How Do You Feel NOW?

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Morning, all! How are you feeling today? How about right now? If the difference doesn’t make sense, hopefully it will soon. Right now I feel on top of the world because of some good news I’ll share at the end 😉

Love Raw Foods Cashew Butter

Last night I broke out this new cashew butter I was sent to sample and review from Blue Mountain Organics. It’s raw so the nuts have only been soaked, low-temp dried, and slow ground. I was interested to see if it would still taste as “nutty”.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Raw Caramel Sauce

I was really craving something caramel, but wanted to keep it vegan while I could. I read on a website that an equal mixture of agave, maple syrup, and cashew butter makes for a raw caramel sauce and gave it a try. The result wasn’t incredible but it was pretty tasty no less; with a little sea salt it definitely tasted more caramel-like. But I think for something really raw and caramel you’ll want to try lucuma powder(not like I ever have but it’s what I’ve heard). Anyway, it went well over chocolate avocado pudding made with stevia and almond milk.

Banana Oatmeal With Raw Cashew Butter And Maple Syrup

For a better taste of the butta’, I went with a bowl of banana oats with 1/2 a banana and the grains for a small bowl, along with a HUGE dollop of cashew butter and some maple syrup. I loved how sweet it tasted, even without the syrup. And the consistency was nice and airy. I definitely wouldn’t have known there was anything “different” about it because it was raw; it tasted like cashews should. And I equally loved watching Modern Family while eating this; how hilarious was the turtle plot line?

Oatmeal With White Chocolate Wonderful

One thing to know about me is I like to go to bed FULL; not hungry, or even satisfied, but feeling really well fueled. On days with long runs in the morning, I can go 14 miles and 3 hours without having time to eat, so I definitely need that night time energy. When I asked myself “How do you feel now?” after that first bowl, I knew I wasn’t there yet and made another with white chocolate wonderful. That hit the spot.

Making Raw Chocolate

As it turned out, when I woke up, I felt more or less like I’d been hit by a bus; clearly, it was not a runner’s high or anything. Still, I wanted to get to the gym. 3 times I started and stopped walking. My excuses to keep going were always something like “I might feel like going later and would have more time now” or “the weekend would be so much better for a rest day”. Both of those thoughts were true, but then it hit me: I don’t feel like running now and that’s when matters. Maybe I will feel like going to the gym later, and if so I’ll have to find the time to squeeze in. But instead, I spent my morning doing something more practical: Making raw coconut oil chocolate 😀 This was a triple batch I made into 3 bars for refrigeration.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Raw Chocolate, Soy Yogurt With Hemp Seeds

Breakfast ended up being another expression of feelings. I felt hungry earlier than usual, so I ate earlier. I felt like eating vegan and not oatmeal, so I avoided oats and dairy products. And I had a definite sweet tooth, so I might have gone a little chocolate/stevia happy. Isn’t listening to your feelings great? I had a So Delicious soy yogurt with Bob’s Red Mill hulled hemp seeds for protein, and along side that more chocolate avocado pudding(stevia sweetened) with 1/2 a batch of coconut oil chocolate on top. For the pudding, I cracked open a container of my secret ingredient…

So Delicious Coconut Milk Kefir

You can really use whatever milky liquid you like in the recipe–it’s only 3 tablespoons anyway. Usually I use almond milk since I always seem to have an open container, and occasionally I’ll use coconut milk but that’s a little much to use all the time. A good option is this coconut milk kefir, which is almost as thick as full fat coconut milk, much lighter, and has probiotics to boot! It’s a bit on the pricey side, but I let myself grab some whenever it’s on sale(which it is in the New England area at Whole Foods right now fyi).

Another reason I let myself get a little “desserty” with breakfast was because I got really good news right before making it. I’ve been a little secretive with all the extra things I have going on this week; some of that is for other’s privacy, some of that is because they’re boring things I wouldn’t trouble you with. One of those “boring things” was an optional Greek exam put on by the Classics department here for freshmen. As it turns out, I came in 1st along with a classmate of mine and we both got $875 in prize! Maybe now I can afford a new bowl that’s not plastic, made for a 5 year old, and bright “apple green”? 😉 Of course, that doesn’t excuse me from actually going to Greek class, which I need to do now 🙂

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19 Responses to “How Do You Feel NOW?”

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HAHA Thats awesome congrats! Your tweet earlier now makes sense 🙂 Also, glad to see someone else enjoying cashew butter, I was convinced I was the only person who ever had tried it!

Congrats! That’s totally cool, Evan!

That’s awesome!!! Good job!!

Congrats on your prize! That’s so awesome! I see a lot of kombucha in your future 🙂

Yay Evan! I can only imagine the treats you are going to be picking up at Whole Foods with that extra cash…

freaking LOVE modern family!! ahahaha LOVE the gay couple!! and the goofy dad..prob bc he acts JUST LIKE MY DAD.. super nerdy

i made your avocado pudding yesterday!! LOVED was superrr chocolately tho, i think i added too much cocoa powder

Congratulations on the Greek exam!! That is amazing!!! I remember how good it felt to unexpectedly come in first for language exams (Italiano per me!) It is SO exhilarating!!! So happy for you!

By the way, have you ever been to NICK’S ON BROADWAY? If you haven’t, you must go IMMEDIATELY. They focus on local, fresh, and as many organic foods as they can, and every item on the menu is delicious! Go for breakfast, and bring a padded wallet. it is not cheap! However, with your Greek winnings you should splurge on a fun meal, and that is exactly where you should go!

Yeah, Heather told me about that restaurant, too, and it looks fantastic. It was definitely between that and Garden Grille last night when we were thinking about a place to eat. Last night I just happened to feel like a big plate of veggies but I’m definitely keeping Nick’s bookmarked because local meat is right up my alley 🙂

man I love coconut milk beverages. so yum. but i am allergic so i get a closed up throat haha

worth it? I dont know haha

I noticed we comment on a lot of the same blogs, so I decided it was time to check out your blog:) It’s great, I love all the creativity with your meals and your freedom of eating what makes you happy. Congrats on the exam!!

Congrats on the exam! That is way cool…from a teacher: keep up the good work! 🙂

Great job on the Greek test! $875 for an optional test. SWEET deal!

Congrats on that! Want to share the wealth? 😉

Hey, hey!!! Congrats on that moolah! That’s a lot of nut butter jars 🙂

woot for the $$$$. i’m jealous!

Wow awesome job! that is quite the prize!!

Congrats on the win! That’s awesome! The avocado pudding…is this really good? I kinda crinkly my nose every time you mention it! But after the Green Monster wildfire, I know not to judge a food before trying it!!

Congratulations! That’s so exciting!! All your hard work is definitely paying off!

I love dessert for breakfast!! I picked up a jar of that brands raw pumpkin seed butter and I can’t wait to try it!

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