Super Salad And The Great Egg Debate

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Good afternoon! It feels more like afternoon now than evening or night just because it’s still sunny! This time shift thing is definitely throwing me for a loop; I love the extra light at the end of the day, but feeling around for everything in the dark at 6:15? Not a fan. P.S. Google Reader and formatting both have not been my biggest fan today so if you missed my chocolate obsession eating and Alter Eco review you can still read it here.

Red Delicious Apple

I had my entire lunch packed and ready to go for class when hunger struck like a brick 20 minutes before hand. Rather than gobble down what I packed, I grabbed this apple. Most foods I like to eat slowly and savour but apples I can deal with the chew-and-go nature. Besides, I really wanted to give time to the salad I made.

Hemp Oil Dressing And Mulberries

The combo of these ingredients does not get old. But winding back, last week I was craving chickpeas like craaaazy but since I try to make the most out of my meal plan and the dining hall never had any, I was out of luck 😦 Over the weekend, I decided since when does anyone go poor off of buying canned chickpeas? So welcome back to my life chickpea salad!

Chickpea, Mulberry, And Cheddar Salad Over Dressed Spinach, Gingerade Kombucha

What makes this aΒ super salad are all the other ingredients. First I overdress the greens with Foods Alive hemp oil sweet & sassy dressing, which really does have that sweet(agave nectar) vinegary flavor going on. Next up, I toss 1/2 a can chickpeas with Navitasdried mulberries(a superfruit!) and a diced raw & probiotic cheddar cheese stick ala Next Generation Dairy. I think cheese sticks by their very nature are super, don’t you?

Chickpea, Mulberry, And Cheddar Salad Over Dressed Spinach

The result is one big old trip to flavertown–I never thought I could enjoy a salad so much! And the health benefits here are ridiculous. Beans? Great vegan fiber and protein. The cheese has living enzymes for positive digestive health. The spinach is filled with vitamins!! The mulberries–well they’re a superfruit so they have to be healthy but they’re also a great subtle sweetness. And the hemp oil has healthy omega-6’s and -3’s. You can’t go wrong! I really enjoyed washing it down with a gingerade kombucha; did you know ginger has anti-flu properties to it? Not to mention kombucha also restores your body’s alkalinity and is probiotic as well. Wow, I’ve beaten that salad to death, so I’ll move on to dessert.

So Delicious Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Yogurt And Sweet Scoops Mint Chip Frozen Yogurt

Flash forward after 3 hours of class and some email responding and you have a munchy college student on the first day the sun’s been out 5 days. The answer? Ice cream! To shake things up, I had a scoop of Sweet Scoops‘ mint chip froyo(dairy & probiotic) with a scoop of So Delicious‘ vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream(vegan). The flavor came out perfect with a coolness from the mint and a cleanness from the vanilla bean. And since my stomach’s been a bit off since Sunday when I had that gluten-freefilled cookie, this was easy cals to take in without feeling more bloated.

French Toast Ingredients

Now if you thought lunch was just the bee’s knees, you’re going to looove dinner. I’ve had eggs in my fridge for weeks now that I’ve been wanting to eat but not knowing how to eat in a way that would excite me. Why eggs? Because they’re packed with protein and healthy, nutrient-rich fat from the yolk when they’re given the right feed. These were local, organic, and tested for 600mg Omega-3’s per 2 eggs, which is excellent! Especially since my diet has been lacking DHA omega-3 from fish this entire month and 1/2 I’ve been at school. Then I just needed to decide what to do with them…

Cornmeal French Toast Oatmeal

The man(and I’m pretty sure this was a man and a lazy bachelor living in a crappy apartment at that) who first used breakfast for dinner as an excuse was a genius. Since french toast oatmeal never fails me and tastes delicious, I figured that would be appropriate. To switch it up, I replaced the oatbran with cornmeal! And then continued to make it with 2 local & organic Country Hen eggs and patted with pasture butter, drizzled with New Hampshire maple syrup, and then topped with cinnamon and vanilla powder–magnifique! as the French would say πŸ˜‰

Like I said and believe, eggs are very nutritious in their complete form. However, they’re subject to so much labeling! You can get regular, cage-free, cage-free organic, cage-free vegetarian fed, omega-3–the list goes on. Personally, I think so long as it’s vegetarian fed, it’s good enough; that’s really the only label I think “matters” and while some can be better vegetarian fed, the changes after that get wish-washy. However, I try to buy the most labeled eggs I can find. This time, I bought the Country Hen eggs; usually I go for Eggland’s Best cage-free, organic, even though I think they’re just as good as their regular ones. Why? The labeling makes me feel better. It just does when it comes to eggs–not all foods, but eggs in particular. I like to imagine the happy chicken wandering around dropping eggs as she pleases(even though I realistically know this is never the case) and so I shell over the extra money for the better bird. What about you? Does it matter at all, or are you at some sort of conflict like me?

