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20 minutes is the length in 1 period of an Olympic hockey game(more on that later). It’s also about the amount of time I spent on anything today.

Natural Food Store

After blogging and while I was still around home, I wanted to go to my favorite foodie store nearby. I only spent about 20 minutes perusing the 3 aisles but I could easily spend twice that if we had the time. It feels so good to go in to a store and know that I can eat anything I find, and it doesn’t even matter if I would never want to but just that I can. I found 2 really fun finds and then we were back home. I made lunch for the family which took–you guessed it–20 minutes.

Simple Italian Beef Over Cauliflower With Cheddar Cheese

20 minutes and 4 ingredients is all you need for a really simple and flavorful dish. I browned 1 pound 90/10 grass-fed beef in a large pan, and half way through added a diced onion and red pepper to sweat. Then with about 7 minutes to go I added 1 1/2 cups tomato sauce and let that cook down. Voila! A little salt, pepper, Emeril’s seasoning, and cheddar cheese and it was fantastic. Most of the meal was spent explaining what a gluten intolerance was and why I limit wheat and pastas now. After having a whole wheat cookie in my breakfast(a fantastic choice, by the way), I’m pretty darn confident of the intolerance. For a pasta and pizza loving family, this was tough news to digest 😀

After lunch, we picked up my grandmother and great aunt who wanted to go to the Casino near my school(my mom did too, of course). Can you imagine being in a car with a couple of chatty 80 year olds? That was my afternoon. I wish it lasted 20 minutes but it was more like 60. I’m always amused by the random “Did you know so-and-so died?” and “I did call you but the operator said you wouldn’t take the call” followed by “I don’t have an operator, I have a cell phone with an answering machine”. Is that how I’ll be in 60 years?

Coconut Cream Pie Larabar

When I got back on campus, I felt really crunched for time, so I whipped out this bar I”ve been seeing on so many other blogs, threw my stuff on the bed, and hit the gym, eating it over the first 2 miles in about 20 minutes. From what I could taste, it was pretty good, but very much tasting like a date; I was looking for more coconut oil. And eating it running was not a smart move for digestion.

7 Miles In 62:02

It did, however, give me energy to extend my run from 5 to 7 miles. That and the fact that I got really in to the hockey game on TV and didn’t look down until 5.4 miles had gone by. I thought the period was only 20 minutes but didn’t realize the clock kept stopping. It turned out to be a really exciting game!

Olympic Hockey Match

When I finished up the run, we were in the 3rd period, so I hopped on the elliptical for 20 minutes to watch “the end”. When America scored that last point, all of let out a sweaty “Woohoo!”

Carrot Juice

At that, I rushed back to my dorm and chugged this carrot juice within 20 minutes of my workout to absorb all the nutrients. I don’t drink much juice, but carrot juice is easily my favorite. And it’s so nutritious, too! A cup has more potassium than a banana and a good amount of sodium to replace salt. The downside of this all was that I missed the last goal while I was showering 😦 Fail. After that, I whipped up an easy Asian dinner in 20 minutes.

Tofu And Broccoli Cooked In Soy Sauce, Cheddar Popchips

OK, “Asian dinner” in my terminology means dicing soft tofu, letting it steam in a pan over soy sauce, and adding steamed broccoli for the last 5 minutes to cook down. But it’s simple and good! And the cheddar Popchips were another easy side because I did not feel like getting that involved with dinner after a day like today; 20 minutes was more than enough 🙂

Normally, I might wait another 20 minutes before brewing up some decaf coffee to start off dessert, but tonight I feel hungry, and there’s a lot of work to be done. Boo 😦 But on the bright side the closing ceremonies will be on! And an excellent Brothers & Sisters. These are definitely things to look forward too 🙂

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20 Responses to “20 Minutes”

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I’m sure you will be a very saavy 80 year old in a house full of chocolate and nut butter!

The car ride w/ 80 yr olds…dear god. I remember my grandparents being like that. They would talk about a meal they ate a year ago at the VFW or at someone else’s funeral! and that they meat was tough. Seriously, feel your pain 🙂

The larabar. I can’t believe you buy them? I woulda thought you woulda jumped on the DIY bandwagon but i realize that little thing called time comes into play 🙂
in the middle of the post, which if you dont add the choco powder it’s like a cashew lara. But then i have a back link to a realllllly old and bad photo’s post i did, but the info is good, on lara making.

Ok LMK how the chias turn out. And i enjoyed your comment about speaking up. I dont bother anymore 🙂
And caramel sauce. I forgot to link you but YES I made that for you! B/c i remember you asking me bout it!

Hey, you and I have a very similar understanding of asian dinner.

Haha. Sounds like you had “fun” with granny 😉 At least you have grandparents though. I don’t have any 😦

Aww, driving Granny to the casino!! My mom loves her some slot machines, too 🙂

I could easily spend HOURS upon hours at the grocery store. Foodies – we are weird like that. Lol.

I love watching tv and or reading while I run. It really does make the time pass by like that (I snapped my fingers). Haha.

your asian dinner sonds great to me! chatty 80 year olds can be worse than 2 year olds, i swear! oh man, i could live in a food store 🙂

Can’t believe you missed the last goal!!! 😦

I didn’t realize carrot juice has that much potassium!

Phew, sounds like you were running around (literally) all day. :O Your cauliflower dish on the fly looks great. Have you tried other Larabar flavors? If you like tart, the cherry pie and tropical fruit tart are tasty, while the apple pie is sweet.

lol– awww, you’re a good grandson 🙂

I’ve never thought about serving a pasta sauce over cauliflower instead– great idea!

It’s too bad the US didn’t win that game, but they sure put up a good fight! And I have to admit that I was kind of happy for the Canada team to win the gold in their country…despite rooting for the US team the entire time, of course. 😀

I agree with your thoughts on the coconut larabar. I was just “eh” about it.

good timess with granny! 🙂 that beef dish looks awesome! i htought you were a vegetarian this whole time…who knew! that looks graet though I crave beef sometimes!!

that lara bar flavor is ok, not amazing, my fav thus far is teh banana bread and apple pie! 🙂

Carrot juice is my favorite too 🙂

you ate while on the tm? i don’t think i could ever do that! props. and i can’t believe you missed the end of the game, the end is always when the most exciting stuff happens!

The cauliflower dish looks delicious!

I love the Coconut Cream Pie larabar. No other bars really compare to it.

Too bad we didn’t win at hockey. A loss in OT too :/

Hahah to the operator! Too funny!! My 82 year old grandma comes up with some zingers as well. LOVE the coconut cream pie Lara – excellent choice with that snack!

I am totally impressed that you ate a Larabar WHILE running.

I’m been avoiding gluten as much as possible too – it’s been a challenge to say the least.

HAhaha, operator?? Oh my god, I’m still laughing at that one…

Like your blog! I’ll have to try that tofu/broccoli meal 🙂 That’s a pretty long run you did too!

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