She Thinks My Treadmill’s Sexy

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I’m afraid I’m going to get charged with a PUI: Posting Under the Influence. I overdid it on Country music this morning; that stuff goes straight to my head like triple X whisky. Let’s see how this pans out…

Greek Yogurt With Cherry Butter And Dark Cherry Chocolate

Like Sugarland preaches, in life there ain’t no rhyme or reason, no complicated meaning, ain’t no need to overthink it, let go laughin’. Sometimes you just need to put unholy amounts of cherry butter and chocolate on top of your yogurt to make life a lil’ better 🙂 Ain’t no shame. I enjoyed this gourmet yogurt mess while watching Survivor; at this point, I’m just waiting while they knock out the suckers in the game and get to the real players.

Food Network Magazine

Did you know it’s apparently legal to have “free time”? I did not. But I finally got around to reading the new Food Network magazine I got ages ago. Most of the recipes seem so complex I want to tear my hair out, but the articles are nice, and there was this killer recipe for avocado hummus snuck in a St. Patrick’s day article. Not so holy? Me singing out loud both parts of Lady Antebellum’s All We’d Ever Need. It got noisy.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With SP PB, Nutritional Yeast, And Sea Salt

I wrapped up the night with the same bowl of oatmeal I had at breakfast–no shame. If there was any confusion, what I put on this is Smart Balance Peanut Butter, their one sweetened with agave syrup. They have several products out that sound similar, but that’s the one I like. I also thought about how I ate completely vegan yesterday, save 4oz grass fed beef and 6oz greek yogurt. Not bad considering when you see a deer, you see Bambi. And I see antlers up on the wall. Brad and I have things in common.

Tribal Cinnamon Oatmeal Bora Bora Bar

This morning, I accidentally set my alarm for Tuesday/Thursday time. 6:15 on a day with no class? No thank you. I “slept in” until 7, then hit the gym with this bar in hand. I really didn’t have a set distance. 8? 10? 12?!

12 Miles In 1:47:45

Yep. 12. I haven’t ran that far or felt that good since back in December. Was it the dried fruit in the bar? Was it the company of the other treadmillers? Was it The Today Show? Was it the copious amount of country music? No idea. But, like Miley says, Ain’t about how fast I get there. Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side. It’s the climb.

Found Money

On the walk back to my dorm alone I found 27 cents! Sweet deal; that’s about as much of a paycheck as I’ve seen lately. Since I’m a poor Country singer, hopping bar to bar for a paycheck, I thought about how much beer food this pays for. I was pleasantly surprised to realize this matched the cost of 3 bowls of organic oatmeal. It’s like getting paid to eat…

Chocolate Avocado Pudding, Oatmeal With Cinnamon Vanilla Almond Butter And Coconut Milk

Oatmeal With Vanilla Cinnamon Almond Butter And Coconut Milk

Keeping with the organicness of it all, I topped my oats with Naturally Nutty‘s not-yet released organic vanilla  cinnamon almond butter and organic coconut milk. The avocado I think was from an organic batch? To be honest, I mostly get organic when it benefits me in price, or is the same either way. 1 exception to that is always organic oats from the Whole Foods bulk bin and load up when they’re on sale for 99 cents a pound. I mix that in a 50/50 blend with Trader Joe’s oat bran and it’s a perfect bowl every time. I don’t think there’s a country music song about organic foods 😦 When do you “do organic”?

Coconut milk: How do you store it/for how long? I opened this can up on Saturday night and I’m thinking it’s getting a little back-of-the-barnyard funky even covered in the fridge. It reminds me a little too much of pina colada at this point like something(though I can’t wholly complain). Also, check out this asian dinner giveaway and an iherb shopping spree. Have a good one, ya’ll 😉 Oh God–how many people are going to find my blog through “ain’t” today?

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22 Responses to “She Thinks My Treadmill’s Sexy”

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I am a Kansas gal, so I loooove me some country music (secretly though). I think coconut milk needs to get the boot after 3 or 4 days!

Oh geez, my husband practically IS a cowboy, so I know all about OD-ing on country music!

Haha love the “country” theme. I only go organic for certain things (meat, apples, spinach)….in general I’m too cheap!

I secretly love some country music, though I don’t love admitting it!

i grew up listening to country and still love it! i was actually made fun of as a kid because of it!! and btw miley cyrus is soooo not country haha

I think you just keep coconut milk in the fridge. It probably keeps for 7-10 days after its opened? All of the alternative milks are like that it seems.

What an awesome title for this post. 🙂

You crack me up. I’m not ashamed to admit that i’ve taken to belting out the lyrics to Rascal Flatts’s “Pieces” lately. What’s sad is not the song choice- it’s the fact that people can probably hear me and i’m deaf. And not just tone deaf- deaf deaf. “Say what a thousand times and make everyone nuts” deaf. Oy.

Oh. And you were supposed to infer that I can’t sick. It’s not so much “cat screeching- like” as it is “cats screeching and vomiting while fighting with dogs-like.”

um…sing. I give up.

hahaha KENNY CHESNEY!! reppin the south!
i love country! well prob bc im from good ole SC

some days the stars align and workouts and mileage just is perfectly easy. other days it’s like pullin teeth, glad you were the former!

coconut milk. well, you’re either making yogurt/kefir LOL or you’re just rotting it. Use your nose and I’d say since Saturday…well, use it up today 🙂

Stay tuned for a Nutty give away today 🙂

haha ohh boy…sorry to say I detest country music! besides that lady antebellum song ” i need you now’ other than that gahh I can’t stand it! (sorry evan, I still think you are great though :)) esp for reading the whoel food network mag! it looks awesome but I hear ya on the fact that some of the recipes are MUCHO complicated!!

27 cents sawweeeet ill take that any day!!

I love country music but my husband hates it. So I always jam out loud to it when I am in my car alone. I am sure if anyone looked in my window they were have serious doubt as to my sanity!

Awesome run Evan!

I appreciate the aints! Since moving to Oklahoma I’ve found myself with an accent: country! Love country music, too! : )

12 miles, Evan…wooo! That’s awesome! You and me, treadmill lovers. We’re probably 2 of the few who would even consider doing 12 on a treadmill. Actually, I’m out of long-distance shape, I’d be pushing it if I tried 12. Maybe 9 🙂

Where do you go to school? I miss college!

I go to Brown. And re: nutritional yeast, it reminds me of cheese, too! Especially cheddar with pumpkin, so the oatmeal tastes like these, which I grew up on:

finding $ is the best! country music is my closet passion…it can be SO good and SO bad at the same tim e:)

Nice job on the run!!

And cherry butter and chocolate? I don’t judge!!

I’m not much for country music except for Loretta Lynn.. I can belt out any of her tunes all day, any day 🙂

Those pumpkin oats look amazingamazingamazing!

silly question, but are you storing your coconut milk in its tin can? If so, that could be the reason why its starting to taste ‘interesting’, you can get leaching of the metal ions into the milk over time…? And can you give me some of your energy, please?!! Theres some rocket fuel in you!

I am keeping it like that, I wasn’t aware that I should any other way! I think this can is going tonight; it definitely smells a little fermented(totally reminding me of pina coladas)

I like country music, I like Taylor. It is great job to do 12 miles on treadmill. School life is long way behind me.

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