And here’s an awesome giveaway for coconut oil!

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12 Responses to “Super Salad And The Great Egg Debate”

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Hey! I just found your blog and I love it! I’m a college sophomore trying to survive on dorm food…it’s tough! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for some enjoyable reading.

If only all animals were happy on their farms… if only.

Sigh. I know this can’t be the case, so when I can afford to I buy cage-free, organic. If not, Publix all the way.

Such is life for a college student!

I go for the most-labelled eggs as well and prefer the organic high-in-omega-3 eggs (I think they’re also cage-free…maybe vegetarian fed. Not sure about those last 2 though). If organic isn’t available I’ll get the cage-free high in omega-3 eggs. I love eggs and they’re so nutritionally dense! I tend to get the Organic Valley ones though they are sometimes a bit pricey! $4.50 I think for a dozen or something like that. :-/

Love your ice cream bowl by the way! πŸ™‚

I picked up some of those Mulberries, but I am not sure what I will do with them yet? And watch Food Inc… You will continue to enjoy your cage free eggs MUCH MUCH more after watching those suffering chickens in the feeding pens. Great movie!

I love this:
Chickpea, Mulberry, And Cheddar Salad Over Dressed Spinach

And then how you said you overdressed the greens. Story of my life.

The eggs/cornmeal/french toast creation. That screams to me Denny’s Grand Slam Platter gone Amazingly Healthy but totally intended for a man just based on the flavors. The brekkie for dinner comment invented by a man…yes.. Otherwise by a mom who was sick and freakin tired of getting creative 365 x 3 squares a day x number of people in the family. I may or may not be in that boat πŸ™‚

Bodybuilders. Totally appreciate the opinion. And guys i dated always drew the line at, if the chick looks like she can beat me up, I dont wanna date her. Probably good common sense.

The choc bar review in previous post. Quinoa dark. Darker than it’s labeled 61% AND with a real crunch of quinoa, not just rice (such a lame crunch rice gives really)…sounds excellent. And the honest re the caramel bar. Pick up a 1/2 c of pine nuts sometime and make my vegan caramels. They really work nicely for a homemade thing.

Novel over now. πŸ™‚

MMmm, thos chickpeas look yummy. Well, your blog makes me hungry, so I think it’s a bad a day checking it so often! Haha. I just started my own blog, and would be honored if you checked it out! Thanks! You’re awesome Evan!

i want my eggs to come from happy hens!

I also love how DST makes it light out for SO much longer πŸ™‚

& as far as eggs go, as long as their veggie fed they’re fine by me! Eggland’s best is usually the brand I buy.

I want my chickens to be happy chickens. Sometimes though I really need eggs (I’ve started baking/cooking projects that require eggs and realized that I do not have said eggs too many times to count) and I just go with the cheapies.

i hear ya on the darkness at 6.15am. sometimes i have to run in the mornings but with it being so dark and running on roads w/ no sidewalks, my life is lived dangerously now. bugger on daylight savings!

but i’m loving the french toast oatmeal. i had real french toast this morning…great minds think alike; in one form or another!

The dark mornings are definitely a bummer.

I try to buy cage free eggs as well, but actually I’m not an egg person! Unless they are baked into a cake πŸ˜‰

Labels can be very deceptive! I suggest doing a quick Internet search to learn about what certifications allow (i.e. organic allows beak cutting and forced molting) if you want that “good feeling” to be genuine.

Personally, I try to only buy animal products from farmers whom I can ask about their practices OR I’ll email big companies who sell in stores to ask about thier practices.

Unfortunately, a lot of crap can get by the USDA (and many abuses are perpetuated by it) so I’m wary of such labels.

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