Chocolate Makes The Meal

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Believe it or not, I don’t actually ever realize how much chocolate I eat until someone points it out, or that it might not be normal for everyone to have chocolate at every point in there day. I can’t fathom how my 9 year old cousin doesn’t like chocolate(I think there’s genetic testing to done here). It goes without saying that I started last night off with–what else–chocolate.

Righteously Raw Caramel Bar

I broke in to the Righteously Raw chocolate bar I splurged on over the weekend, taking half and save the rest for another time.

Righteously Raw Caramel Bar

I was intrigued to say the least to see how they would work lucuma and dates into a raw caramel. In short: they didn’t :-/ I guess caramel is just something too difficult to make with raw ingredients, because this really didn’t remind me of that. Oh well. Would I pay another 3.50 for the 1/2 a bar I ate? Probably not, but you gotta experience these things one and a while.

Oatmeal With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter And Cacao Coconut Butter

A little later and why not more chocolate? This time in the way of my homemade dormmade chocolate coconut butter(recipe to come) along side some butter toffee peanut butter from Naturally Nutty. The cacao coconut butter is the perfect consistency at room temp, but melts to water over oatmeal or hardens to chocolate in yogurt. What to do, oh, what to do? I suppose neither are really a “problem” when it tastes that good 😀

Endangered Species 70% Organic Dark Chocolate

This morning I actually felt energized when I woke up at 6:15; I was not expecting that. Because I dream of chocolate while others dream of Jeannie, I grabbed 5 squares of my favorite dark chocolate bar made by Endangered Species. There’s no harm in a little chocolate prerun for some quick carbs when it’s organic and saving the rain forest 😉

10 Miles In 89:56

For whatever reason, I have a lot easier time doing long runs if I extend the time from the start rather than at the end; it’s like all those minutes before 7am don’t even count! I totally could have gone longer to watch Kirstie Alley on the Today Show had I not had to get to class. I was just happy to squeeze 10 miles in under 90 minutes so that I could get back, make a breakfast, and get to class.

Alter Eco Dark Quinoa Chocolate

Really, chocolate should be at every breakfast table. At least this one from Alter Eco has a complete protein in it in the form of quinoa. Note: Do not leave squares of chocolate next to the heat vent of the computer unattended.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter And Raw Cashew Butter, Greek Yogurt With Superfruits And Quinoa Dark Chocolate

I love how fast oatmeal cooks! Is that a silly thing to love? Regardless, it’s this college boy’s dream food. I made pumpkin oatmeal and topped it with raw cashew butter from Love Raw Foods and butter toffee peanut butter fromNaturally Nutty. This combo was fantastic. Seriously, both of these nut butters are incredibly rich and the duo had such a Wow! factor to them. They’re also so different–one’s raw whereas the other is sugared and buttered up. You’ve just got to love each for their own right 🙂

Greek Yogurt With Superfruit Spread And Dark Quinoa Chocolate

The yogurt, likewise, was love. I mixed in Europe superfruits spread from Crofters Organic into a 2% plain yogurt and added on some shavings of Alter Eco‘s dark quinoa chocolate. I won’t go into too much detail now because I reposted my review in just a little bit but I loved the crunch of this, and I don’t even normally like “crispy” chocolate! Something about the quinoa, though, was perfectly cacao.

Now, will you get me to admit that I eat too much chocolate? On the contrary, I’d probably tear up the internet looking for all the articles on chocolate’s health benefits than admit to that. And if you asked me what kind of chocolate’s best, I’d point you to companies that hold organic and fair trade ingredients at a premium, like Alter Eco does. This company sent me a few bars to review, and now that I’ve nibbled on both I want to share my thoughts. Universal of all their products is their commitment to equality and the ingredients, which was a philosophy I could not help but admire. Beyond that, their products tasted good, too 😉

Dark Velvet Chocolate

8/10: First to get the elephant out of the room: this is in no way–in my opinion–a dark chocolate bar. Not only does it have dairy solids in it, the flavor of them shines through. That’s really not a bad thing though; on the contrary, I loved the rich, buttery tone to it. It just would have scored higher with me if it didn’t advertise itself as “dark” with a “touch” of milk. I also loved the simple, fair trade, origin ingredients, and that it had no soy or lecithin. This bar was as pure and ethical as they come, and if you want a “feel good” chocolate, it certainly shares that mission.

