A Wonderful Night

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Last night felt a little “special”, mostly because when does the weekend not? To celebrate this time, I broke out the good red stuff.

POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice

Nope, not wine. 100% pomegranate juice! To be honest, this stuff has been sitting in my fridge untouched for a while since POM sent it; I’m just not a big juice drinker since it’s something I rarely crave and is so full of sugars. I couldn’t do anything about the latter, but for once I really was craving this and thought I’d give it a shot. I liked how the flavor was tart like grape juice but then mellowed out with a sweetness–sort of like apple–at the end. It was still awfully sugary, but also full of potassium and antioxidants. While it’s not something I’d have every day probably, it’s definitely a treat I won’t be denying myself on the events I do crave it.

After all those carbs, I was happy for a lot of fats. Confession: I pretty much grew up having a few bowls of this ice cream daily at my grandparent’s house. Isn’t that what grandparents are for? Well, I haven’t bought it in a long time; I’m not even sure if the ingredients would fit my diet these days, and I know there are “cleaner” brands out there that’d be better. Even better, I knew I could fix this up in pudding form.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Peanut Butter Swirl

Chocolate avocado pudding, that is. I made a regular batch with coconut milk and vanilla stevia, and added a compote of 365 brand and brown sugar on top for the salt-sweetness. Was it just like the flavor? Not really. But then again what is :-/ While I ate this, I watched the new The Office. It was a ball of laughs and the best choice on TV. My favorite line was “What could be more important?” “I have an ice cream cake in the car” “Oh my God, what’s wrong with you? Are you insane? Go! Go! Go!” That describes my family all too well.

Oatmeal With Chocolate Peanut Butter

After that I didn’t feel too hungry; maybe the sugars in the POM weren’t as empty as I thought. Still, a 6:50 wake-up call for a run warented some nighttime oatmeals, so I heated up a bowl with Justin’s chocolate peanut butter. I love how adding the peanut butter and then continuing to microwave it makes it so the oats surround the pb and keep it in a warm blanket. I am going to run out of this flavor so soon; I hope they really do appear in stores on the East in mid-March like they projected! Also: who wakes up at 6:50 on a day with no class to run? Apparently me. But this time I had reason in the morning to push things a little earlier.

10 Miles in 88:24

You can just call me Speedy Peterson(Olympics, anyone?) 😉 Not really, but this was the fastest I’ve run since rehitting the treadmill in January, and makes me think I’m improving towards how I was in 2009. The last 2 miles felt like a bit of a drag; maybe because I didn’t have my magic apple beforehand? That and maybe the fact that time didn’t feel on my side, so my mind was elsewhere. I’m grateful for the quick run, no less.

Pomegranate Yogurt With Raw Chocolate

Banana Oatmeal With Barney Butter And Nutritional Yeast

Maybe some of my pomegranate loving slipped from last night to this morning, because I was so ready for some pomegranate Chobani. A dollop of coconut oil chocolate on top made it so good; I love the tart/sweetness combo. For the oatmeal, I had banana oats with Barney Butter; this combo always makes me think of Tina. So good! And now let the Friday time crunch begin.

Here’s a 300th post celebration giveaway!

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15 Responses to “A Wonderful Night”

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HOLY FAST! You go, Evan!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

You are getting some legs!

NICE RUN!!! Woot! 🙂

Look at you mister speedster! Are you usually one of the only people at the gym at that time of day? I always remember the people standing next to the treadmill waiting for the clock to hit 30 minutes…

At 7:30, it’s a free gym for me. Around 8 it starts filling up, and on a few occasions there’s been lines. That’s not to say I get off, I just outrun the person next to me 🙂

Still dying to try the chocolate avocado pudding!

That is a GREAT run, you are going to rock that half-marathon!

question on the POM juice: when you were contacted what did the email say? random i know but i got an email the other day saying they’d send me stuff and i don’t want to give my address out to just anyone….

and nice run. i don’t know how you do so many runs on the tm. i’ve been on the tm a lot lately and i don’t think i can handle one more mile. props 🙂

If it’s the real company, they should have an email account registered to the website and provide a lot of company logos and pictures. Then again, perhaps I’m a bit too free to give out my address at times, haha

I too, watched the office and thought that was so funny, and did you see later in the show, when she’s EATING some of the cake??

Great job on your 10 mile run in a treadmill!

And I love your healthy eats!

your banana oats look fab. i’m not a juice person either but i make an exception for POM

ohhh…how grandparents are the greatest providers of treats. when i was growing up my grandma always made sure to have ice cream sandwiches and her homemade potato chip chocolate chip cookies (weird no? it’s the sweet salty complex that rocks!).

I really need to try chocolate PB!

Your grandparents had chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream?! Mine always had either orange sherbet or butter pecan – I can’t eat either of those flavors without thinking of childhood! Chocolate PB cup sounds more kid friendly!

Congrats on the run!

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