. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten around to one that fast.

In a jiffy those female skiers were flying down the mountain last night. Too bad so many of them were on their butts and not their skis.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Nutritional Yeast And Smart Balance

In a jiffy I shut down my computer, ate some oats, and fell asleep. I might not have been able to feed a chicken craving but “vegan cheddar” I could do with these oats–yum.

In a jiffy I made some decaf french vanilla coffee this morning–whoopee!

In a jiffy I read an email from a writing fellow saying my paper might “miss the mark”, decided to disagree with her, and swapped the grading option from ABC to Pass/Fail on that class. How great to do 2 things I love–arguing with people and making important life decisions–before the sun rises and in a jiffy.

7 Miles In 62:55

In a jiffy I ran 7 miles(that is if you consider 62:55 a “jiffy”).

In a jiffy I decided that I would post before class to today so that I can hit up Whole Foods between Greek and Greek History with time to cook up lunch.

Breakfast Components

In a jiffy I grabbed what will make up my breakfast(less sunspires will be involved though.

In a jiffy I’m going to defend myself by saying this is 3/4 organic, free of refined grains, probiotic, and exactly what I was craving. So there!

In a jiffy I’m off! What have you done recently in a jiffy?

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20 Responses to “In A Jiffy…”

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Cute post! I will say that I ALWAYS shower in a jiffy. I can shower, get dressed, have my hair done, and add a little make up in 30 minutes! My husband loves it!! 🙂

I love your “themes” in your writing. In a jiffy??? Uh….I can work myself up into a total stress, anxiety-ridden person “in a jiffy” – no problem! Yep. UGH! …..

Now I can’t ever seem to make dinner in a “jiffy” though and it’s sucking up my time! …but I did get a slow cooker – so excited to try that out…. what do you think of them??

The last time I used one was last May or so making ham-bone chili but I think they’re excellent for a deeply flavored meal that requires nothing but time

All this talk of “jiffy” just makes me want peanut butter… In a jiffy I can explain all of the types of running shoes my company carries? Lame I know. My brain isn’t in “jiffy” mode yet this morning.

Such a clever, witty post! 🙂 Going to Whole Foods between classes sounds like an AWESOME plan!! YAY Whole foods! 🙂

Let’s see, so far, this morning, at work, I’ve scheduled some surgeries in a jiffy… I know, so exciting, right? :-p Oooh, and I made my morning breakfast smoothie (fat free greek yogurt, banana, almond milk, wheat bran, and strawberries!) in a jiffy! 🙂 Much more exciting! 🙂

I just made your chocolate avocado pudding and can’t wait to eat it for dessert tonight!

I live in NYC, so everything I do feels like it’s being done in a jiffy. Thoughts, getting from place to place, cooking, etc. All jiffys for this one.

I like that you eat at your laptop too – maybe this is a student thing!?
I ran 5.4k in a jiffy cos it was poourrring with rain, but I reaaally needed the run after a not so jiffy day of lectures!

I can get ready in a jiffy. I’m trying to spend more time on my hair, but I just give up and go. I guess it’s worth it?? I don’t know.

Haha all I could think about while reading this is peanut butter….I think that means I should go get my lunch!

haha I think someone said this but all this jiffy talk makes me think of JIF PB! wow that chocoalte avo pudding and chocolate looks STELLAR!! I am sure you were chocoalted out after that 🙂 or not… haha

I heard those skiiers were insane! i want to watch some today online!

I ge ready for work in a jiffy since im a PT, I get to wear workout clothes, YES!

in a jiffy i threw on a wonky outfit bc i was blogging too long and lost track of time before i had to leave for class!

since i’m still home w/ the flu i can’t do any jiffy workouts, but am doing my business forms in a jiffy as i want to get my taxes done done done this weekend.

All I keep thinking of is JIF peanut butter.. wow, grew up on that stuff!!

I just want to let you know I passed the sunshine award to you! 🙂

Interesting use of nutritional yeast on oatmeal, I must try that!

My Thursdays are always done in a jiffy too!!!

What food mags do you read, Evan?

Rachael Ray and Food Network. I bought 2 year subscriptions to both with my X-mas money this year, haha

in a jiffy = comment!
houseguests…slammed with too much action, not enough resting.

LOL=reading a food magazine in the month that it was published..
and the skiers/butts comment. hahah!!!!!!

I just showered in a jiffy so as not to miss the Olympics!! hahaha!

In a Jiffy I have thought about having THAT meal for breakfast! I read your comment on my post, but you didn’t mention it included oats. That looks so interesting, and it’s a combination I never would have thought create. Honestly, my breakfast in the morning (every morning) is oat bran, pumpkin puree, and Smart Balance crunchy pb, but tomorrow I am trying the nutritional yeast too!

WOW. Pudding? Sounds crazy, looks amazing. Definitely want to try!

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