Dark Quinoa Chocolate

9.5/10: I’ve always thought chocolate with crispies in it to make it “interesting” always turned out bland and airy more than anything else. Alter Eco has made a truly interesting chocolate bar by inserting quinoa–not puffed rice–for a nice and satisfying crunch–not crisp. This seemed to me an ingenious move as a reminder of the Amazonian origins of cacao, as if the fact that they locate their cocoa and sugar to fairly traded farmers in Bolivia wasn’t enough. The company and thus the chocolate bar are entirely ethical and entirely tasty; even the chocolate, while “only” 61% cacao, had a much deeper, darker bitterness to it that I loved. While it may cost a little more because it’s so gourmet and might be hard to find, for a reasonable splurge or chocolate lover’s present this bar is perfect.

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21 Responses to “Chocolate Makes The Meal”

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Alright, this post nearly sent me off on a serious chocolate bender. Good lawd. I bet dark chocolate is actually a pretty good pre-run snack. The caffeine in it probably helps give you an energy lift.

I love the dark chocolate velvet so much that I haven’t tried any others….but, I think I will have to pick up the quinoa variety…sounds like the perfect crunch chocolate bar!

I think I’d be suffering from a chocolate overdose if I ate as much chocolate as you do! That quinoa chocolate looks pretty darn tasty though…

It totally cracks me up that you don’t realize you eat a lot of chocolate…you are my favorite choc-o-holic!!! 🙂

aww that stinks the chocolate bar was so disappointing for that price! I love endangered species especially the forest mint! OATS FTW!!! I love the eats today. Chocolate is the way to go! I feel like I should be eating chocolate as i read this! Lol, you didn’t realize how much chocolate you eat!

your posts always make me want to reach for my chocolate stash…and I think this time I will!
So disappointing about that bar…but you can’t like everything, right?

Yeah, I definitely use the whole “But I need to save the rainforest” excuse with the Endangered Species chocolate as well 🙂

I would eat chocolate for every meal – kinda like you do! 😉

I really want to try that chocolate with quinoa….I’ve heard so many great things!

there’s no such thing as too much chocolate;)

oh i’m 98% sure i have an endangered species chocolate bar in the trunk of my car!! the product of a whole foods run gone crazy. i think it was on sale though. you love it that much? i’ll have to dig in!

I have a cousin who doesn’t like chocolate either, and it totally blows my mind…who doesn’t like CHOCOLATE??!

Ughhhhhhhhh I am craving chocolate like a fiend right now! Ya just made it worse;)

that Dark Chocolate Quinoa is bizarrely intriuging – and I don’t even like the dark choco!

i am fascinated by how much you love chocolate because the stuff just doesn’t do it for me hahah.

and i agree about extending runs at the beginning rather than the end. makes it so much easier to go the distance

I love chocolate as much as I love how much you love chocolate! 🙂 Your meals look delish!

Plus, amazing run! 🙂 Good work.

i love your love for chocolate. esp since your consumption helps save the rainforest. 😉

[…] was cherry filled dark chocolate, due largely in part to this post I read earlier today that spurred an outrageous chocolate […]

Quinoa in chocolate?! That’s awesome! I bet it’s like Nestle Crunch but better!! Chocolate is good for you…I love eating it. I’ve been snacking on cacao nibs lately. So bittersweet and yummy

Haha, I love how much you love chocolate. That quinoa chocolate bar looks really interesting!

I totally agree..oatmeal is the ultimate college food, I literally cant go a day without it

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