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Thank you all for your comments this morning! Getting that news was such a great way to start my day and started a momentum of feeling like things keep getting better. It also never hurts to be recognized for hard work, especially when it’s you’re concentration(and one that’s not known for being a money0maker. Hey, I’m realistic ;-)) Now–here’s my pledge that Whole Foods will NOT get most of that. Considering I estimate my shoes have an 2000+ miles on them(I’m not even exaggerating here), I definitely have some good plans.

Nature's Path Pumpkin-N-Spice Granola Bar

When I got back from Greek, I grabbed Nature’s Path Organic Pumpkin-N-Spice bar and switched in to workout clothes lickity-split. Even though it’s not the most opportune time to work out between classes, I felt 20 times better then than when I woke up, and this just felt “right” so I was determined to make it work.

10 Miles In 87:09

Do you know how hard it is to make it work when you only have Kathie Lee and Hoda to watch on The Today show? They are no Meredith and Matt–I’m just saying. Besides that, I was fast! This isn’t the pace I can do outside, but 87:09 was quicker than my normal treadmill pace. Part of that was GI, part of that was just not having time to play around with, but all of that felt nice 🙂 I showered and thought up a lunch really quickly.

Broccoli With Breakfast Style Chicken Sausages, Spicy Peanut Tofu Salad

I’ll throw out a disclaimer and say you can set any dietary restrictions you want on yourself and get adequate nutrient levels. That being said, after going 26 hours of eating vegan when my idea of vegan “food” involves chocolate and pudding, I truly felt like I was lacking protein. I was having a HUGE white meat chicken craving, and even contemplated getting the non-local, probably hormone induced chicken from the dining hall for a split second. In the end, I scrapped up a few Al Fresco breakfast style sausages and tossed those with broccoli along side a tofu salad made with The Heat Is On by PB&Co.. It wasn’t the “best meal everrrr” like all bloggers want to share, but it was “good enough” and got me to class 2 minutes early.

Gingerade, 1/2 Carob Chip Perfect Foods Bar

Class was brutal. Maybe it was the fact that we kept having to turn off the lights for slides. Or maybe it was just an exhausting day(my friend Alex next to me actually fell asleep during some slides). Either way, between that and a “meh” lunch, dessert was definitely in order. Between classes I grabbed a Gingerade Kombucha from a local coffee shop and cut in half a Carob Chip Perfect Foods Bar I stuck in my pocket. Pardon the pun, but this really was a “perfect” dessert/snack for getting through my afternoon; the bar tastes a lot like a cookie, anyway, and who would want milk over Kombucha? 😉

Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream With 1/2 Carob Chip Perfect Foods Bar

It was another “long day” with extracurriculars even after all the regular class. When I finished those, though, I was on my weekend! Things just keep gettin’ better 🙂 Of course, I needed to celebrate all the hubbub somehow, right? This dessert–once again, pardon the pun–was also quite “perfect”. Since I can’t stand having 1/2 a bar around, I chopped up the other part of my Carob Chip Perfect Foods Bar and blended that with So Delicious coconut milk chocolate ice cream. Besides the subtle coconut flavor, this was awesome! It reminded me of all that peanut butter and chocolate ice cream I had as a kid. The fact that I was “catching up” with my protein intake was just ice creaming on the cake.

Grass-Fed 1/4 Pounder With Sweet Potato Hash

Then again, maybe protein’s not a problem with burgers on the menu for dinner. Since I had 1/2 a sweet potato already baked, I diced that and cooked it in the healthy grass-fed burger drippings in the pan–easy peasy clean up, too! Unfortunately, baked potatoes I find don’t make the best of hashes; you really need to get them when they’re raw and just steamed to start.

Burger 101

Preparing A Burger

It’s been asked “How do you make your burgers with just dorm room equipment?” Well, let me tell you, it’s probably one of the simplest things I or you could cook! You just need a quality steel pan and a slightly fatty cut of meat(I like 85/15 grass-fed beef, but anything up to 90/10 should do). Form your patty with a slight dip in the center because when it cooks it will puff up. After letting your pan heat up on medium-high heat, let your patty cook on the first side for 5 minutes. Then, flip the patty and let it cook another 4, or until the juice running out of it is thin and only slightly red. Then–and I can’t stress this enough–carefully move it to a plate, and let it sit untouched for 5 minutes. This helps the juices to settle and doing this will get you a nice, rare burger. If you like your meat more well done, extend the cooking on both ends by 1:30-2 minutes. Bonus: If you’re a New England reader, regular beef is on sale at Whole Foods this week for $2.99 a pound and even the grass-fed is reduced an amount! I for one will be getting at least a pound over the weekend if not more. And that’s your burger 101!

