Running With Ice Cream

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First of all, I want to send out a huge congrats to my favorite no meat athlete, Matt, who finished a 50k today! Could you imagine running 50k? I would like to see all the yummy food that took to fuel πŸ™‚

Elan's Decaf Cappuccino

My run wasn’t quite that long, but boy was it entertaining! It was a beautifully sunny day in Providence so I hit the East Providence path. I wasn’t pushing myself too hard–mostly enjoying some good country music–but also not letting myself be passed except by 1 small Indian man(he was speedy for his size!). When I started heading back, I stopped by the small Whole Foods to pick up some tuna and then Eastside Marketplace for this quart of ice cream. Can you then imagine I would try to run the last mile back carrying a quart of ice cream? Because I did.

9.54 Miles In 1:21:43

I ended up going 9.54 miles(which is about 15k if my math isn’t too rusty). I actually thought my time would be a lot worse. Several times in that last mile I had to stop because the tuna fell out of my pocket or I dropped the ice cream; it wasn’t pretty. But I made it! First thing: Throw sweet potatoes in the oven.

Sweet Potato Hash

When I get a meal in my head, I want it. And nothing else will do. I was a lit hesitant that the sweet potato wouldn’t cook long enough but I threw it in at 400 and by the time I stretched, showered, and 1/2 cooked my burger, they were ready to soak up the extra fat and fry in the pan.

Sweet Potato And Grass-Fed Burger Salad

I called this a “salad” because it was over bitter greens but I don’t know if it works like that. Whatever it was, it was phenomenal. This 90/10 grass-fed meat which we picked up at Whole Foods last weekend has to have been the best I’ve gotten ever in terms ofΒ juiciness. Did I lose any veggie readers there? I hope not. That flavored the sweet potatoes amazingly and just made the whole thing rock. Of course, I applied ketchup like it were an extra serving of veggies πŸ˜‰

Orange Zevia

To wash this down, I had an orange Zevia while reading some homework assignments. Want to win some Zevia for yourself? I’ll explain how at the end of the post.

Elan Coffee Frozen Yogurt

Anticipation made me jump in to dessert a little early this afternoon. I just loooove this frozen yogurt! The nutrition is really good, too, and it has a relatively simple ingredient list on which the only flavorer is decaf coffee–joy. My only grip is that the company makes no claim about cow’s not being treated with rBST :-/ But I’m guessing(hoping?) that need not be a concern with a relatively local company that only gets supplied by Vermont farmer; Vermonteers have always been good people πŸ™‚

Justin's Chocolate Peanut Butter Jar

Moving on, it was time to move on. I’d been holding on the last bit of my Justin’s chocolate peanut butter and was ready to say goodbye.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Chocolate Peanut Butter And Smart Balance Peanut Butter

On top of some pumpkin oatmeal went the last bit of Justin’schocolate peanut butter and some agave sweetened smart balance peanut butter. Umm, yum? I was sad to see it go, but I guess it’s time had come. I don’t think I’ll bother ordering a replacement online because I’ve heard that these hit East coast shelves by “end of March”. I can wait a week…. maybe.

Finishing Off The Jar

I’m just never satisfied by empty peanut butter jars; it’s impossible to get them “clean enough”.

Surf Sweets Fruity Gummy Bears

Not that I can really explain why, there just needed to be gummy bears at dinner. And trust me; there did. And in terms of “healthy eating”, I’d say why not? So long as you’re having gummy bears with dinner and not for dinner. Eat real food, and the fun stuff, too πŸ™‚

Broccoli, Tuna Salad, Sunflower Cheddar Flatbread, Fruity Gummy Bears, Tazo Passion

Yesterday’s tuna salad in the sun had me wanting more! And this one was just as good. On the side, I had a Dr. Kracker sunflower cheddar flatbread and some broccoli for green vegage. I’m very happy to say that the Dr. Kracker products don’t trigger my suspected gluten intolerance, and I think it’s because they’re made with spelt flour! I’ll do a more in-depth portion into this in a future post.

