That Dirty Quaker

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Happy humpday! How was yours? I’m just glad mine’s over. Nothing went bad particularly, it just felt like a good day to get through. That being said, I’ve hardly been in my room for a couple of hours now and things are still strewn about, so clearly I have a lot to do before it’s really “over”, but I’ll manage.

Celestial Teas

This morning I tried the 2nd of my new Celestial teas I got from Stop & Shop: the honey vanilla chamomille. It tasted very medicinal, but in a good way! Kind of like what you would expect if you walked into a therapist’s office, lied down on the couch and was served tea. LOL. Not like I’d know much about that, but I can imagine 😉 Lunch was such a dilemma; I just didn’t know where my taste buds were at.

Roasted Garlic Hummus Chips

I remembered I picked these up from a convenience store on campus a long time ago and thought I might as well give them a try. They’re chips(my crack) made with garbanzo bean flour instead of any wheat, so they’re gluten free! Good news for me. I haven’t really been bloated at all besides Sunday, which is when I had a whole wheat cookie at breakfast. Coincidence? I think not…

Chickpeas With Sea Salt And Garlic Over Spinach, Hummus Chips, The Heat Is On Tofu Salad

Amazingly, this came out to be a well-composed, not-random dish. I used the 2nd half of a can of chickpeas and tossed that with grated garlic to match the chips–yum! I loved them both. For the tofu salad, I took a chunk of soft tofu(a little more than 1 serving) and mixed that with a forkfull(is this a measurement? Now it is) of The Heat Is On PB&Co and sea salt. This combo is always perfection. I only wish I had more time to enjoy it before I had to run off to discussion section; I had to be there today to give my friend, Alex, one of the cupcakes I made over the weekend. She loved it! Bob’s Red Mill knows how to make some good grains.

Organic Decaf Coffee

In between classes, I had just enough time to grab some coffee. I don’t know if it’s the fact that this was brewed by someone else, or the NuNaturals sweetener, or that it was snowing sideways at all day. But this totally hit the spot. Don’t you love when drinks or food do that? This particular class is 2 hours and 20 minutes long(Ugh, right?), so every week someone brings in a snack. This week, a girl brought in 2 bags of these Quaker snacks.

Perhaps I should start off by saying that, in spite of a lot of what I’m going to write, these are probably better than 90% of things you could snack on, and would be good to raise a family with. In fact, in high school I remember demolishing a bag of the apple cinnamon ones after school a lot of days. With that disclaimer out of the way, these are a lot more decieving than I would have thought.

  • A “serving” has 60 and 70 calories respectively. Sounds great, right? The same serving is also about 1/2 as much as weight as potato chips or nachos would be. So, essentially, you’re getting half the calories because you’re eating half as much. Mr. Quaker has a trick up his sleeve to deceive.
  • On the ingredients list for the apple cinnamon flavor is sucralose(aka Splenda). Would you have thought to see it here? Probably not, but there it is. It really bugs me when this particular artificial ingredient is snuck onto otherwise great snacks. It’s also on Emerald’s cocoa almonds, which is why I no longer buy those.
  • On the ingredients list for the cheddar flavor is partially hydrogenated oils(aka trans fats). Because it’s less than .5g, it doesn’t appear on the nutrition panel. But fear still because it’s there. If you asked Mr. Quaker, he’d deny it.

My point–believe it or not–is not to bash these products; in fact, I might have mistakenly grabbed these at any point thinking they fit my diet only to realize they don’t. What my point really is is to emphasize how important the ingredient list can be. Even a trusted quaker can be out to deceive you. So what did I eat?

Fruit & Nut Perfect Foods Bar

I had a bar from Perfect Foods flavored as Fruit & Nut. Again, not to rant, but… the only “fruit” here was raisins and the only “nut”(besides the peanut butter base) was walnuts. Does 1 fruit and 1 nut really make it fruit & nut? Besides that, the honey flavor was delicious. And I love all the other ingredients, especially the whole food powder. This is an amazing source of vegetarian iron! 40% your daily value! Can you believe that?

So Delicious Soy Yogurt With Surf Sweets' Sour Worms

When I got back to my dorm room, the first thing I did was throw my backpack somewhere. Then I sliced up a sweet potato and shoved it in the oven. Normal stuff, right? After that I made a snack to hold me over of So Delicious soy yogurt and sour worms from Surf Sweets. This was so good! I love sour and sweet. And I didn’t even need to sweeten the yogurt with stevia! My sweet tooth must be dimming down a bit, which I can’t say I mind. Then again, what needs stevia when its bearing candy? And the sweet potatoes lead me to dinner…

Grass-Fed Beef Burger With Ketchup And Sweet Potato Fries

Dinner was a bit late tonight, but oh so welcomed. There’s nothing like roasting veggies after a long day, even if they take a little longer. And while I was waiting I cooked some grass-fed beef to perfection(rare) in a pan–glorious. And wow! Look at the time(I suppose this bears no meaning whatsoever since you could be reading this at 8am)! A late dinner throws me all out of whack; time to kick myself back on a schedule and clean up around here.

But first–I need to ask–are you an ingredients hawk? Since declaring an all-natural diet and running an all-natural food blog, I kind of have to be unless I want to live out of Whole Foods and local natural food stores. But it’s actually really easy once you get used to it! And I’m surprisingly lenient with foods otherwise. Overladen with sugar? Sure, I’ll give it a shot if it’s from a natural source. Lastly, check out this giveaway for a chance to win a kitchen scale(I love mine), and this giveaway from The Mom Buzz to win some Surf Sweets.

