Shedding Vegan Guilt And Others

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“Guilt” is a really nasty word in my book and something no one should ever have to go through. And yet, at times, I feel like I put some pressures on myself that make my feel guilty for really stupid reasons. I write this post in earnest in hopes that, by getting them out there, I’ll be able to squash these feelings from ever returning.

Burnt Peanut Butter

Last night started off on a much lighter note: I managed to burn peanut butter. Is that even possible? Apparently. I was trying to get the last bit of this butter toffee peanut butter to soften but after 40 seconds it started smoking and the bottom was like pumice! Such a major bummer that this happened to my favorite Naturally Nutty peanut butter but thankfully there wasn’t much left and I had a full 16oz jar to replace this 8oz one.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter

This combination of chocolate avocado pudding with sweet butter toffee peanut butter was absolutely heavenly, just what I wanted, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But it did have me face 1 common guilt I have: vegan guilt. On several occasions, I’ve caught myself thinking “Why do you have to eat that. Why not something similar but vegan?” It mostly ever occurs with things that might otherwise be vegan but aren’t due to added ingredients, like an energy bar or peanut butter. That’s when I lay down the line and remind myself I’m not vegan, raw, vegetarian, or any label like that, nor do I have plans to be. It’s so easy to get caught up and think about participating in some vegan for a day challenge; the fact is that I’ve done that, hated it, and moved on. I’ve also had days when I unintentionally ate completely vegan and been 100% satisfied. So from here on, I’m shedding the vegan guilt, knowing I do well for my part.

Red Delicious Apple

After that, I snacked on an apple while doing work. Sometimes I wonder what must it look like that I eat a good deal after dinner? I’ll shed that guilt before it starts by saying it’s just how my body works that it gets more hungry at night, I have no clue how much I eat after dinner or through the day for that matter, and it fuels me well for an a.m. run. Last night in particular I was fueling for a long run, so these extra carbs were more than welcomed.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Chocolate Peanut Butter And Milk Chocolate Peanut Sunspires

To cap off the carb loving, I had a big bowl of pumpkin oatmeal with Justin’s chocolate peanut butter and a few milk chocolate peanut sunspire candies. Ya’ll(OK, seriously, where did that come from), I can not tell you how bad my pictures get me down sometimes. But I think by typing it out I’ll feel a lot better: I’m working with crappy lighting in a dorm room at night. We’ll all just have to deal. Phew. Now I can talk about how good Brothers & Sisters was, as well as the closing ceremonies. I thought the latter were so much more fun than the opening ceremonies; I loved all the celebs and the hockey game at the end. Russia, though, seemed like downers on the whole party. Brothers & Sisters is definitely getting funnier, too. I just hope they crank up the drama to finish the season.

13 Miles In 1:54:55

Like I said, I was fueling for a long run in the morning. And that worked really well. I ended up running 13 miles. This also gave me time to think about my guilts, brainstorm this entrie blog posts, and discovered some running related ones: marathoner’s guilt and treadmill guilt. As you all probably know, I’m running a 1/2 marathon in 27 days, and that’s what I’m training for. After thinking about it, I realized I really like to run 8-10 miles and have no desire for much else usually. It’s great to be inspired by so many marathon running bloggers but that just ain’t for me. Besides that, I loved the treadmill. I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating; I love having a TV and a nice warm, bright climate. Will I run outside again? Sure. But I like it hot(60’s at least) and sunny(we haven’t seen this in New England for about a week now). So there’s where I stand on running.

Soy Yogurt With Bacon Peanut Brittle, Oatmeal With An Egg And Butter Toffee Peanut Butter

Oatmeal With An Egg And Butter Toffee Peanut Butter

I big time got over my vegan guilt for breakfast; case in point: My yogurt isn’t even vegetarian. I added a plank of Sir Francis Bacon‘s Bacon Peanut Brittle and some vanilla stevia and sea salt. God was that good. It’s helping to settle my cravings for Fakin’ Tempeh Bacon(how much longer is Lent?). In the oats went an egg and on top more butter toffee peanut butter. And right now the only shred of guilt I have left is because I’m drinking a really good new tea I’m not sharing yet, but I have to save something for future posts, right 😉 Any guilts you need to shed? Let ’em out! I assure you, it feels 10 times better afterwards.

Here’s a giveaway for some good gluten-free granola–yum! Perfect for me 🙂 And here’s another for come cho-cho-bani!

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23 Responses to “Shedding Vegan Guilt And Others”

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i think not labeling yourself is a good way to let go of those guilty feelings!

I sometimes get caught up in the guilt .. but i realized i need to chose what is best for me .. and not put a label on myself.

