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That pretty much describes me right now! These days, I don’t really keep track of any part of my diet. I don’t do calorie counting, I don’t keep track of my fruit and veggie intake, if I’m not down with a protein at a meal I let it slide, etc. The one thing I have sort of kept up with as of lately is getting 2 sources of probiotics a day. They’re a superfood of mine because I think they’re great for digestion, an upset stomach, and longevity. But even this isn’t much of a “goal” because 2 sources is quite average for me. You know what’s not average? 5. And that’s all before dessert.

Pineapple Chobani With Custom Goji Granola

Backing up, what are probiotics? They’re strands of bacterial culture added to foods, most recognizably yogurt. Since these bacteria already exist in our digestive tracks, eating more of them helps to bolster any that might have died out over time. Probiotics have been suggested to have a host of other benefits from weight management(unless you’re only getting them through gallons of frozen yogurt) to flu prevention. This morning, I got S. Thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidus, and L. Casei from my pineapple Chobani.

Hemp Oil Dressing And Mulberries

For lunch, I had another superfood salad in mind! I had something like this Monday; I’m really not a big salad eater, but something about this particular combination of ingredients just “works” and made me crave it. In the mix was a good dose of Foods Alive‘s Hemp Oil Sweet & Sassy dressing and Navitas Naturals mulberries.

Chickpea, Mulberry, And Garlic Cheddar Salad Over Dressed Spinach, Gingerade Kombucha

Chickpea, Mulberry, And Garlic Cheddar Salad Over Dressed Spinach

I mixed the dressing with spinach, and made a composite of chickpeas, garlic, sea salt, diced Next Generation Dairy raw & probiotic garlic parsley cheddar, and the mulberries. I love the mulberries here, which are like golden raisins but less sweet and more fiberous. On the side, I had a gingerade kombucha. Overall, not only was this meal fantastic, but it was amazingly healthy. The dressing, spinach, mulberries, cheese, and drink were all raw. Only the chickpeas were cooked, but those are healthy anyway so who cares? And the cheese was fortified with Ganeden BC30 probiotics, while the kombucha has 1 billion Lactobacillus Bacterium and S. Boulardii. That’s a lot of cultures!

Mint Chip Sweet Scoops Frozen Yogurt

Let’s just say I was more than happy to get out of my class at 4pm–it was the weekend! And I needed it, too, seeing as how much I had juggling in my mind to handle “once the school work was done with”. Well, really the first thing I did was get to my dorm, turn on the computer, and scoop out some frozen yogurt. We picked up this mint chip frozen yogurt from Sweet Scoops on Sunday; I’ve had it before so I knew I’d like it. Plus I love anything mint. But I think Sweet Scoops is also good because they keep the milk kind of fatty so it has a thick texture.  And it had my good friends, L. Bulgaricus & S. Thermophilus–score.

If you’ve ever wondered about the cultures in frozen yogurt(because I know you have ;-)), they are live but–unlike in yogurt–are not active. The freezing process puts the bacteria into a dormant state. Once they get into your system, however, where the temperature is much higher, they become active again. That is what makes frozen yogurt what it is(it has nothing to do with fat content). Running around like the nut that I am pressing tofu and shoving vegetables in the oven, I needed more fuel before dinner. Enter into my life more probiotics:

So Delicious Soy Yogurt With Milk Chocolate Peanut Sunspires

How many times do I eat this? A lot. And yet I never thought to notice that each time I do I’m taking in L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus, L. Rhamnosus, L. Acidophilus, Bif. Bifidum, and Bif. Animalis. Good to know. It was also quite delicious, perfectly sweet and salty, and a little nutty. I’ve heard that Stop & Shop employees in R.I. are going on strike this weekend! I sure hope not; it’s $1 cheaper to get these So Delicious soy yogurts there than it is at Whole Foods. Now, if you can believe it, there weren’t any probiotics at dinner.

Roasted Broccoli And Sweet Potato Chunks With Maple Baked Tofu

What it was was my ultimate comfort food dish; would it make sense to have anything else on a snowy night that’s kicking off the weekend? I think not. I was thinking about putting this on a plate, but a bowl seemed so much more comforting. Bowl? Plate? Doesn’t matter? This all tasted awesome with some sea salt to balance it out. I’m impressed the tofu pressed well in only 90 minutes.

Not only was that bowl incredibly comforting, it’s going to be very well digested. I think I got about 10 different strands of bacteria in me, if not more, and billions of cultures. Incredible, huh? Don’t get me wrong–today was a bit of an abnormality, and really getting any probiotics is a good start. If you aren’t a yogurt or frozen yogurt fan(although how could you not be?), they also make supplements that are concentrated forms of probiotics; Avery would be the one to see on those. Now, I’m freezing my butt off tonight; the bacteria strand S. Thermophilus would not be happy(this means heat lover in Greek). I think they lowered the heat in the whole building because my coconut oil used to even be liquid at room temp and now I’m cold 😦 PJ’s, a sweatshirt, and Survivor will cure the cold.

