No Regrets And Chocolate

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If anything could better sum up last night than “no regrets” and chocolate, I don’t know it. But first, since I think it’s worth recalling, be sure that you read all about my Friday and special guest, cookie fest, and all the rest(I’m a poet ;-)).

What’s better to do on Friday night than pop open a cool one and watch TV? Well, I don’t actually keep my soda in the fridge, but you get the picture. And this Zevia definitely hit the spot. At the same time, all I could think about was how much I wanted chocolate ice cream but how I didn’t have any. I knew just where I could get some, too, but I wasn’t too keen on layering up and going out to get some. And then I remembered: The only steps we regret are the ones we don’t take.

I haven’t had many regrets over the past few years. And yet, the secret isn’t in not living in the past. It’s always taking the action you want to take. Had I stayed around, I would have regretted not getting the ice cream. But even if I had gone and there wasn’t any to get, I’d have had nothing to regret. So I threw on jeans(over my PJ’s, of course, because I’m classy like that), and walked down to the Tedeschi mini-mart.

Wouldn’t you know, they had just what I was looking for? And I learned that it’s actually cheaper to get these So Delicious coconut milk ice creams there than it is at the groceries stores! How else would I have learned that but by taking that step forward? It may have been a cold walk, but there were no regrets.

Here’s where the chocolate part of my night begins. I was craving chocolate. Dark chocolate. I took about 3/4 cup chocolate ice cream and added Trader Joe’s gluten-free, vegan baking chips–holy yum! If only it came like this, but I didn’t mind doing the mixing. The ice cream I thought tasted a little too coconutty, but I guess that’s to be expected from coconut milk. These chocolate chips are just the best; I should use them for everything. Unfortunately, I switched it up for my nighttime oats.

Delicious? Absolutely. The nut butter was Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter and kept feeding my chocolate craving. The chocolate chips seemed like a good idea at the time :-/; they were dark chocolate grain-sweetened ones I picked up from Dedham Whole Foods a while ago. After hearing a rumbling in my stomach, I remembered that those “grains” used are not gluten-free. Whoops. It was a small amount and didn’t effect me much. But from now on it’ll be Trader Joe’s all they way(they taste better, anyway).

I decided that I would go for a run outside today! It’s supposed to get pretty warm(I say that considering it’s New England), and I think it will be good training. So despite going out at 8am when it was still cool, I made breakfast and am putting the run off until mid-morning. I had no clue what I wanted, so I went with another good thought: When in doubt, go for chocolate. I used Justin‘s chocolate peanut butter this time; OK, seriously, these need to come to the East coast ASAP because I am almost out and can not pay shipping for those again.

The one thing I did know I wanted was another 5-ingredient peanut butter cookie. Great breakfast choice, right? Well, I settled for using 1/2 of one as granola over a blueberry Chobani. And now I’m doing my favorite academic subject in my head: cookie math. You know, the math where you tally up how many cookies you’ve eaten compared to the people around you and how much more you can get away with before it becomes piggish. That’s good math.

Have you tried Zevia? Do you want to? I’m not having a contest for them, but it seems like everyone else is, so you have a good chance at getting some. Just Audrey is hosting one, as is Me and Jorge, Melinda Joy, the Amelie Fille blog, and Review Retreat here.


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6 Responses to “No Regrets And Chocolate”

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That definitely sounds like my kind of math problem! 🙂

My runs around Providence are some of my very favorites! Bundle up and enjoy it!

Lol I think you should change your blog to “Chocolate Makes Fun Fuel”.

awesome for getting outside. it was sooo nice out (and still is)! definitely shorts and t-shirt weather. springtime? what-what? 🙂

i don’t keep my soda in my fridge either! i love that ice cream

Too coconutty? That’s what I’m hoping for from my coconut milk ice cream! 😀

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