Tazo Zero Calorie Passion Bottled And Surf Sweets Fruity Gummy Bears

On the side of that salty goodness, I had some sweet treats. I sipped on a new, all-natural, zero calorie passion Tazo tea. Meh. The flavor was good, and the sweetness was great! I just didn’t dig the rose and herb flavor in a cold beverage; it seemed like it’d be so much better hot. The gummy bears from Surf Sweets were also meh. I suppose any time you have vegan, all-natural gummy bears you have to stop and be thankful. But the fruit flavors made them taste more like soft jelly beans, of which I was not a fan. I would now like to try their jelly beans…

Like I said, there are several opportunities out there to win your own Zevia. I don’t have a giveaway to host, but you can enter one at this blog, this blog, or this blog. All the best! Zevia is definitely worth a taste if you ever get the chance; I don’t know where my all-natural diet would be without it!

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23 Responses to “Running With Ice Cream”

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Justin better not be kidding about getting the buttas on shelves by the end of this month!

Oh I wish I could tolerate spelt…but I can’t! It treats me the same way gluten does! So sad…

Thanks for the notifications about those Zevia entries! I just entered all three contests!
Oh I actually saw something today, and thought of you since you are the Nut butter king…my local walmart had boxes of single-serving packets of PB&Co Peanut butter, in all of the flavors!…have you seen these yet?

lol I LOVE that picture of your face in the jar! That’s so me πŸ™‚

And where oh where did you find that ice cream bowl? I want one!

It’s part of a 4 set. I can’t even remember because they’re so old but I’m pretty sure it’s from a child’s toy kitchen set or something silly like that.

oh man i would have LOVED to see you running with that food πŸ™‚ nice run though. and where is this path that you speak of? i’m getting a bit bored with my current routes and think that a change of scenery would be good for me. is is paved? dirt?

The East Providence path? It’s in… East Providence, haha. It’s dirt, and it’s about 1.8 miles long and nice to run up and down. That’s where all the locals are when it’s nice out.

ha i kind of figured πŸ™‚ but east providence really means nothing to me as i don’t really know the city all that well

LOVE the finishing off the jar pic πŸ˜‰

Chocolate peanut butter? YUM!!!!

And I love Zevia. It’s delish! Black Cherry is my favorite. πŸ˜€

I feel like running with ice cream in hand is something my friends would not be surprised by me doing or trying. $0.39 torch cones… They’d be like a packet of GU, only better!! I’ve got to try this…

Do you know if Justins is coming down south as well?

I would assume so. Tweet @justinsnutbutta and they’ll respond eventually

Love your new layout!

I, too, scrape my nut butter jars as clean as possible. Nut butter isn’t cheap, so you have to get your money’s worth…right? πŸ™‚

Of all the Zevias, i think orange is my fave. I dont really “love” it, I love coffee but it’s fine ya know. Scott loves the stuff and between that and a diet coke, hello, easy choice!
The 50k shout out. I cannot imagine. At All. I have done 1 marathon, 3 halves, and about 250, 5 & 10ks but never anything past 26.2 and for that i am grateful πŸ™‚

And the jar cleanout shot. Nice!

hahaha, I have totally done that with a pb jar!

I am a lurker but I wanted to let you know I saw Justin’s Peanut Butter at a Whole Foods in NY πŸ™‚ Hopefully they will make their way up to Providence soon!

I found Justin’s in my Whole Foods this week πŸ™‚

(on Long Island!)

I love your new blog look!!! It looks really nice. So you ran with ice cream and tuna?? That’s hilarious. I mean, if you go by the place you want to by groceries, you might as well stop! Smart. 50k is ridiculous, your 9 miles is much more realistic πŸ™‚

I LOVE Zevia! I can’t find any around here in Ohio, however. It’s sad. I dont’ think they sell it. I have only had it because I won a giveaway once. They need to start selling it soon!

My friend just told me about Justin’s products, I have to try it!!

i have been looking for good simple frozen yogurt for a while……looks yummy!

Evan, thank you so much for the congratulations! It was such an awesome day, full of great weather and wonderful people. I brought along my camera, and just posted a video of it!

And I have no doubt you could do a 50K, if you wanted to. You are running way farther than I did at the beginning of college.

Thanks again! Off to rest…

That must be some darn good PB! If I scout some out down here I’ll send it to ya!

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