No Crying Over Dropped Oatmeal

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It’s a Wendesday! You know what that means… new Whole Food circulars! I get excited about Wednesday for all the wrong reasons 😀 But–if you’re a Providence reader–you simply need to get out grocery shopping today. It’s the last day kombucha and organic avocadoes are on sale at Eastside Market, and now at Whole Foods you can get organic broccoli, Kerrygold butter, and brownies all for more than cheap! I’m going to *try* to get to at least the former today.

Gingerade Kombucha

Speaking of kombucha, last night after supper I had a Gingerade kombucha. This is probably my favorite of the Synergy flavors. I just love anything ginger, and this is so robust! I sipped on this doing work and watching the Biggest Loser; last night’s episode just seemed “meh” to me. It also made me remember how much I hate when they lose weight but aren’t happy with how much. Every little step towards being healthy counts! Big changes don’t need to be made overnight, and–in real life, at least–there is no “game” to play. So often on that show they lose sight of what matters.

Soy Yogurt With Milk Chocolate Peanuts

For a dessert I mixed some agave into a So Delicious soy yogurt and crumbled a few too many Sunspire milk chocolate peanuts on top. I love that I can get these peanuts from the bulk bin; it’s all that saves me from going poor having to buy the individual packages. The yogurt not surprisingly wasn’t too sweet because I used  agave instead of vanilla stevia :-/ I think there’s a time and place for both–this would have been a stevia moment.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Chocolate Peanut Butter And Chunky PB

Afterwards, I was definitely feeling a little nutty. I whipped up some pumpkin oatmeal and added a spoonful of Justin’s Chocolate Peanut Butter and 365 brand crunchy(which you can get for $1 with the new Whole Deal flyer. If I went overboard on the peanut butter, it’s because this combo was fantastic. It reminded me of eating a crunchy peanut butter cup(do they even make those?). So good.

I happily woke up this morning after 8 hours  of sleep right with my alarm at 6:50 and the sun shining in and did not feel like running at the gym; it just seemed like too much work, and I have enough of that. Instead, I spent the first few hours in bed with a good book(read: homework book), some coffee, my laptop and breakfast. This was definitely the way I needed to start today. This, however, was not.

Shatered Bowl And Oatmeal

Shattered Bowl And Oatmeal

Why did I title the post how I did Because I totally want to cry. I had just put the toppings on my oatmeal, and randomly decided to carry it back to the microwave for reheating. It was so hot I lost my handle and, well, the rest was history. At least the bowl was only from the ever exclusive Targe and I can probably get another one easily. Call me crazy(please don’t), but I even made an effort to save what peanut butter I could; I hardly had any left of the cookie dough peanut butter and I’m not sure if P.B. Loco exists as a company.  After that fiasco, I remade the oatmeal in something I couldn’t possibly break.

Oatmeal With Cookie Dough Peanut Butter And Strawberry Jam, Chobani With 1/2 Gluten Free Cupcake

There’s definitely something to the thought that we eat with our eyes; even though this was the exact same amount of oats and everything, it looked 10 times less appetizing(the first bowl was a real beauty). Shame, too, because the flavors of vanilla and strawberry were really uplifting and reminded me of Summer.

Chobani With 1/2 Gluten Free Vanilla Cupcake

At least this yogurt couldn’t possibly have been a failure. I am really loving these gluten-free cupcakes more and more and definitely want it as my full birthday cake; Bob’s Red Mill makes a fine product!

I had planned to go for an 8-9 mile outdoor run in about an hour. Now I just don’t know what the morning holds. The night, on the other hand, looks a little better; I have another one of those 6(now 7) extracurricular things but this one should be a goody 😉 And definitely a boost I need to make it through this week. Lastly, check out this double giveaway from Iowa Girl!

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17 Responses to “No Crying Over Dropped Oatmeal”

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I’m SO sorry to hear about your bowl and your oatmeal! So sad!! At least you had another bowl of glorious yumminess to cheer you up! I LOVE your idea of adding strawberry jam to oatmeal – I’m definitely trying that sooooon! 🙂

Oh NO!!! Boo to dropped oats and broken bowls 😦

Ugh…not a good way to start a Wednesday! 😦

I probably would’ve spit out some profanities first and then cried 🙂 Having a yummy cupcake for breakfast is a good way to get over spilled oats.

wow bummer about the broken bowl! and yay for going outside for a run. i just got back an hour or so ago and it was soooooo lovely out!

Sorry about your oatmeal! It’s the worst when that happens!!

Major bummer Evan! Have you run down Blackstone Blvd yet? All of those neighborhoods down there are awesome in addition to the sweet path. There is also a road that runs down along the river that is great and usually pretty deserted unless there is a crew race going on.

i would definitely cry over that. i dropped my apple this morning, but thank god you can just wash it off and eat it again. is that gross? oops! WF puts out a WEEKLY circular? wah?? i only use their bimonthly coupon book “whole deals” which is awesome, but i had no clue about this weekly deal, fill me in!

Evan, this happens to me all. the time. in the dorm…except i’m not so klutzy as to drop my bowls like you…jk. My hands really can’t take the heat so I pick up my bowl with a towel in between. Otherwise, it’s a tough walk from microwave to room.

The vanilla GF cupcakes look better every time. I had some doubts about the whole GF thing until that day I ate half a loaf of whole wheat nut butter sandwiches (don’t judge…). I had some stomach issues that night…

I love the sound of ‘chocolate peanut butter’ and ‘cookie dough peanut butter’! If only it was in the uk!! Maybe we could do a food swap someday? haha! xx

Meh! I probably would have wanted to cry, too! I had a similar experience last night – I made dinner for myself and Brian while he was at track practice and when he got home I went to take his portion out of the fridge to heat it up and totally dropped it all over the floor. He was a really good sport about it but I was quite bummed! Ahh, well. It happens to the best of us! 🙂

I have that container that you made oatmeal #2 in and I dropped it the other day and it cracked down the middle…so be careful!! 🙂

sorry about your oatmeal 😦 lunch will be better! i had my first kombucha today – it was divine grape. im still in the process of drinking it!

RIP oat bowl… Sadly, that happened to me first semester and I nearly cried too! I thought the coupon was for the organic PB which is 3.49 but I got a couple jars for 2.49 which is still a good deal! I printed out a ton though and I will try to use it for the regular kind. Their organic variety is also tasty! Oh and do you mind explaining the way you cook your burgers next time? I haven’t eaten one in about 2 years or so because I stopped eating that crap with hormones and all but I am getting an apartment next year with a grill and oven! NO MORE MICROWAVE WOOT!!! I cannot wait to cook! I still do salmon in the microwave but it doesn’t compare to cooking it other ways. Thanks!

after dropping a bowl with cracked ceramic and hot oatmeal everywhere, you stopped to take a pic.
now THAT’S a food blogger for sure. A+ for effort!

late to teach yoga, have a great nite and dont drop any chocolate 🙂 oats i can live with, choc, i cannot!

ick, so sorry about the oats fatality 😦 glad you caught another amazing bowl on the rebounnnnd.

seriously, where did P.B. Loco go ?!!

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