Yogurt, Yogurt, And With A Side Of Yogurt

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Yogurt can be fantastically healthy for you with protein, probiotics(a superfood), and calcium. Of course, these numbers vary by the brand. There are some I just wouldn’t suggest touching, like any using artificial sweeteners or even the organic ones which have more sugar in them already than a serving of ice cream. But–on the whole–if you’ve got yogurt in your hands, you’re doing all right.

Well Being Tazo Rest

What’s a better way to unwind on a Friday night than with tea? OK, OK, I know there are more exciting drinks to be found. But I have to tell you this tea sent to me by Tazo was probably the best I’ve had yet! It was so calming with rose and citrus–I could have fallen asleep then and there. I think it’s new and not available yet but should be soon.

I did a silly thing last night: I purposely went out and bought this ice cream for Friday’s sundae, even though a very strong part of me knew it wasn’t truly what I wanted. Why do we–as humans–cloud our wants with thoughts only to do the wrong thing? Fortunately, I was sensible enough to put this in the freezer and eat what I really had in mind.

Pomegranate Yogurt With Coconut Oil Chocolate

It’s a small departure, but I was really craving a pomegranate Chobani with some chocolate on top; who am I to deny a yogurt craving? And for said chocolate, I used half a bar of coconut oil chocolate. If you’ll remember when my friend came to visit, I gave her a bar of this to eat when she got home. Since this is partly a all-natural product review blog, here’s her review :-D:

“It was absolutely incredible. I didn’t want to share it with my family, but since they were all curious and jealous, I did and they all loved it. (In short, since that syntax was awful, the fam is one huge collective fan of your chocolate bar.) Seriously. I should probably stop being lazy and make some for myself, but I think that I’m just going to have to visit you more often to get some.”

If that doesn’t make you want to make some(or come visit me to get it for free), I don’t know what will 😉

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Maple Cashew Butter And Chocolate Chips

I’ll let the secret slide that this is the only food not yogurt in this post. I can break for yogurt for cashew butter, especially from Tierra Farm. There’s something so much more rich and delicious about cashew butter; if you don’t have any, you must! I don’t know of any widely available chocolate cashew butters. That’s a shame because the combo was fantastic and something I need to recreate in my food processor pronto.

Soy Yogurt And Greek Pomegranate Yogurt Chocolate Messes

Saturday morning were made for sleeping in, cartoons, and wasting time. I haven’t done much of the last two(yet?), but I certainly enjoyed sleeping in. Once I got up and started moving, my hunger led me to double yogurts. I think that’s a good thing; how can you go wrong with yogurt?

Soy Yogurt With Milk Chocolate Peanuts

First up was some So Delicious soy yogurt sweetened with vanilla stevia and topped with milk chocolate peanuts and salt. I might have gone a little overboard on the peanuts–whoops! Oh well, I was counting them as my “healthy fat”, even if buried under chocolate 😉

Pomegranate Chobani With Organic Orange Dark Chocolate

On the other spectrum, for some good protein I had another pomegranate Chobani, this time with the last two squares of Endangered Species dark chocolate with orange. I’ll admit that I need to stop putting crazy of chocolate on yogurt when you accept that pomegranate and citrus chocolate is the best combo ever. Seriously, how have I not tried this one before? it was almost like a fine marmalade–delicious.

It’s another beautiful and sunny day so I’m going to mull about until 11 to go for a pleasant outdoor run. I’m making a new playlist just for it! But it’s horribly uninventive: I’m just putting all my Lady Antebellum and Sugarland songs onto the On The Go and calling it done, haha.  Have you tried cashew butter? Love it or hate? Obviously, I’m a lover 🙂 And while I don’t want to spark any “brand debates”, I’ll simply ask what’s your favorite type of yogurt? For me, I like greek-style if it’s cow’s milk. I also like soy yogurt and–as I discovered yesterday–coconut milk yogurt!

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21 Responses to “Yogurt, Yogurt, And With A Side Of Yogurt”

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I’ll just come visit you ;P. And lets be honest we all know I love me some cashew buttaa

Greek yogurt all the way. I like Oikos and Chobani the best. I love Siggi’s but it is like 3 dollars for a single serving. Sorry, can’t afford that!

Yogurt and Oats all day is the way to go! I like cashew butter especially on red apples. I can’t chose my favorite yogurt. I am experimenting with several so I will get back to you 🙂

You could also call this post Chocolate^4 because there is more chocolate than yogurt! Hmm, but I guess that doesn’t fit the ‘healthy living’ idea as well.

Tazo is probably the only company I know of that actually makes GOOD herbal tea. I really like the passion tea. Have you tried it?

Haha, I would fight tooth and nail to defend chocolate as a health food 😉 And no, but I was sent it to review, too, so now you have me excited to try it!

Are those milk chocolate peanuts basically peanut M&Ms? Or are M&Ms not exactly all-natural? 🙂

Same concept basically, but with all-natural coating so that they fit my diet. They’re http://www.sunspire.com brand

I love love love greek yogurt and I definitely love cashews and cashew butter!

Is it bad that I just like to look at your pictures? 😛 Seriously, I’m getting a ton of ideas for yogurt concoctions from you site. My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy. Lol

love me some Fage greek yogurt…but its not exactly the cheapest, so sometimes I get chobani…also loveee oatgurt!

oh yogurt, how I love zee. You must have the strongest bones on campus with all that calcium 😉 p.s. love the new bog layout!

I love cashew butter. It’s so creamy and delicious. Favorite yogurt is probably goat’s milk yogurt (whole milk!!!) 🙂

I’ve been on a yogurt kick lately, too! I love topping plain yogurt with honey, but I have yet to try chocolate (let alone coconut oil chocolate!) Thanks for the great ideas, yet again:)

i like “regular” yogurt. although the kind i eat probably has artificial sweeteners in it. and i eat 3-4 a day. hah. oh well i like my fake sugars 🙂

Cashew butter and I are really good friends!

way to jazz up your lay out! i love cashew butter. you can make it yourself at our local co-op. as far as running to lady a – im with ya! enjoy the sunshine, its been snowing in iowa! wtf?!

Hey there! Happy Sunny Saturday! I have not yet tried cashew butter or coconut milk yogurt but they are now definitely on my list! 🙂

hahah thank God you arent lactose intolerant! that would be BAD

The tea and the ice cream both sound good. I love chobani pom; that’s probably my favorite kind of yogurt, although I also like stonyfield sometimes. I wonder if someone has made a pomegranate dark chocolate bar? Mmmmm. And I haven’t tried cashew butter but really want to1

Oh that oatmeal looks delish. I love cashew butter! 😀

i love cashew butter! i just got the same jar from tierra farm.

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