And because I’m tired of writing out scientific names for bacteria, I’ll talk about giveaways. Kate is giving away ch-ch-ch-chia seeds. Click here to win some Maranatha. There’s also a Tropical Tradition Coconut Oil giveaway. Here’s a chance to get some of my favorite protein bars. And, lastly, a [me] & goji custom cereal giveaway.

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24 Responses to “Full Of Probiotics”

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Good information about the cultures in fro-yo. I had no idea that it was dormant in the frozen state and then became active once in your body. Very cool!!

haha…that was more than i ever thought i would know about bacteria! catching up with your blog now and jealous of all your eats as normal. question for you: did those probiotics have any errrr – side effects? haha!

sunspires + yogurt = genius. will be recreating.

have a great night!

That’s so interesting about probiotics! And there really is something so comforting about eating out of a bowl.

know what else has probiotics? sour cream.

which i adore. (sour cream + salsa = best salad dressing evah)

You are killing me with those pics of frozen yogurt and yummy yogurt toppings!!! Yum!

Believe it or not, you can also get probiotics from non-dairy based foods, like pickled cabbage (kimchi or sauerkraut!) and prebiotics help the development of good friendly bacteria in your digestive tracts (onions, garlic, leek, bananas, asparagus) so you can eat foods aside from yogurt to nurture your good bacterias!

A garlic a day keeps the doctor away (and them ladies too…)

But man, your garbanzo beans salad looks yum. Want.

Thank you so much for linking your great article to my Coconut oil giveaway! You rock! I loved it. I just tagged your article and put it at the end of my Giveaway post!

everything I ever needed to know about probiotics I learned from jamie lee curtis… and all of those biology classes I took in college.

Maple baked tofu sounds SO good..definitely want to try it, must be a great treat with sweet butternut squash!

I eat yogurt everyday, but only once. You are a machine!

i love eating things outa bowls. for some reason it feels a lot cozier than a plate.

i think it’s awesome that you don’t count/track anything besides probiotics! that’s such a great attitude towards food 🙂

I love your ‘tude Evan! It’s 3am and comments are short at the moment but thanks for the probiotic shout, you know I love my friendly bacteria 🙂

Thanks for the wealth of information about probiotics, I knew they were good for digestion, but I didn’t know all about the specific bacteria strains the role they play.

Your roasted veggie and baked tofu dinner looks delish!

Wow– I HAVE wondered about that, actually, and I always assumed thet frozen yogurt didn’t count. I always thought that they must have been killed at some point in the cooking/freezing process. Thanks for sharing!

I need to find some of the sunspire milk chocolate peanut drops – ’cause I have been craving m&ms and those would be way better!

It’s giveaway madness! 😀 I have some more on my last blog post that might interest you…

I have never seen sweet scoops…it looks insanely delish!

You always put those chocolate peanut drops in your yogurt and I always want to copy you but I keep forgetting to buy them! haha

Thank you for the great info about probiotics! The biochemistry major in me was especially excited to read the fascinating facts about dormant cultures in frozen yogurt! 🙂

Your salad looks SO amazing!!! Seriously, I think you created the PERFECT salad! 🙂

I love how you put your scrumptious roasted veggies and tofu all together in a bowl – foods in a bowl just seem so much more comforting! 🙂

Ahhh… but where is your probiotic hummus Evan?! Probiotics are also good when you are taking a course of antibiotics- especially if it exceeds 6 days- this helps to repopulate your depleted ‘commensal’ bacteria and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria- like C. diff- which can cause ‘the runs’ and bowel perforations eek… they’ve been trialling their use in some hospitals too… the bacteria also help to produce medium chain fatty acids, which are thought to possibly reduce colon cancer risk. Ohhh… and don’t forget kefir and lassi- yum! hope you’re enjoying your weekend 😉

I agree the more probiotics the better! Have you ever tried the attune bars?

i don’t try to get in a certain amount of probiotics but i definitely get my share in without even trying! so i don’t get it when others say it’s so hard to do so! haha

That is SOME insane linkage!! Wanna win some Sahale nuts? 😛

The ice-cream looks phenom!! Mint chocolate chip is my favorite flavor ever….mmm…gotta get me some this weekend i guess!

that first photo reminds me of how much pineapple I’ve been eating, and craving. they say what you crave is what your body is deficient in. I wonder if that’s true. well whole foods has these dried pineapple bits that are out of this world-snackfabulous.

I’ve always believed that about cravings. Not sure what a pineapple craving could say but I say go for it! For me, I know tunafish cravings = give me sodium fast

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