Fridays Were Made For Sundaes

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Hey, ya’ll! I feel like all I’ve done since this last post is eat and sleep. There was some reading in there, too! But, yes, this is a painfully early Saturday morning post before the day has to kick off in an hour. Besides, it’s not like I was eating boring things 😉

Purely Decadent Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream

I mentioned I picked up dessert yesterday afternoon while I was out. What I grabbed was another pint of Purely Decadent‘s vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream. This stuff is awesome! I love how you can see the real vanilla beans. It has a bit too much of a coconut flavor, but it’s so thick and creamy that that aspect of it doesn’t even matter anymore.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream With Mini Peanut Butter Cups

I mixed the last of my old pint, the start of my new pint, and about 10 Trader Joe’s mini-peanut butter cups. How perfect are these peanut butter cups to have around, Trader Joe’s fans? I just love them! They really took this from “ice cream” to “a sundae”. In fact, this was my 3rd Friday night in a row enjoying a sundae. A new tradition forming? I hope so, because it’s one I can get on board with.

Newman's Own Organic Peanut Butter Cup

Of course, I could have eaten about 10-20 more of those mini peanut butter cups before realizing what I’d have done, so instead I just grabbed a normal sized, organic peanut butter cup. I love my homemade ones, but these are so much simpler to keep around. The only problem was this was practically melted at room temperature! Go figure–it must be hot in here.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Chocolate Peanut Butter

Later on I made a bowl of pumpkin oatmeal with Justin’s chocolate peanut butter. Typical–I know–but oh so delicious. I can’t wait till they hit East coast stores this month! As I was eating eating, I watched 20/20; is it sad that I just realized John Stossol doesn’t host that anymore? or is it sad that I miss John Stossol as the host? or is it sad that I’ve watched 20/20 long enough to know and care about who the host is? These are the things I ask myself…

Despite the horrendous sleep I got at the beginning of this week, it’s actually been so good as of late and I got almost 9 hours worth! If you can’t appreciate that, what can you appreciate? I would have kept snoozing, too, if I didn’t set my alarm. I wish I could have kept sleeping because my dream was hilarious: My relatives were over and my mom was making cupcakes with Bob’s Red Mill‘s gluten free vanilla mix but refused to use coconut oil, only would make them with butter, and they kept coming out burnt. Why do I dream these things? Alas, there weren’t any cupcakes at breakfast.

Banana Oatmeal With Maple Cashew Butter And Sea Salt, Pomegranate Yogurt With Cacao Coconut Butter

Pomegranate Chobani With Cocoa Coconut Butter

For something fast and simple, I topped a pomegranate Chobani with a tablespoon of my raw cacao coconut butter I made yesterday. This hardened over night like I was hoping to a thick peanut butter consistancy. Yay! The only problem is it gets too cold on yogurt and hardens, so now I have a lump on a log 😦 It’s a mighty tasty lump, though. For the oatmeal, I used most of a small banana and 40g grains cooked with cinnamon and topped with Tierra Farm‘s organic maple cashew butter and sea salt–yum! I opened a new 1lb shaker of coarse sea salt last night. I feel like I’m going to be going a little overboard happy with it in the meanwhile.

Some of you commented on cashew butter when I had some mid-week. I didn’t realize it had been so long since I’d eaten any! But yes, I do keep cashew butter on hand(4 different brands); you’d be hard pressed to find a nut whose butter I don’t have or have tasted 😉 For those who haven’t tried it, cashew butter is slightly lower in protein than peanut butter but higher in iron and heart-healthy fats. It has a really rich, creamy consistency and flavor, and pairs amazingly with bananas because of that slightly higher fat content. The cheapest and most commercial brand would probably be Whole Food’s store brand, but there are certainly others out there available. And now I need to run(unfortunately, not literally)!

I have a field trip in one of my classes at a historic house museum. What grade am I in? What school do I go to? What happened to John Stossol? A field trip? Apparently. Good thing it’s indoors because it’s pouring 😦 And lastly, here’s a giveaway for energy bites! I need all the energy I can get…

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17 Responses to “Fridays Were Made For Sundaes”

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oh my gahh those PB cups are so addicting-i can never stop at just one

Field trips are ALWAYS fun! Of course, I was never big on sitting in one place for longer than 50 minutes (I thought Tuesday/Thursday classes were bad until I took a couple of seminars).

Hope that field trip was fun…haha!

so I’ve found the purely decadent soy-based ice cream, but haven’t been able to find coconut… until now, that is! I joined a local organic grocery store co-op (they grow their own produce, too!) and they have coconut! I’m hoping to get it in my next order!

i love that ice cream! it’s my mom’s fave flavor actually, and she’s not even vegan

i wanna go on a field trip! the last one i went to i was a chaperone on…man i’m old.

Purely Decadent vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream and chocolate peanut butter cups? YUM YUM YUM!

I like the ice cream too, but I agree with you– the coconut flavor is really pronounced in it. Still great though!

That ice cream looks sooo good! The combo of the peanut butter cups makes it even better!

thanks for the report-back on the Cocoa Coconut Butter, i.e. lump on a log 🙂

john stossel is a funny dude. I used to watch tv. And when i did, i enjoyed 20/20 alot! Now i just read food blogs and can tell you who made the best homemade nut butter or who ate what brand of powerbar. Life. Interesting, for sure 🙂

as if friday’s weren’t amazing enough on their own — you sundaes just make ’em exponentially better.

I’m totally picking up that cashew butter this weekend if i can find it~ iv’e had the 365 brand from WF but wasn’t too big of a fan; maybe that one will be better. i believe i’ve seen it at target…i’ll have to check!

and those mini pb cups? absolutely dangerous in my presence…i had a box, probably ate 1/2 in a few days, and threw the rest in the freezer so i wouldn’t go overboard! too good!!

I had a sundae on Friday too! Always a good idea 😉

you mention(ed) that justin’s maple almond butter isn’t available on east coast stores, but they have it at whole foods in new york. just sayin’ lol 🙂

Oh all their maple flavors are–I’ve been stocking up in New England since Summer. I think what I said(or meant) was their *chocolate* flavors aren’t available on the East yet. I’ve been eating up that peanut butter like mad and don’t want to pay for shipping again, haha.

you go to brown? i went to the john brown house this year for a class too. i go to risd, hey neighbor

I’ve had the coconut vanilla ice cream – but it’s from So Delicious?? I didn’t know Purely Decadent did one too…? same thing? Weird….

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