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22 Responses to “That Dirty Quaker”

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i actually dont care about ingredients..haha! i never look at them..i guess thats bad

only you would put gummies into yogurt. love it.

I do read the list but I’m not TOO tough, if I really want it, I buy it!

I read the ingredients in everything! We have a lot of intolerances and allergies around here, so I have no choice, but really I would do it anyway. I think it is important to at least be able to pronounce what is in your food.

I care more about the ingredients than the nutritional profile. I would rather put real food in my body that is unhealthy than unnatural food that is “healthy”. You know what I mean?

i do my best to look at ingredients, making sure i can pronounce them. but that doesn’t mean i won’t eat stuff that’s highly processed – i just make a mental note.

i used to think quaker snacks were automatically healthy (before i started obsessively reading labels lol) but now i know better. the calories, etc don’t bother me one bit, it’s the partially hydrogenated oils and other scary stuff they put in there! i’m tryin to be ok with eating stuff like that sparingly, becaues right now i basically don’t eat it at all and am totally phobic! but it’s definitely NOT the healthy all natural product it claims to be!

Lots to type and remember:
Prev post, I think I am a Type 1. I dont eat or not eat to control my weight, i am bubbly, i burn a hella lotta calories and dont stress. Sheesh, today there were 2 yoga classes to teach at 90 mins each, a kid to care for, groc shop to do, chores, a house to clean, toddler peed on sheets to wash, i hardly stress bout “over doing” it.

gummy worm linkage. thanks
the coffee hitting the spot, some cups are like that. love that.
the white plate of perfect presentation beans, tofu. great work.
no splenda on your nuts. but of course.
the health label: “Overladen with sugar? Sure, I’ll give it a shot if it’s from a natural source.”–This is why i love you and i think you’re my male bff in the ‘sphere.
I am not strict with labels, what’s the point. But in general, i am uber choosey about natural, sort of paradoxical soundign but i think u get it, but if it has trace dairy, i dont sweat it. Or sugar. Never sweat sugar 🙂

Yeah… now that I’m vegan I kind of have to be an ingredient list hawk 🙂 Just yesterday I almost picked up a non-dairy frozen pizza at WFs… until I looked at the ingredient list and saw that it still had egg whites. Hmpf. Didn’t think I had to worry about egg whites with frozen pizza!

I definitely check the ingredients list first. But (and I’m almost embarrassed to admit this) I didn’t realize that sucralose meant Splenda. Honestly, there are so many different names/labels for natural sugars, added sugars, and artificial ones that sometimes I have trouble keeping them all straight!

Your burger looks completely wonderful! I love grass fed beef. I swear I can taste a difference. 😀

I always check the ingredient list before bringing foods into the house, but when I’m out and about at a restaurant or at a family member’s/friend’s house, I tend not to overthink it and I’ll eat whatever is put in front of me (although I do have my limits 😉 )

I can’t drink any sort of chamomile tea – I just dislike the flavor! 😦 Bengal Spice is my absolute favorite though!

I was in MB last night & when I walked by all the Bob’s Red Mill stuff, I almost bought the vanilla gluten free cake mix ’cause you made it sound so good!

I can be an ingredient hawk, but I have never looked at the label of the cocoa almonds, but I have like 15 packages in my cabinet and I don’t like them. Come to think of it, it’s because of their weird “aftertaste” which totally could come from Splenda!

Argh– I hate it when you find partially hydrogenated oils in “trans fat free” foods.

I also stopped buying those cocoa nuts after seing the sucralose in them…sucks, because I really liked them!

I am definitely an ingredient reader. I am a Nutrition Manager and I am constantly making meal plans for clients and I NEED to know what is in the products I am reccomending!

I love the term “ingredients hawk” – I’m definitely one! I have to read the ingredients on EVERYTHING – I feel it’s SO important to know exactly what one is putting into one’s body, and chose carefully and wiselyl! Thank you for promoting these ideals on your blog! 🙂 I always love reading about your scrumptious healthful treats!

40% of the daily iron requirements in one bar!? WAY cool!!!

and OMG, hummus chips!!?? Where have these been my whole life? 🙂

I LOVE the bengal spice! And I like that it’s decaf, too.

Love your blog.

Yum, that platter of hummus chips, chick peas, and tofu salad looks like the perfect meal! So full of protein too! I am definitely an ingredient hawk but mostly because I am checking for non-vegan ingredients. I know there are many people out there that don’t understand how to read a nutrition label and it makes me very sad. We should all be able to know what we are putting in our bodies, especially if we are the ones purchasing the food!

i don’t really look at ingredients. only if i’m trying out a new product. i trust the brand i eat (on the whole) and figure that i’m eating whole and unprocessed foods for the most part so anything else isn’t going to harm me

That tofu salad sounds REALLY good – Heat is On PB? Yes, please! I’m not an ingredient hawk at all! However, I don’t like those Quaker things because it’s like eating air. So unfulfilling!

Hey there! I most definitely am an ingredient hawk. I always feel kind of self conscious in the grocery store – I don’t want to be one of “those” people. Then I remind myself that its my health and its TOTALLY worth it. 🙂

I find it alarming how hard it can be at times to avoid hfcs and trans fats. It definitely should be the other way around.

I agree totally with the quaker rice cakes, but I figured that these snacks are probably better than 99% of all the other snacks out there. *sigh* There are just too many ways to define “health” food now…Thanks for bringing the topic up!!

I am absolutely a label hawk. We have to be our own food advocates, for reasons like you stated (No Trans Fat, but really there is some). I read the ingredient list first, then the nutritional stats, including serving size.

Quacks are on crack!!!

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