“These Aren’t Treadmill Miles”

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This morning marked a glorious return to outside running. I’m a bit of a nit-pick when it comes to the weather; I like it hot and sunny, 80’s please. But with my race coming up in 3 weekends, I thought it would be good to do some outdoor running while the weather was so gorgeous today. 50! It felt like springtime. So I laced up, booted up the Garmin, and hit the streets of Providence down the Eastside path. I’m not the biggest fan or run reports, but since this was my first time outside in nearly 4 months, I think it’s worth one 😉

Through The Window

Mile 1: All I could think was how much I wanted to grill, drink a blueberry smoothie, and eat a peach! Memories of Summer came flooding back and I felt incredible. Everything felt alive again.

Mile 2-3: It started to hit me: These weren’t treadmill miles I was running. In my mind, miles on the ‘mill are as good as the road; my legs, however, disagree, and it didn’t help that at times the path was not paved and still soaked from snow a few days ago. I really didn’t know how long I could go.

Mile 4: I just tried to keep my mind off of things, and even worked on a smoothie recipe(to follow).

Mile 5: Should I stick with my intentions for 9 miles or cut back to 6? No, I can do this!I’ve done it once and I can do it again, literally(the run I was on had me repeat a 3-mile path route.

Mile 6-7: I really soaked up the sun, enjoyed the company of fellow runners and dogs. Getting out of my mind was the key.

Mile 8-9.5: I had a great time and a great run. I even ran into Whole Foods to grab a blueberry Chobani and tried not to dilly-dally looking at groceries too much(though I easily could have).

9.56 Miles In 1:24:13

Will I hit the streets again sometime soon? You betcha! Probably even tomorrow. During the week, I really like running 1st thing, so that time will probably be at the gym. But the weekends can be another story. I was also ready to refuel(food does make fun fuel, after all), and whipped together that smoothie I mentioned.

Blueberry Almond Recovery Shake

In the food processor went

  • 1 blueberry Chobani
  • 1/4 unsweetened Almond Breeze
  • 1/2 Tablespoon almond butter
  • 5 ice cubes

This was the perfect smoothie considering what I had on hand. It’s full of quick carbs, complete protein, and a little fat to help with the fat-soluble nutrients. Not only is a smoothie a great way to cool down, it also let me not worry about making a full lunch fast so that I could shower, rest up, and put together a good meal.

Grass-Fed Quarter Pounder, Roasted And Charred Sweet Potato

You would not believe how soft a sweet potato is after 4 1/2 hours in the oven; it’s hardly a solid at that point. I put it in at 9:30 when I anticipated getting back from my run late. I turned off the oven at 10:30 but let it continue cooking in there in the foil. By the time the burger was done at 2, the sweet potato could have fallen apart in my hand. So as to not waste the beef fat, I sliced it in half and charred it in my pan–easy clean up, too! It all tasted soft and delicious(even the meat, which was–admittedly–undercooked). My only complaint would be that sweet potatoes hardly feel filling after all that.

After almost 10 miles outside, sitting in, doing work, and watching a movie sounded like a goodthing to me. 95% of the movies I watch are on TV, so I was pretty excited to stumble on The Da Vinci Code not 5 minutes in. I also was really craving a brownie, but wasn’t about to walk the mile to Whole Foods to get one. What to do?

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Chip Brownies

The freezer to the rescue! I found the last two-bite bits of these brownies I made for New Years Eve with peanut butter chips. Holy yum! They were still as good after dethawing. The trick to a good brownie is good chocolate chips in them.

Chocolate Bacon Peanut Brittle

A little later and I was feeling a bit… gluttenous? I don’t think Lent is healthy for me; it gives me the oddest meat cravings to repress on Friday only to erupt Saturday. This time, I thought I would try the chocolate bacon peanut brittle from Sir Francis Bacon.

Soy Yogurt With Chocolate Bacon Peanut Brittle

Over soy yogurt, of course, because I eat up that irony! Wow–the brittle was an experience like no other. I recapped them both at the end, but I think the chocolate version was such an improvement over the original. You can really taste the milkfat in the chocolate and that’s pretty key.


Before dinner I snacked on this apple and plenty of coffee while reading all about the slave and sugar trade for class. All day I felt like I was either eating or thinking of what to eat next, which makes me wonder if outdoor miles really could be different from treadmill miles and require more food. Clearly, I was happy to oblige. But for dinner I really just wanted to sit down and eat a meal that would make me feel full.

Salt And Pepper Tuna Salad, Broccoli, Pickles, Sunflower Cheddar Flatbreads

Salt And Pepper Tuna Salad, Broccoli, Pickles

I also wanted picnic food! Today’s good weather had me thinking a tuna salad–as simple as they are–sounded perfect. When I was in pre-K, I remember getting served tuna salad sandwiches for lunch and making them scrape off the tuna and mayo; I was not a fan :-/ Now I make them with 365 brand wild caught tuna fish in spring water and greek yogurt(2% here) and love ’em! The broccoli felt fresh, and what could say picnic better than Dr. Krackerssunflower cheddar flatbread? It’s not a gluten-free food by any means. But I love the cheddar with the chewy sunflower seeds and any discomfort will be well worth it.

