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You can call me butterfingers today for so many reasons. Then again, I can’t refuse some good butter 😀 Right after breakfast(with butter toffee peanut butter, no less), I hopped out to walk to Supercuts. I’ve gotten my haircut by the same person for–God–7 years, maybe? Maybe more. It felt like I was cheating on that person by going to someone else, but hey! I’m in another state! If it’s any consolation, my Tina does a way better job than whoever I had today. After I got back to my dorm, it was practically lunch time.

Microwave Popcorn

Who’s up for working ridiculous things into meals because you’re craving them? I am! I am! For what it’s worth, I believe this was Newman’s Own Organics‘ light butter; it didn’t say on the packaging but I don’t think I’d have boughten any other kind.

Steamed Broccoli, Scrambled Tofu, Buttered Popcorn

For a protein, I “scrambled” some tofu with a fork and cooked in a pan with soy sauce until it firmed up and came to be almost like eggs–yum! You should definitely try this.

Broccoli, Scrambled Tofu

Part of the browning comes from soy sauce, but part of it comes from the pan; that’s how you know it’s done. And in defense of popcorn, it is a whole grain! With moderate amount of butter and salt, it’s near perfection, too. This afternoon I was the other kind of butterfinger–the kind who’s constantly dropping the ball.


I grabbed this apple while I was throwing stuff in the laundry machine in the basement. On the good side of things, it was fresh and not at all mealy! On the downside, when has a tiny apple ever been a sufficient snack? It needed almond butter or peanut butter.

Greek Yogurt With Raspberry Dark Chocolate Jam

Which is why I made up another snack not 20 minutes later once I sat down to do some work. I’ve really slipped up recently by neglecting the good ol’ yogurt and jam–a classic combination. I might have also slipped up by assuming the fire alarm this afternoon was a drill, because eventually firemen showed up and the building was practically in lock down–double oops. It was not my kind of afternoon.

Coconut + Vanilla Macaroon, Almond Milk Vanilla Frosty

Once things settled down, I made a repeat snack from yesterday but with some twists: I used almond milk, sea salt, and vanilla agave for the shake and had a coconut + vanilla macaroon emmy’s organic macaroon on the side. The shake was noticeably more bitter, probably because a) Xagave is sweeter than normal agave I find and b) almond milk is naturally bitter. Next time I should try it with Xagave and cow’s milk to see how it tastes. When I was cleaning my food processor–blech. I don’t even want to say it.

Plastic Pieces

Butterfingers! I dropped the top piece and some plastic came off 😦 It looks like the whole thing should still work, but man! If you remember, this happened when I first bought my food processor and was able to exchange it; I think it’s been a little too long now. All I can say is I would not recommend the Black & Decker brand as it is far too fragile; if anyone has a food processor they want me to demo, I’m all game 😀

Mushroom Omelet With Colby Cheese, Vegetable Melange With Hemp Oil Sweet & Sassy Dressing

Dinner was so unexciting; I’m ready for this Lent thing to be over already! I just want a juicy burger 😦 Instead, I ate eggs, with a little butter in the pan to make them not stick. Exciting, huh? Well, this new dressing was sort of exciting, and loaded with healthy fats, too. I’d love to try it on something green like spinach with some sweetness(tomato). It has a nice sweet tang almost like BBQ sauce.

Clean Comforter And Jacket

I could slip into my bed right now like butter if it weren’t not-made. On the bright side, I did slip into a fresh out of the drier sweatshirt, which is always like a warm hug. Now, what gets butter off the fingers? Coconut oil?

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19 Responses to “Butterfingers”

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I’m definitely known to be a butterfingers, too! My mom always says, “And that’s why we didn’t name her grace.” Haha.

The whole time I was reading this, I was thinking of butterfinger candies. I haven’t had one in forever, but despite the fake, waxy chocolate, I remember them fondly. 🙂

Have a great Friday night!

I’m pretty sure the only cure for butterfingers is eating ice cream straight from the carton… With your fingers

um….so…butterfingers….i was thinking the other kind…as in the chocolate Easter butterfingers shaped into little eggs….i doubt you eat those though! Butter = good.

I am the same way with my hair dresser. I have gone to the same one since high school. She is also a high school friend, so I feel I would betray here, haha. And she knows what I like, too, so she never messes up!

Hope you have a nice Friday!

DANG who needs wendys when you can make that kind of frosty?!?!

i love the looks of the egg scrabley tofu! yum!

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Jam oh my oh my. give it to me!!!

And food procs. Just get yourself one of those 20% off BB & Beyond coupons (if u need one i can mail you one) and go there and buy the Cuisinart 10 cup which is like $200 minus the 20% will be cheaper than anywere on the ‘net and it’s a damn good machine. My .02 of course if you dont wanna pop for the vita. I can get you one for $449. I know that sounds like alot but it’s a lifetime machine. Forever. You never buy another one as long as you live. If it goes haywire, you send it back, they send you another one. Period. I blew my 1st vita up and they sent me another one no ?’s asked.

sad about your food processor top, i hate when plastic bits break! at least it’ll still work fine. my water polo coach used to yell “dedos mantequillas!” whenever we dropped the ball haha

just replace your food processor with a magic bullet!! anything with an infomercial is amazing, or better yet the bullet express!

thats jam looks amazing 🙂
gotta love a tofu scramble, i add termeric to mine xxx

Scrambled tofu, how clever! Did you just crumble regular hard tofu?
Popcorn for lunch, haha! I always forget you can buy that stuff, cos I only ever see it at the cinema [spilt all over the floor :(]

Oh man…nothing beats warm clothes right out of the dryer. Except maybe warm butter 🙂

That apple is so dark!

I have been wanting to make scrambled tofu! What kind did you use? The firm stuff or what?

It’s Trader Joe-San Organic brand, but I think it’s equivalent to the soft Nasoya. When I buy Nasoya, that’s the one I go for

Lol, you should have given up NUT BUTTERS for Lent! Sorry about your blender and camera!

raspberry dark chocolate jam?! that sounds amazing! where did you get it??? i must try that!

My food processor is a crusinart…it is awesome!!

Scrambled tofu is awesome! i love adding in extra veggies to mine and topping it w/ marinara…nom nom.

i have been digging the warm clothes out of the dryer lately too. it’s not as cold where you are, but i’m always cold!

loving the frosty! i need to try that!

popcorn is the best snack. salty + whole grain.
how many other easy ways are there to satisfy a salty craving that don’t involve deep fried potatoes?

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