How Yellow Gatorade Makes Me A Foodie

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I loved reading your thoughts on rest days on this mornings post. It sounds like there’s a a wide spectrum of loving/hating rest days and how often each person can go without one. Today helped me realize that a) 3 weeks is just too long for me and b) if this is how hungry I am when I “rest”, just put a whole grocery store in my pantry because I’m going to need it. As for the Munch Bar, from what I can tell they’re only available at Walgreens. But they’re really good for an “all-natural candy bar”! They’re probably better nutritionally than most of the bars in Whole Foods.

Forming Grass-Fed Beef Patties

I don’t think my dorm room would have passed state health inspection this morning; something about this didn’t seem right. Don’t worry! I did practice good hand-washing and did my best to keep things sanitary. After doing this a few times, I’ve definitely got it down to an art and know the insides and outs. 85/15 grass-fed beef makes the best burgers with a good dimple in the middle for when it puffs up. I was, however, almost late to class because I put off cooking one too long. Whoops. That’d be a weird excuse to have to make.

Grass-Fed Burger With Ketchup And Onions, Pickles, Sweet Potato Hash

Grass-Fed Burger With Onions And Ketchup

I think I deserve to steal the title “Burger King”, don’t you? This meal was ridiculously good, with ketchup and some white onions for the burger. For a side, I roasted a whole sweet potato, peeled it, and diced it. When the burger was finished cooking, I let the potato cook in the fat drippings for a hash; it’s simple, flavorful, and cleans the pan! What could be better? This meal held me over ridiculously well, which is good since I have 3 hours of class Tuesday afternoons.

Coffee With Vanilla Powder

Getting back to my dorm I unwound with some coffee and vanilla powder catching up on emails and google reader. Did you know that some companies sell a vanilla powder that’s literally just the ground up whole vanilla bean? It’s crazy expensive, but something I need to try some day. After tallying up the homework I have to finish for Wednesday and Thursday I’ve realized it’s going to be a rough couple of days! I might need more rest time if only because reading on the treadmill is tough to do. Bare with me if at any point I get brief.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Raspberry Coconut Spread

I made this to slowly enjoy before supper but ended up scarfing it down–it was that good! Just the standard chocolate avocado pudding made with almond milk and vanilla stevia. But for a new-and-nifty “topper” I mixed half Tropical Tradition‘s coconut oil with some Crofter’s Organic raspberry conserve. Raspberry is by far my favorite jam, but this just revolutionized the whole thing. And I’d love to try a “raw” version of this with agave nectar when raspberries are in season!

While I was putting off homework, I gave some thought to a guy I saw walking in to my Greek history class. He was easily 7 feet tall and carrying a milk carton filled with yellow Gatorade, which, on him, looked like a pint sized water bottle. Beyond the thought of all the nasty stuff that must be in yellow Gatorade and what the hell kind of genes he had to make him a giant, it made me think: He’s an athlete. Well, duh, but what I meant was that he really eats and breathes whatever he does. In my hand, am I more likely to carry a treadmill or a camera? Definitely the latter(and not just for the obvious reasons). I’m a foodie. I run, and I like to run, but I looove to cook and eat. My gut reaction to this post from Kelly was “You mean people don’t cook every meal?!” like it was a shock to my system. At that self-realization, I stuck some veggies in the oven and waited for dinner.

Roasted Broccoli, Coconutty Tempeh, And Toasted Coconut With Sea Salt

Roasted Broccoli, Coconutty Tempeh, Toasted Coconut, Sea Salt

Have I gotten over my deep despise for plain tempeh? Nope. Have I worked my way through the whole block I bought? Not quite yet. But I can at least get myself to eat it cooked in a little coconut oil and topped with shredded coconut. Last time I made this [completely vegan] meal, I just steamed the broccoli; normally, for Asian flavors, I’d say that’s the way to go, but I think roasting it instead here helps with the nuttiness of the tempeh and coconut. That and roasted vegetables always taste better 🙂

Here’s a delicious giveaway for some Crofter’s superfruit spreads. And here’s one for some sweet, sweet Zevia!

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19 Responses to “How Yellow Gatorade Makes Me A Foodie”

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Haha!! I totally agree…not cooking is just not an option! 🙂 Good think I like creating yummy food! Thanks for the shout out! 🙂

Oh and I can’t believe you went 20 straight days of running with no break! WOW!

i love that foodie is its own designation like athlete, doctor, teacher, whatever. haha! and re: your last post, i am allll about rest days!

I’m with you, I LOVE to make food for myself 🙂

Not cooking was my early 20s. Life with food allergies (I always had them just didnt acknowledge them) changes all. As does a child. You dont just eat out of a box in front of your kid. Well, some people may but not me…I want her to see that food grows in the ground, we pick it, cook it, eat it. Not nuke a tv dinner 🙂

I forgot to comment a few posts ago that you dont like salads?! or not really that into them?! wtf? i had no idea!

Alton brown moment re blood pressure. Mine is really low too. Partly genetic, partly im a vegan athlete. I love cinnamon and cinn is very anti-inflammatory so it’s good for muscles, joints, etc. I dont avoid it on acct of my blood pressure. and it’s very medicinal in terms of antibacterial, etc. so i say keep it up.

Coconut water, plus a dolop of jam, plus a squirt of agave, pinch of salt = healthy raspb gatorade 🙂

Hey Evan,

Can you email me the links you posted a few weeks ago about coconut oil/saturated fat?

I was chatting with my nutritionist about it today & I wanted to send her the links..thanks! (no rush!)

NO – people don’t cook at every meal lol – YOU ARE AN ANOMALY MY FRIEND!! 😉

finally got me some NOOCH! love it!! i have yet to try it on oats tho..haha thats bold!

Coconut flakes and oil on tofu/tempeh. Thank you for the example! I was struggling to come up with fun new ways to cook that stuff.

I actually cook most of meals. I probably only eat out once a week at most. Too expensive, plus I LOVE to cook.

i love the kind of food you manage to make in a dorm room setting! is this your freshment year or have you had years of practice?

Yep, I’m a freshman. I just hope my building next year has the same kind of facilities for kitchens

ohmigosh, cooking the potatoes in beef drippings!! Awesome! It must have smelled amazing!

You’re going to make a women very happy one day, after that statement about “cooking every meal!!” Feel free to cook all my meals for me, please!
Yes, you deserve the title of Burger Kind after those wonderful creations. I would buy a burger from you, over Burger King, any day!
I don’t know what my feelings are about Agave Nectar (regarding your Gatorade idea….). I just don’t think it’s any better than sugar! It has more fructose too, so for me it’s off limits (I have fructose malabsorption.) Oh well, people seem to really like it, so I guess it’s here to stay!

Hey Evan,
I saw this and HAD to let you know about it (if you don’t already use it regularily!! lol). Two words- peanut butter and coconut butter…..

I love 2 ingredient, simple, natural, yummy foods!

those burgers sound perfect 🙂

and that raspberry Crofter’s Jam is awesome!

Even if I don’t make anything elaborate, I make almost all of my own meals. I can’t imagine ordering take-out or fast food every day!

As usual your choco-avocado pudding looks amazing 🙂

You made grass fed beef burgers (and all this other delicious looking food) on a hot plate and maybe a toaster oven in a college dorm?

Actually I do a lot of the cooking in the kitchen in the basement of my building. The burgers are always cooked in a stainless steel pan on the stove, and I love using the oven for roasting veggies

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