All Kinds Of Blocks

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Write now I think I’m suffering from writer’s, runner’s, reader’s, and any other “er’s” block you could be, because I have no motivation or clue where to begin! Of course, you could also call this “Spring Break mode”. Well, somebody’s going to have to remind my body that that’s a good week away. 3 tests, 2 papers, 4 homework assignments, and 2 scheduled lunches away, but who’s counting?

Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream, Fig Goat's Milk Ice Cream

Ice cream on a Thursday night–that felt classy 😉 I suppose it’s better to eat up what I have here while I can before Spring break. 1/2 of this was So Delicious chocolate coconut milk and 1/2 Laloo’s fig. The combination of chocolate and fig is always so surprisingly delicious; I never would have thought the two to work together but they so do! With all these cow’s milk alternatives, you’d think I’m lactose-intolerant or have something against bovines. Nope! Haha. I just think all the best flavors are in “alternative” brands, or you get a richer, velvetier texture with better nutrition. When the cow’s milk flavors start being stepped up, I’ll revert.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter And Chocolate Peanut Butter

The way I eat pumpkin oatmeal, you’d think I own a pumpkin patch. Again, nope! I was just never affected by this “pumpkin shortage” I’ve heard about and always been able to find it somewhere. I like replacing 10g of grains with 1/2 cup pumpkin because it sneaks in a serving of fruit(which I would not be getting otherwise :-/). I topped this with the last scoop of Justin’s chocolate peanut butter and Naturally Nutty‘s Butter Toffee while watching The Marriage Ref. The fact that I fell asleep during that show shows about how funny I think it is. BUT the Indian couple were from my hometown! I tried recognizing the house because I’m sure I’ve ran near it at one point or another but I couldn’t do it.

Like I mentioned, I had “runner’s block” this morning. I was incredibely indecisive about whether or not to sleep in; when I fell asleep that pretty much made up my mind for me, but then I had an unpleasant dream about pizza being made from dogs 😦 I think that at least made the crust gluten-free? Bad joke, bad joke. I slept in 40 minutes, played games and browsed blogs, and decided that almond butter isn’t in my life enough.

Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal With Maple Almond Butter And Maple Butter, Soy Yogurt With Milk Chocolate Peanuts

Soy Yogurt With Milk Chocolate Peanuts

Again, where’s my pumpkin patch? Cooking an egg in the oatmeal makes it taste so much more like a pumpkin pie to me–light and airy. And Justin’s maple almond butter was a must here along with some real maple butter; did you know it’s maple season coming up now? I’m sure they’ll be more maple products to come. And then there was the oh-so-delicious-but-again-not-cow’s-milk-yogurt with some milk chocolate peanuts. I have 6 of those left(the peanuts, not the yogurts) 😦 I definitely need to see a grocery store soon.

It’s true what they say: You only regret the steps you didn’t take. I’m thinking that taking the morning off was a blessing in disguise, and that running in this gorgeous weather might re-excite me for something or at least unblock my mind. I probably won’t get to a Whole Foods as planned today 😦 I can go a day without sweet potatoes, right? Maybe…

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14 Responses to “All Kinds Of Blocks”

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Good you are running outside! You need it to get ready for that race!

Those temperatures are looking chilly for a girl from Florida!

Hope you make it to Whole Foods!

Hi!..there is not better feeling than running in the SUNSHINE after a long winter inside!!…I agree with you about the Running indecisiveness! knowing that the sun will be shining at noon leads me to feeling conflicted about my planned early morning run!! YES for adding in more almond butter..haha! and BOO about missing the sweet potato love for a day!
I hope you have a sunny weekend with lots of great miles!

A day without sweet potatoes is a sad one.

Man oh man, send that pumpkin patch my way! All I can find now is pumpkin pie filling and that just does not fit the bill!

I would love to try Laloo’s sometime! It looks so good, and I love goat’s milk

Lol after sleeping in and chilling out, you noticed AB has not been in your life enough! Writer’s block or not, it was an enjoyable post! Have fun on the run in this great weather!

Ahh love how bright your blog is!! Makes me smile!! 🙂 I’m in desperate need for a blog makeover. hahaha

Wow, i totally need to try this egg in oats thing!! I always make microwave oatmeal at work so never get a chance to do the egg thing. Having it taste like pumpkin pie is huuuuuge temptation though!! hahah

oh i love that sunshiney forecast 🙂 and that ice cream sounds awesome! good luck with your sweet potato situation 😦

yes yes i cant wait for this weekend, its going to be SO beautiful!!! i LOVE eggwhites in oatmeal like you said they become so light and fluffy and voluminous 🙂

that ice cream looks delicious! Yum!

YES! Go run outside in that beautiful sunshine! Vitamin D baby!!

I think everyone gets into a life block every once in a while (even those without a Spring break)!

Fun new layout! Pizza made from dogs? That would be a nightmare! Woohoo for the heatwave 😉

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