Field Trippin’

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Has the sun shined where you are? Because it’s been pouring and raining all day! Oh well, I guess that’s could because it’s made me a little worker bee; I got sooo much done. But first, I was dragged out the door to meet my class for a “field trip” at 10am. Since it’s an object history class and Providence has plenty of historical places, it wasn’t hard for us to find somewhere fitting. We visited the John Brown House Museum.

Slave Trade Objects

As you might guess, it was no coincidence that the John Brown house is so close to Brown Univesity–he’s from the family we’re named after. When you get through the door, they don’t beat around the bush: The entire Brown family at one point was invested in the slave trade. That led for some good objects for us to look at. John Brown actually went through his whole life advocating for slavery and the slave trade, while his brothers turned into abolitionists and argued against him. That family must have been fun around the holidays!

John Brown's Chariot

You’ve got to admit that the man had some wheels. This was the oldest American made vehicle and actually carried George Washington around Rhode Island.

Squirrel Wall Paper

The same man, however, had no sense of “style”; he had a whole room wall-papered like this with squirrels and a squirrel carving over the fireplace. Uhhh, no thank you. It was pretty cool how they were able to restore the whole thing to its original ugly pristine.

Bull's Head Soup Holder

Since I’m still a foodie no matter where I go, the kitchen was the most interesting room; this soup bowl was used to hold hot soup which the steam would exit from the nostrils to make the bull look real. LOL. The owner after the Brown family also had one of the first working refrigerators in America!

Silver Bowl

And I think I found a new bowl to replace the one I broke earlier this week. What do you think? I think it could hold a lot of oats(and pumpkin, of course). After that the trip pretty much wrapped up and we all scurried to our dorms because the rain had intensified through the morning. By this point, I was pretty famished and surprised to see it was only 11:50; there are days when I’m just finishing breakfast then. Still, I whipped up the quickest and saltiest thing I could think of.

Soy Tofu And Broccoli, Cheddar Popchips

15 minutes later and I had a good meal done. I diced 1/2 a block of soft tofu and simmered that in soy sauce. While that was working, I steamed broccoli and added that towards the end to cook down. On the side I had some cheddar popchips and voila! a well-balanced meal! Chips can count as “balanced”, right? I was still feeling a little snackish later after this, which I’m pretty sure is the whole purpose of dessert.

Chocolate Brownie Z-Bar

I don’t think I know any “kid” who actually eats Z-bars, but they get so much love from us around the blogworld. And they should! I can never believe how soft and chocolaty these are for something prepackaged. They’re well portioned and fortified, too. And they make feel not so bad about not being able to bake while I’m at college. OK, when did I become a commercial for Z-bars? I’ll stop now.

Gingerade Kombucha

I didn’t want to boredom eat throughout the afternoon while I was working on my Greek, History, and Latin classes, so I sipped on some gingerade Kombucha instead. I don’t believe in any “appetite suppressant” if you’re really hungry but some times all your body needs is a nice flow of nutrient dense energy to realize how it really feels. That, and I’ll use any excuse to drink something that costs a whopping 2.50 🙂 My only complaint was that this one had a lot of floaties in it that felt awkward swallowing. OK I’m done thinking of that one.

Perfect Foods Peanut Butter Bar

I learned 2 important non-class related things this afternoon. Firstly, you can be hungry and bored without being hungry because you’re bored. Secondly, when I’m bored, I will take about 20 pictures of my food trying to be as “artsy” as possible. Case in point: ^. I think in retrospect I like the carob chip Perfect Foods Bar best but the peanut butter is also darn good. And because this was an afternoon snack packed with iron and protein, I decided not to have the grass-fed burger I thought I would for dinner and go with something more cravable:

Veggies With Vegan "Cheeze" Sauce

That would be about a pound or more of an Asian veggie blend from the dining topped with Meagan’s vegan “cheeze” sauce(hummus, water, and nutritional yeast). I also added a little coarse sea salt as needed. While I enjoy meat, I don’t particularly like to eat it when I’m not craving it or think it holds nutrients I need. Otherwise, I could(and do!) just eat a bowl of veggies. I’m pretty sure if you put me, Avery, and Heather in a room with only 1 pound of vegetables, a death match would ensue.

And now I’ll be a responsible blogger and use my platform to remind you that we lose an hour from Daylight’s Savings time tonight, so set your clock forward(or just sleep in, what do I care?). I’m actually looking forward to this? I’ve been hungry for meals a bit earlier all day, not by much–about 30 minutes to an hour–so my body will in a sense catch up with the time. Can I get a head start on things by throwing on my PJ’s an hour early tonight? I just might have to…

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14 Responses to “Field Trippin’”

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That reminds me of the Yale Medical Library museum…there were “amputation instruments” from the 1400s = essentially a saw

and my 13 yr old sis loves Z bars. the brownie one tastes like a (relatively) healthy brownie, maybe not as healthy as your raw vegan ones…

Lol. With the amount of raw vegan frosting I like to put on those, I’m sure the Z-bar ends up being healthier

Z-bars: They’re not just for kids!

Lately I’ve really been loving microwaved Z-bars. Delicious.

By the way, thanks for reminding me about Daylight Savings Time! I probably would’ve been an entire hour off from everyone else for a few days had you not mentioned it.

Ooooooh microwaved z bars are awesome. THey’re great frozen too!

i didn’t know that’s who / what brown was named for / after. that museum sounds amazing. i think i might take a weekend trip when i get back from break! of course i’m sure that it would be a different experience going on my own vs a field trip haha

when i saw that pic of “soy tofu” i was like, is there any other kind? but i’m assuming soy is what you flavored it with too lol. cool museum!

My child is a kid who eats the Z Bars…Ive only bought one in my life for her though, impulse buy at TJs and I didnt even taste it but she told me she liked it. I should try them as i know you’re a total fan and you’ve never steered me wrong, hello Jokerz!

The veggie death match…well, if they were cooked beyond all recognition, I’d let her win but raw or almost raw n crunchy, I’m a scrappy beeotch and id fight for my veggies. LOL

And the perf foods bar. Artsy shot indeed. I still want to try one. Alas, I am cheap it they were like 3 bucks a pop and I got jokerz instead.

And this night is epic in my memory…I used to work in the bar business and every year on this Saturday night, we’d lose an hour of liquor sales b/c at 2am, it became 3am, and we were open til 5am so there was 1 less hour of drinking for people. Oh the horrors. 🙂

hahahaha I’m loving the visual of the Heather, Averie, Evan death match. Who would win?? 😛

The sun will come out for ya!

At least you’re enjoying some good eats:)

totally weird-ive been hungry earlier too

I put my PJ’s on at 5 so I think I am ahead of you 😉

I have so much love for the chocolate Z-bar. I need to stock up.

As a history major I love the “tour” of John Brown’s house! As a foodie, that soup bowl is sweet!!

For the record, Metro Detroit hasn’t seen sun since Thursday – next week is supposed to be gorgeous again though!

lol at Matt !
i tried that drink last night at whole foods…different haha !

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