If you’ve never had the great pleasure to try Zevia(now that sounds like an idea for tonight), you can win some in this giveaway. Also, you can win coupons for So Delicious products like their coconut milk ice cream or kefir in this giveaway; if you enter this, please say Food Makes Fun Fuel or EvanFMFF is how you heard about it so we both have a better chance of winning 🙂

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16 Responses to “Keeps Gettin’ Better”

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Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Hey, I entered that So Delicious contest and mentioned that you sent me!! 😀

I have 20 things to say…
Burgers in a dorm room, Madeline and I actually talked about that today! we’re like no way…he’s amazing and we both pondered the sheer magnitude and mad skillz dorm cooking must take!

$875. Buy a Vita. And you’ll still have $400 leftover for shoes.
I run about 500 miles in mine which I only do about 50 miles a week so in just 3 mos, I need shoes. And i can feel it and get naggy injuries if i dont so i suck it up and do it.

200 miles, I cannot imagine your poor legs!

Perfect food bars, i saw those in a refrig case at WFs almst bought them but AS IF! i need any more bars! Ok the Jokerz. Freaking vegan snickers,…OMG that thing was so good last nite! I also ate it side by side with popcorn doused in nooch and stevia and choc chips from TJs. I also like to go to bed WELL fueled. People say food hinders your sleep? Not mine!

Raw caramel sauce, check this post mid way down

right after i smear the nut butter on, you can cut the liquid w/ nut milk or even water…or agave! and you’re in biz 🙂

2000 miles on your shoes!?!?!?!

I would have gone through TEN pairs of shoes, no joke. I feel little niggles coming on after 200 miles.

Then again, your mileage is so crazy you would be chewing up shoes really fast.

How often do you try to change them?

Hey Thanks for the burger tips! I asked yesterday.

My knees just hurt thinking about running in those shoes! I get new ones faithfully every 500 miles. I know you aren’t too far from home, but when I needed new shoes in Providence, I always hit up Rhode Runner on South Main.

Congratulations on the Newsweek article! Also, I agreed with a lot your points about education reform.

Your lunch and ice cream look particularly drool-worthy. Yum!

Ahh…get some new running sneaks! After 400 in mine, I started to feel achy and should have listened to my knees (*should have* is the key word here 😉 )

Woohoo for the sweet potato! Yum! 😀

And I love Al Fresco chicken sausages. They make for such a quick and easy meal, because they seem to go with everything. 😀

I love al fresco sausages – so good!

Well, at least you have the blog to keep your whole foods spending accountable 😉

I want to try those perfect food bars– they look so good!

I’ve only seen Hoda and Kathie Lee when they are being made fun of on the Soup, but the show does look pretty awful 🙂

Sorry I missed the actual post (blame school) but a BIG CONGRATS to you for your winning!!

I think I would run as fast as I could if Kathie and Hoda were on – I only watch them on The Soup these days because they make me want to gouge my eyes out! Talk about 2nd hand embarassment! 🙂

I’ve been looking everywhere for those perfect foods bars, are they in with the other bars in stores or in the refrigerated section?

i have two pairs of shoes, one of them have 2600+ miles the other 900+. i need new shoes too! and uhuh *eyeroll* that the money isn’t going to whole foods hahaah

Thanks for the Whole Foods update! I love a good burger 🙂

ah thanks so much for the 411 on those dorm room burgers.. bookmarking this page now 🙂

Belated congratulations on your Greek award!! SO exciting!! I’m also very psyched that you’re a Classics major – high five!! 🙂

Your coconut ice cream with the carob chip bar looks SO amazing!! Happy Weekend! 🙂

[…] at Food Makes Fun Fuel made this one-pot-wonder by first cooking a 4-oz grass-fed burger, then added in the pre-baked sweet potato cubes to the […]

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