Friday Fish And Chips

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Happy Lenten Friday, everybody! OK, that has an awful and fake sound to it. The Church needs to come up with something catchy. But while they do, I’ll catch you up on what we decided. Last Friday I posed the question yay or nay on fish if I consider them a “meat” in terms of vegetarianism. A lot of you raised compelling arguments and the clear answer was that fish was cheap at the time of Aquinus which is why Catholics can still eat fish during Lent, but it’s “in the spirit” to have only the lesser-quality fish(aka no sashimi :-(). Of course, I also consulted my mom who’s the real my-word-goes-if-you-know-what’s-good-for-you and she agreed that fish was OK. Why am I saying this when fish wasn’t even on the menu for lunch?

Asian Tofu And Egg Stir-Fry With Honey Ginger Veggies And Hemp Flax Crackers

In my way overworked pan, I browned the last of a block of tofu(1.5 servings maybe) in soy sauce. Then I added these honey ginger vegetables I picked up at the dining hall until they were heated. Lastly, I cracked in an egg and cooked through–delicious! I’m not sure what was on the veggies; I don’t want to know. But this tasted perfectly greasy like real Chinese food. Over the top, I sprinkled some Omega-3’s ala seed crackers:

Foods Alive Hemp Flax Crackers

Foods Alive Hemp Flax Crackers to be exact. These were so deliciously herby! Rosemary is towards the bottom of the ingredient list but the flavor was LOUD and proud, and good, too! I actually opened this thinking it was “herb” instead of “hemp”; perhaps it should have been.

Apple With Coconut Oil Agave Dipping Spread

While watching America completely own Finland, I had an ingenous and delicious snack. I sliced up a red delicious apple and spread on it Tropical Tradition‘s coconut oil mixed with Xagave–sweet fats, this was good! I could have just eaten the coconut oil with a spoon; OK, I might have done that a little, too 😉 Anything to distract me from work! But then I got hungry again, which meant early dessert apparently:

Soy Yogurt With Milk Chocolate Peanut Sunspires

I was on such a good vegan streak until the egg, and then milk chocolate. Oh well, if my milk and meat teeth want to return, fine by me. While majorly enjoying this, I stuck a sweet potato in the oven, but it didn’t cook in time for dinner 😦 I had all the time in the world; I should have put it in early. I’ve since stuck it in the fridge for another meal. Here’s where the fish comes in:

Trader Joe's Wild Alaskan Salmon

Ain’t she a beauty? Straight from a can. It kind of made me think I was eating cat food(like, a lot). I guess that’s the spirit of Lent! 🙂 To flavor it, I added some maple syrup and maple butter. And because my sweet potato didn’t turn out, I had a very different form of potatoes…

Maple Butter Alaskan Salmon, Broccoli, Sour Cream & Onion Pop Chips

Is it wrong that I probably liked the Sour Cream & Onion popchips more than I’d have liked the sweet potato? Yeah, no shame. The salmon was pretty decent for being from a can; they didn’t keep much fat in it, though, which is where all the Omega-3’s would be 😦 Good enough, I suppose? I’d actually been thinking about finding a good DHA supplement this year, but my final verdict is the same: I don’t really believe in supplements(fortified foods I’m a bit more tolerant of). I’m much more apt to want to get the nutrients from the foods themselves. And it’s especially hard for me to justify that I would need fish oil when there are so many healthy vegans and vegetarians. So no supplements for me! And I probably saved some good money with that decision, too 😉

Looking back over this week, I learned 1 block of tofu is not enough for this soy lover, and 4 soy yogurts barely got me through. Add those to the shopping list! And looking ahead, I’d really love to go home and bake a cake for no reason, but I don’t see that happening 😦 Visions of sugar cakes baking in my sleep? I’m guessing…

I hate to barrage you with contests but there are a lot out there right now and since I recently won I figure I’d keep the luck going and maybe get some scratch tickets later, too! Avery is having a peanut butter giveaway, here’s a chia seed giveaway, a popchip giveaway(which I obviously need to feed my addiction), a giveaway for shredded coconut from Trop Traditions, an ice cream machine giveaway, and lastly one for chia goodness oatmeal.

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14 Responses to “Friday Fish And Chips”

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Thanks for adding my giveaway link! =)

ahhh i’d forgotten until now how i’d totally use fridays as an excuse to guilt my daddy into taking me to ivars for fish and chips. yummmm

I thought you given up soy products for Lent?? – but still with tofu??
Yeah to poppachips…

I gave up for Lent prepared soy products(premarinated tempeh, veggie burgers, soy sausages, etc.) so the only form of soy I’m buying are the raw materials(plain tofu, plain tempeh, plain soy yogurt). The only exception is soy milk ice cream, because that’s hardly “food” to begin with

Sweet potatoes don’t take that long to bake. You couldn’t wait a few more minutes? Lol.

Thanks for the link back. Good luck!!

i love how you eat popchips WITH salmon..its awesome! such a college kid!

for some reason i am really craving broccoli now haha
thanks for the links

we could swap kitchens: broccoli, xagave, hemp cracks from foods alive! same products here this week 🙂

thanks for the linky’s to my contest and others…borrage us anytime my friend!

and lent/fish. when i was growing up, fish was “ok” but grilled cheese sammies and waffles for dinner were “better”. God and just thinking about those cold winter nights starving and eating a bowl of tomato soup. Dear lord lifetime ago. Now that I am not a practicing catholic but very spiritual (and married to a jew LOL) AND vegan, lent doesnt so much matter anymore but the childhood memories are forever. Thanks for induling my trip down memory lane but you sorta asked bout lent so that’s my chime-in. It’s 2am here, why am i still up?! LOL

I think you´re right – the thing about eating ish during Lent depends only on you. Some people think it´s ok – I do. But, remember – it´s the intention that´s importatnt. If you´re still comitted, don´t worry. You won´t de doing nothing wrong 🙂
Have a great weekend!
Brazilian XOXO´s,

Can you believe that I’ve actually never tried popchips? I need to get on that! 😀

I agree with your thoughts on obtaining DHA from actual foods. I think supplements are kind of an easy out in getting nutrients. When you don’t get your vitamins, minerals from the food source, you immediately cut out all the other essential nutrients that come with them such as protein, fiber, etc. Plus at $15+ a bottle, you’d really have to present a strong scientific argument to get me to invest in vitamins/supplements.

Oooh that Asian meal looks like all sorts of yummy. 🙂

Thanks for posting the giveway links, too!

i’m having a giveawy too :). i love honey and ginger togehter on veggies, so good!

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