I am training for a half marathon too .. on a treadmill .. since its way too cold with this NE weather. I’m nervous it will be so much harder come race day .. what are your thoughts?

It’s definitely going to be harder physically, especially depending whether the course is flat or not. Mentally, I’m hoping the positive atmosphere will be a real booster

Aww, you say you don’t have good pictures, but then the picture of your soy yogurt makes me want to lick my screen!! 🙂 That’s why I don’t make my blog into a food journal: I don’t always have the lighting I want or my camera by me.

Hahaha I love the burnt peanut butter!! I know you don’t like oiaj that much, but cereal from a peanut butter jar is really good as is yogurt (or soygurt) from one.

letting go of guilt is my life’s mission!

I hate food labels too. I think we should eat the way we all want to! I have never labeled myself a vegetarian, but others have because I don’t eat meat. I feel guilt all the time, but never for the food I eat. I used to feel guilty about it (like when I ate meat), but now, I just eat what satisfies me! I have enough other things to feel guilty about (mostly about raising my kids correctly), that I just don’t worry about food anymore. Glad you got yours off your chest! Thank goodness for the second jar of nutbutter!!!

I’ve never tried eggs in oatmeal but it looks quite tasty in your photos.

Awesome job on your 13 miles!! What half marathon are you training for?

I’ve given winter running an earnest shot, but it’s just such a chore. I totally prefer the treadmill too when the outdoors aren’t too pleasant. I would totally be a winter runner in California where the winters are much more mild (and where I’ll be living next year), but for now…I’m treading it!

Good for you for releasing your guilt! It’s a fairly useless feeling.

oooo, thanks for sharing! I definitely feel the vegan/vegetarian guilt as a food blogger, but I know it’s just not for me and I don’t feel guilty about treating my body well!

One of my recent guilts has been spending too much time on the computer, but with that said, it’s important relaxation time for me, and most of my day is go go go, so I’m okay with it 🙂

I truly didn’t know PB could burn either!

Embrace who you are you treadmill loving carnivore! I used to feel like I was inferior because I only ran on a treadmill. Then I trained for and ran my first half marathon and now I appreciate treadmill running for a different reason – like you mentioned – I like watching TV when I run. 🙂

Ah, theres no need to feel guilty, just do what feels fits with you, what you are happy with- ‘you are your own compass’… I think in the Western world everything is categorised and labelled, which is so constricting and causes a lot of prejudice. If you go to another part of the world, its turned upside down! Don’t forget, you’re still on the tail end of your growth/development spurt unlike us girlies 😉 Do you realise you basically ran a half marathon on a Monday morning? Superstar!

pb burns?! interesting! and it really has to be 60* for you to get outside? what are you going to do for the half? im not trying to be a jerk but it’s very unlikely to get that warm and could even snow in late march!

I’m willing to make this one very exception, especially since otherwise I’d be 30 dollars down the drain(well, I already feel like I am anyway, but I gotta get my free t-shirt)

Guilt has a purpose from time-to-time, but a good bit of the time is is unproductive if we don’t do something about it.

You just be who you are, you are doing just fine. Like you and other mentioned, you have to find what is right for YOUR body and YOUR mind.

Yep– I dealt with vegan guilt big time, especially after my one month vegan challenge ended. You just have to eat right for yourself, and not worry about the labels that some people use. Labels work really well for some people– and I mean, I label myself a vegetarian. But, for me, the vegan label doesn’t work, and that’s something I am starting to be okay with.

evan this post was amazing, thank you for writing it! i think a LOT of us (definitely counting myself) get caught up in guilt, and it serves no purpose except to make us feel worse! the vegan guilt is one that comes into my head sometimes but i’ve really eased up and accepted that i don’t need to be defined by an -ism, i can eat what i want and feel good about the choices i make!

I am really glad you aren’t a vegan. I need someone to share my love of grass fed beef with 😉

Meat tastes so good. No reason to have guilt :).

Oh, guilt is such an awful thing, but it is something that everyone has. I can understand about the vegan/vegetarian/raw guilt because I feel it some times. or how about guilt that other bloggers make such creative/exotic foods and I don’t all of the time. but then it’s back to reality and no need to feel guilty!

Oh man, I feel guilty over all kinds of things. Sometimes I run on the treadmill even when it is nice outside (I live in Arizona, so that’s pretty much all the time) just because I’d rather watch the Today Show while I run. My food really isn’t that exciting compared to 99.9% of bloggers. I am not a vegetarian (but I was for about 8 years), and sometimes I beat myself up for eating meat when I could easily pick a veggie option. But you know what? Sometimes a gal just wants to eat a burger while running on the treadmill.

“But you know what? Sometimes a gal just wants to eat a burger while running on the treadmill.” LOL That’s a great image to be going to sleep to

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