It’s Rough To Rest

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For a non-bachelor watcher, there was nothing on TV last night. Now can we stop hearing about Jake and all the complaints over the fake girls? Please? I really wanted a Pomegranate Chobani but all I had on hand was plain so I whipped one up.

Pomegranate Yogurt With Dark Velvet Chocolate

In the mix went 1oz Pom Wonderful juice and a tablespoon of the Europe superfruit spread from Crofters with some stevia. Together it was all “OK” but not quite up to par with a real pomegranate yogurt; I did not miss the seeds, though. On top, of course, was a little bit of chocolate.

Alter Eco Dark Velvet Chocolate

This new bar from alter eco called Dark Velvet Chocolate. On the one hand, it makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs “It’s not dark chocolate if it has milk in it!”. On the other hand, I was too busy savoring it to scream anything. The butterfat and milk in this make it sooo creamy and good. And I like that it had no soy and the ingredients were all fair trade and mentioned the origin. Very eco-aware! It was a fun treat to be working on my paper with. I’m writing about The First Baptist Church, which–in Providence–is the first Baptist Church. The building itself(what I’m concerned with) is only as old as 1775, but then again so is our Nation.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Smart Balance Peanut Butter And Nutritional Yeast

Before bed, I made a snack. How many times can I eat this same combination? Apparently, a lot. It’s a better choice though than whipping out the cheddar popchips and dipping them in PB, and with the same flavor, too! And there was still nothing on TV. I might have been guilty of even submitting and turning on the Bachelor for a time. Maybe.

Munch Bar

Just when I thought I was going to go to bed, something in my stomach was irking me to try out this bar. What the heck?! I had practically just eaten a full meal between the oatmeal and yogurt; but my hunger was just raging. My dad found this at Walgreens and gave it to me. It’s an all-natural, 6-ingredient candy bar whose first ingredients is peanuts and it’s made by the Mars company. Lo and behold, it even has its own website! It was actually really good, too, and reminded me of chunky peanut brittle. I would definitely be happy to find more candy bars like this on store shelves(as opposed to those whose 2nd ingredient is artificial red coloring and 3rd trans fat).

Soy Yogurt With Hemp Seeds, Oatmeal, 2 Scrambled Eggs, Cheddar Cheese

This morning felt so uninteresting. I slept in a good 75 minutes, read a bit while watching TV, showered, checked emails, and cooked eggs. I have to wonder how it is I wound up with a life where I cook eggs before class in college; it’s a good thing they take about 2 minutes.

Omelet Oatmeal

Considering the difficulties of perfectly cooking oatmeal, eggs, and melting cheese, this wasn’t bad at all. I cooked the oatmeal in the microwave, topped with slightly undercooked scrambled eggs from a pan, and topped that with cheese microwaving a little longer to melt it and covering to let the steam finish it off. It was actually all pretty well incorporated and still warm when I got to class.

Red Delicious Apple

And walking in the door I grabbed this apple to snack on while posting because I was still hungry. There’s something that feels backwards about needing to eat more when you know you’re taking a rest day; at the same time, I know in the back of my mind that if you’re hungry for it, it won’t be bad for you. In general, I have a rough time with rest days; I just want to run! But 20-someodd days of running straight and I was definitely feeling fatigued from overtraining. And for what? A half marathon I know I’ll be able to complete? It’s not worth it to push that hard, at least without sitting down to a pint of Ben & Jerry’s with a spoon at some point in that time frame. How do you “deal” with rest days? Do you look forward to them, or do they make you cringe? I’m definitely the latter, but I think I have enough going on today that my hands will be too busy to notice. I still have to make beef burgers for lunch!

And check out this awesome chia seed giveaway.

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18 Responses to “It’s Rough To Rest”

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I actually LOVE rest days. I know that recovery is a part of training and I relish in those days. 🙂

I like them, but I still can’t shake the guilty feeling of not exercising. so on my rest days I do something low key like easy yoga or take the puppy on a long walk. that way I feel like I’ve accomplished something!!

I love rest days! Even though sometimes I feel like a lazy bum 😉

I’m with you on the bachelor, who cares?!

Rest days suck! I guess that is why I haven’t had one in two months 😉

i hate rest days and haven’t had a true one since november. but i think on my lighter workout days i’m much hungrier than on hard days. i guess the hard days kill my appetite and i need to make it up on the easy ones

rest days? what are those? yoga teaching, chasing child around, and my own working out…I havent had one in a decade LOL. Seriously though, they are good and just be mellow and enjoy the rest! Then tomorrow you’ll have a rockin workout from all your rest 🙂

love the hemp seed PILE on your yogurt. nice!

the eco “dark” choc with milk. haha! how does that stuff get past the FDA? my sister is a R & D chemist for Wrigley and she makes gum. And the FDA rules are Soooo strict that baffles me, but hey, enjoy it!

My rest day is every Sunday. Sometimes I can’t wait for it and I LOVE every lazy minute of it. But other weeks I find myself itching to do something…but I always refrain. I NEED a rest day and for a 6 day cycle works really well for me!

I haven’t had cheesy eggs in AGES so that oatmeal combo sounds exceptionally delicious! When I was still in my sport, I loved rest days!

oOOoo munch bar looks massively nummy

mmm I need to try that Peanut Munch bar!!!

I love your blog btw 🙂

You’re right, bachelor was the only thing on tv yesterday…and I loved it! hahahah I’m sorry it wasn’t your kinda night, but at least you got the sleeping in and eating all lined up and awesome. 🙂

Just wait until the Bachelorette starts back up. You have a few months of reprieve, at least 🙂

ah, finally! someone who doesn’t watch the bachelor!! thank goodness for the bachelor tonight – I need to indulge myself in some trash tv.

Great review of the Munch bar! I haven’t even seen that one before 🙂

I think that church is beautiful! Of course, I was only there for graduation, so maybe that affected my opinion! 🙂 I love the extra time I have on rest days, but I HATE taking the day off from running! I know my body needs it though, so I just grin and deal with it.

the oat/egg/cheese mixture looks terrific!!!

Your body needs rest; 20 consecutive days of running is just begging for an injury… In an attempt to be as helpful as possible (this coming from a guy who has been in your situation) i would advise you to take more than a day off every month. I know all too well the negative affects that overtraining can have on the body, and you seem like you enjoy running, so why burn yourself out? You’ll rock the half, i’m sure! I work in two days of pure strength training a week and run the rest, i find this a great combo and gives your body a rest from 7 days of cardiovascular pounding; not to mention you build the muscles necessary for running on your “off” days instead of degrading them day after day. This way is much better for feeling guilt free as well…

I used to hate taking rest days and now I still don’t really…well I don’t plan them. But if I absolutely can’t workout one day, I don’t beat myself up over it. You run a lot and like you said, a 1/2 marathon? That’s nothing for you. Enjoy your day off!

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