Exhausting Friday

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Hello! How was your Friday? In a word, mine was exhausting. Funny when you have no class on that day. I guess I just forgot how rough 13.1 miles make the rest of your time! After this post this morning, I had a meeting to catch at Au Bon Pain. When that was done I was wiped out and wanted to fall back on my bed. I was also staahhhving, so “lunch” was a quick and voluminous bowl of oats.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter And Sunflower Seeds

I don’t even normally like oats for meals other than breakfast, but this was so necessary at the time. A filling bowl that’s healthy and not something I needed to cook? Yes, please. I got to open a new bowl of pumpkin, mixed 1/2 a cup with 40g cooked grains, and added a big spoonful of Butter Toffee Peanut Butter from Naturally Nutty and a sprinkling of sunflower seeds. The sweet and savory seeds definitely made this meal–yum! After lunch I got to “work”.

Making Raw Cacao Coconut Butter

I only wish I were talking about real work; instead I made up a recipe that’s been on my mind for a while. I tried making my own raw cacao coconut butter, using products from Tropical Traditions like their coconut creme concentrate and Coconut Oil, and raw cacao powder and butter I bought from Navitas Naturals all sweetened with agave nectar. If it works out, I’ll be happy to share the recipe when I talk more about the coconut creme concentrate(the main ingredient).

Red Delicious Apple

While I waited for that to sit and harden(hopefully), I snacked on an apple–never filling. Ideally, the butter would be the consistancy of peanut butter or cacao bliss. The grinding process warms the oil and shreds the cacao butter so that it’s a smooth sauce right after grinding. Since I obviously have no attention span, I started using it while it was still soft.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Raw Cacao Shell Sauce

This was one of those “Oh no I didn’t” “Oh yes I did” kind of snacks. I made chocolate avocado pudding and topped it with the sauce, which immediately cooled and hardened when it touched the cold pudding; magic shell sauce anyone? It was all very tasty and gone far too fast. I only hope it hardens at room temp, and if not it will make some good refrigerated chocolate. If you want to read more on the Coconut Creme Concentrate, you can click on that link, or wait until I figure out more to say on it.

18 Rabbits Nibble A Sultana

Right after that, I broke in to my bar stash and grabbed an 18 Rabbits Nibble A Sultana granola bar. I love how this had only 9g of sugar! But the flavor was a bit flat–fruity but flat. The pumpkin seeds at least were nice and savory. I definitely need a good meal in the afternoon to get me through to dinner. After that I had to step out to meander Thayer Street. When I was finished, I realized it was almost dinner and I did not feel like cooking after all this exhaustion. I grabbed something for dinner(and something for dessert) and rushed home hoping to use up what’s left of the day.

Red Bean Chili And Soy Tofu Over Broccoli

From the dining hall, I grabbed precooked broccoli(as in, yes, I usually cook my own but why bother tonight?) and some vegetarian chili, and supplemented more protein with tofu tossed in soy sauce and microwaved for 5 minutes. Since the chili is vegetarian I don’t have to worry about ethical meat, and since there’s no soy I don’t have to think about my Lenten give-up. I couldn’t imagine them using any artificial ingredient. And, if there’s gluten–well–I haven’t been too good on that one as of late anyway, so I’m assuming it was fine–not the tastiest but I’m not energized enough to be picky.

Like I mentioned, I did pick up a little dessert while I was out, so that’s definitely pushing me through. I should probably deal with everything I threw on the bed though first, huh? Before I sign off for that, I’ll mention you can go to www.tazo.com/zero to enter a contest for Tazo’s new line of stevia sweetened products! I’m glad to see stevia is hitting main stream companies. You can also enter this giveaway for a chance to win Zevia.

I guess this prompts the question, how do you feel about the mainstream adoption of stevia sweetened foods? Honestly, I love it. When I gave up artificial sweeteners, I thought I’d go nuts without Diet Mountain Dew or Coke Zero; Zevoa has made the transition so much simpler. Obviously, I don’t think the stuff should be knocked back like bottles of water. But if we’re talking swapping stevia for sucralose or aspartame in the American diet, sign me up. Since I’m an open and honest blogger, I’ll mention my intake of stevia today has been in my coffee at 6:50am, chocolate avocado pudding at 3:30pm,  and a decaf English breakfast tea at 4:30pm.

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12 Responses to “Exhausting Friday”

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No sooner does my last comment go up than you make magic shell choco and the coconut butter/coco creme concentrate action in the food proc. Can’t wait to hear how or what ends up happening on that front!

Stevia. I used to hate it now i love it. weird, huh. I still use every sweetener imaginable from real sugar to agave to maple, stevia, truvia, splenda, yes you read that, to lucama to dates to palm sugar. I have a whole arsenal depending on the recipe. I am glad mainstream ppl are getting on the stevia train however truvia for instance is not stevia even though they say it is, it’s closer to splenda than stevia so hopefully the co’s are a bit honest but that would be asking way too much 🙂

I think it’s great! I used to be addicted to Splenda so I think it’s great that a new real sweetner is out there now!

Stevia sweetened products…well, I haven’t really seen any products that are such. I usually just add it to stuff…but I’m with Averie – I use whatever – love maple syrup ;)…

and Survivor – ugh – what are you thinking of it so far??!…James is so getting on my nerves – he’s truly a pompous a-hole – and I’m being nice here…it doesn’t even seem like he wants to be there – it’s all just mean and stuff…I HOPE Russell doesn’t get voted off on Villians – luv him…I’m trying to figure out why Coach is on that team though – wasn’t he an honest guy?….

13.1 miles on a treadmill? You are one crazy cat Evan. Also, I am contemplating a marathon in RI in the fall that I’m pretty sure you should sign up for

I’m all about the stevia 🙂 LOVE your cacao coconut butter. Amazing, as usual 🙂

i love stevia! maybe a little too much! you need to recharge this weekend 🙂

I’m just looking forward to the U.K. incorporating more sucralose in lieu of aspartame and acesulfame k which do a number on my head- and, the horror! sodium cyclamate which was linked to bladder cancers decades ago ;( Over here, where stevia is sold (online) it has to be sold ‘not for human consumption’ or one could be prosecuted! Have you tried a dark chocolate- raspberry version of your avocado pudding? Nice! Also, can I have some of your running energy please? Maybe you’ll have more energy next week with your taper…

i love splenda. i don’t think anything will make me give it up haha

Honestly, I haven’t read a whole lot of research on Stevia, but I’m definitely interested in seeing what’s being said about it. I see it *everywhere*. 😀

Your avocado pudding sounds so yummy! I’ve never tried it, but if it’s chocolatey and creamy, then I’m bound to love it. 😀

Au Bon pain? I’m jealous- we don’t have those down south:)

and if the American public can switch to a lesser evil, we should see it as a positive, but by no means start guzzling it down like there’s no tomorrow!

I’ve been enjoying the stevia “revolution”, mainly because I don’t care for artificial sweeteners. I really like my Coke, but I know it’s not the best thing in the world so if I can get a bubbly fix with a stevia-sweetened product I’d be cool with that!

I’m happy with my SweetLeaf brand of stevia- 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 glycemic index, and 0 chemicals! I love using their flavors!

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