First of all, there’s this giveaway for Honest Foods bars to tell you about. Next up I have to ask how do you feel about movies on TV? Like I mentioned, they’re about all the movies I see. I’m looking through the TV Guide right now and it looks like not much other than Forest Gump will be on here. Humph. Lastly, let me review some bacon peanut brittle for you.

Bacon Peanut Brittle

8.5/10: No, your eyes do not deceive you. Sir Francis Bacon does indeed make a brittle composed of peanuts and bacon. A lot went through my mind in trying this. The first things I noticed were the instant aroma of smoked bacon opening the package and the abundance of ingredients in this brittle–perfect. I’ll admit that I was nervous–to say the least–that this would taste like a 7-Eleven reject. And it very well might have if the company didn’t put such tremendous care in making a smoky, robust brittle with a subtle sweetness to liven it all up. Thankfully, this tasted delicious and just as I described. I would not recommend this to anyone unsure about the idea of bacon and dessert; the flavor really is potent. But if you’re wacky for eccentric foods, this just might be worth tracking down and paying the rough-but-fair price tag.

Chocolate Bacon Peanut Brittle

9/10: I don’t know what to say about the combination of peanuts, bacon, and milk chocolate other than–wow! This really was an improvement on the original bacon peanut brittle; not only are the pieces perfectly pre-proportioned because of the chocolate covering but the chocolate itself has the perfect milkfat content to be rich and powerful against the smokiness of the bacon. Similar to their other product, this is definitely something you need to be interested in before going whole hog and trying it. But if you know the flavors are for you, be a pig and dig in to the box of chocolates.

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15 Responses to ““These Aren’t Treadmill Miles””

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ahh that sounds amazing!you are so right..pnuts bacon and milk chocolate is amazing. i ADORE savory and sweet combos! awesome run-i love running outside!

9/10? impressive! roasted sweet potatoes are the best, love em. oh, if only it were 80* here right now. i’m shivering indoors

a sweet potato for four hours in the oven – isn’t that illegal in some states?!

Aren’t sweet potatoes a whole different experience when roasted in the oven vs cooked in the microwave?? I had my first roasted one a while back and I was amazed!

Congrats on the road run – not something I will ever attempt so it’s fun to read about.

good to see you outside! hopefully the weather for the race will be this nice, although in NE you never know *fingerscrossed*

I know! I felt like whoa summer is here! Such cabin fever for the last 3 months. Today was 50 and I got a sunburn from laying out for 3 hours. It was gooood. I am so ready for 80 degrees and HOT!

awesome run!!! The weather was so nice in Providence today!

I wish I could have done my 9 miler with you on that path today! Jealoussssss

From memory
The picnic, the feeling of spring, wanting a peach! and your legs hating you for street running vs. the mill. Oh yeah. Street vs t’mill are so diff it’s like walking vs running IMO. I would rather do 2 hellish cold freezing awful miles outside than 5 on a mill b/c you just dont get the same workout, at all.
And the sun/hot running. YES please. I can run in 100F here and not crack a sweat. Seriously I should be running in Africa out to fetch water across the baren land b/c that’s where and when i run best: in the heat!

The coconut milk ice cream in the last post. Noted that you think it tastes coconutty. I never buy that stuff b/c im cheap and b/c i just make nana softserve and call it a day.
The TJs choc chips ARE The best period.

The meat you made looks great and i hate meat!

And the bacon choc action. that is weird and i also hate bacon, i mean really, the smell just doesnt work for me. I can’t believe they put bacon in with their candy..im still dumbfounded!

the info on WP functionality..thank you. I know i need to migrate, but sigh. major project.

chia avo pudding. interesting. LMK how that goes. If it’s a little dense you could always pulse it in a food proc for a hot second and that would break up the dense-ness of the chia..which can admittedly get a little gloppy.

epic comment sorry. 🙂

Good for you for getting through that run!

I want to try that bacon peanut brittle….yum!

Holy Miles! And I love that you eat beef…and chocolate.

Be careful about running so many miles outside so quickly. The roads aren’t as forgiving as the treadmill and your legs will take a hell of a beating.

I’m mostly an out door runner and the miles are usually harder because of hills and terrain. It can actually be really nice to run in a public park early on a weekday morning; you see a lot of other runners and it’s just refreshing to see the morning sun. I WANT some of that bacon peanut brittle. Mmmm mmmm mmmm!

I’m an outdoor runner, and transitioning to the treadmill was hard for me when I did it last year. I think the body just gets used to a certain type of surface/incline, etc. But the outdoor elements definitely creates a whole different challenge.

GREAT job on your outdoor run though! 😀

ah glad you got to catch some fresh air .. the weather has been phenomenallll these past few days. Let’s hope I didn’t just jinx it!

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